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Manic Depression

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Davis has Rose duty on the same morning. Yeah...

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Manic Depression:

Things don't look so good at the moment. I have to stay at Rosie's door to keep her inside. Pete told me to keep watch over her.

"She's not in her right mind at the moment," he told me. "She needs to rest today." I nodded as if I understood the message. But really, what can I do? She's much older than me and probably could kick my ass in this situation.

I looked back at her door. So far, nothing has happened. She must be asleep right now. I took a small breath out. This should be easy to manage. For now...

I pulled out my phone and looked at the screen. No new messages today. I texted Kayla three days ago and I haven't heard back. I hope she's still not mad at me. I looked up at the ceiling.

What is wrong with all of the women in my life right now? Rosie's gone crazy. Kayla is still not talking to me. Lola is turning, no, she is a bridezella. Keisha is all lovey-dovey with her boyfriend. Only Charlie is sane at the moment.

I shook my head. I wonder how long that's going to last.

I paused when I heard a low groan from Rose's room. Is she getting up? I listened for a good few seconds. The groans settled back down. I relaxed, but became curious.

A bad dream?

"Davis?" I heard her whimpered. I almost jumped at the sound of her voice. I listened close to the door.

"Yes?" I asked. No answer. Just a low groan. I felt myself tremble. Am I losing it myself? I shook my head. Get over yourself, man! Just take a peek inside and check on her!

I nodded to myself. Right! I peeked through the crack in the doorway.

"Rosie?" I whispered. "Are you asleep in there? Rosie?" No answer. I frowned at such a thing.

"Are you really asleep or are you faking it?" I asked. Once again, I didn't get a response. I just sank down in front of the door. This is useless. I should be doing more meaningful things with my time. My mind wandered back to Kayla. How was she doing? I looked at my phone again. Still nothing. I sighed as I lowered my shoulders. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try to contact her again. I opened up the message section in my phone, typed a new text to Kayla and hit send. I lowered the phone when I was finished. I looked down at my feet on the tan hall carpet.

I've got to pee.

But, I can't leave my post until Pete returns. Kayla probably will ignore my message again. Plus it's Saturday and still morning too?


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