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“Are you telling me that you get stage fright?” Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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“How do you do it?” I ask with nothing but admiration in my voice for the other bassist.

My bassist; or rather, the bassist that I belong to. He’s made that perfectly clear too many times for me to even consider doubting it. Not that I mind. Not at all.

“Do what, Sugar?” He mumbles sleepily, fingers trailing patterns around my tummy as we lay in his bunk for the second morning in a row thanks to the awesome thinking powers of Patrick Stump, or Hat Man as I have dubbed him in a failed attempt at giving him a superhero name.

“Y’know, move around so much on stage.” I blush at the sheer stupidity of my question, even more stupid than that time I asked Gerard how much you get paid for having a blowjob. “How do you not get scared?”

His soft stroking stops as he props himself up on his elbows, nestling his head into my neck and nipping at it in a way that makes me shudder. That’s the thing about Pete, he never takes anything seriously. Like when I told him that you cannot, under any circumstances, give Frank a RedBull. He didn’t take that seriously and we ended up needing two thousand dollars of new equipment.

Not to mention the therapy that Gerard will probably need later on in life to help him through the memories.

“Are you telling me that you get stage fright?” He asks me incredulously after finally figuring out that he’s not a vampire and cannot, in actual fact, drink my blood.

Not knowing what else to do, I simply nod. Letting my silly little fear be known for the first time by someone other than Gee.

“Aw, Sugar. That’s cute.” Pete giggles and, after taking one more nip at my neck, cups my face in his hands. Hands that feel far too angelic to belong to my own personal sinner. “You’re cute. You know that? You’re too fucking cute for your own good.”

I feel my heart swell in pride and a painfully bright blush burn my cheeks, just like every time he says something nice to me. It makes my insides fizzle like popping candy when the compliments role off of his silky tongue and into my self-esteem. I’m lucky to have such a great boyfriend, or secret boyfriend anyway; I mean, compliments aren’t the only thing that his tongue’s good for.

Far from it.

“Maybe if you weren’t so fucking cute then Gerard wouldn’t treat you like a baby all the time.”


I swear to God that there are three people in this relationship; me, Pete and my big brother. He might as well be in this bunk with us for all of the times he’s bought up in it. Besides, it’s not like it’s my fault that Gee seems to have it stuck in his head that I’m still the six year old who wanted to be a unicorn rider when I grew up.

Well, I guess I’m almost there with that innocent childhood ambition.

Pete is a horny magical beast after all.

“Stop talking about my brother. It’s a bit of a turn-off.” I grumble, turning on my poker face. A poker face that doesn’t even falter when he starts gnawing at my neck again in Pete’s way of trying to see if I’m really mad at him or not.

“’Trick thinks Gerard will castrate me if he finds out about us.” Pete pushes onwards, refusing to drop the subject of my big brother. He can be a stubborn bastard when he gets an idea into his head.

But I guess that just makes me love him all the more; if he’d left me alone when I first said “no” to him, then where would I be?

Back on my own tour bus, playing Scrabble with Gerard (his secret obsession) or chasing Ray around with my hair straighteners, that’s where. Not curled up into Pete Wentz and not feeling like the luckiest son-of-a-bitch in the world for being so.

“You don’t think he actually would, do you?” The shorter, yet more dominant, bassist’s voice is full of such pure fear that I can’t help but drop all annoyance I may have been harbouring towards him. “I mean, you told me what he did to your first boyfriend, but he’s mellowed since then. Right?”

I wince at the memory of an angry Gerard finding out about my first, older boyfriend and cuddle up even closer to Pete, letting him nibble at my neck in a way that never appealed to me until I felt Pete do it.

“Let’s just not get caught. Then we won’t have to find out.”

“Good plan.”

I sigh restlessly as I snuggle into him, burying myself even further into the warmth of his bare chest. I love his chest. Well, I love every part of him but I think that his chest is my favourite. It’s because it’s always so… so safe-feeling. Like nothing bad can ever happen as long as I’m resting against it. And nothing bad will happen because I know that Pete won’t let it. He’s too smart for that.

“You never told me.” I mewl up at him, doing my best to sound like the innocent little kid everyone other than Pete seems to take me for. “How you don’t get scared, I mean.”

“Oh.” He looks around, nuzzling his nose into my hair in thought. “I do get scared though, Mikey. I just think of how it’s less scary than other things.”

“Like what?”

“Your big brother.”

A/N: Thanks for reading and sorry about this instalment, it definitely isn’t my favourite part. It was my attempt at writing some Pete and Mikey quality time. Anyway, thanks for reading and please let me know what you think! :)
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