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The moment that Madison Bude finally arrives. Take cover people!

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It's here!

At seven in the morning, a black Porsche pulled up to the Beach Radio Magazine building. The door opened and out stepped a slender middle-aged woman. She looked at surrounding through her heavy black shades. Her ruby red lips curved into a sneer.

Florida, all of the sun of California without the charm, she thought. The woman locked up her car and walked inside.

Inside, Noriko looked out the window to the outside below. "SHE'S HERE!"

"WHAT?!?" the others yelled.


Everyone raced to the window. They noticed a blonde head walk into the building. The crew seemed to be holding their breath for a long time. Garry glanced over at Noriko.

"Are you sure?" he asked. The Korean woman nodded.

"Yes!" she shouted.

"How do you know?" the English man challenged.

"I just do!"

"This wouldn't be a bad joke, would it?"

"I wouldn't!"

"And you're sure that's her?"


Footsteps rushed inside behind them. The staff all whipped around to see Katherine panting hard in the doorway. She took a moment to recompose herself.

"She's here!" she said. "Madison Bude is here!" Noriko looked over at Garry.

"See? Told you," she said.

"Never mind that!" the boss said. "Get to your stations! Chop-chop!"

"Yes ma'am!" the staff replied. They all scattered around for their presentation. As they did so, Miranda looked around.

"Where's Rose?" she asked. The others froze for a long, awkward moment. Nessa pressed her lips together firmly.

"Resting," she lied. The Welsh woman blinked at her.

"Resting?" she asked.


"But why? Today's an important day."

Beth touched her on the shoulder and shook her head. Miranda gave her a puzzled look.

"Beth?" she asked. The co-worker leaned in and whispered in her ear. The Welsh woman turned with a stunned look on her face.

"What happened?!?" she cried.

"Shhh," the other two women whispered. Miranda looked around at the many eyes upon them. She looked back at Nessa and Beth.

"What happened?" she whispered.

'Just a nervous break," Nessa lied. "So she's taking it easy today. Just don't ask any more questions."

"Okay..."Miranda said. "But Rose is co-leading the project and she has most of the data. So what do we do?"

"We will manage somehow," Beth cut in. Her co-worker lowered her eyes.

"Okay..." she mumbled. Not that that was helpful in any way...

"Girls! What are you standing around for?" Katherine asked. "Talk later! Get back to work!"

"Yes ma'am!" the trio yelled. Katherine returned to managing everything herself.

At 7:20, the doors drew open. Show time...

My Eyes Feel Like They're Gonna Bleed
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