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Chapter One

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Gerard Way Has Fallen Into Drugs And Alcohol Once Again...Lyn-Z Wants A Divorce...Can Frank Help Gee Get Clean? ~FRERARD~

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A/N: New Story? I think? It just kind of happened. I may update this if a couple people seem interested so
[* Chapter One

Gerard’s P.O.V

I came on stage, nervous at first like usual. I saw hundreds of faces as usual and they gave me comfort the looks they gave me made me feel safe and invincible. I knew they looked up to us but in truth I look up to them, they got me through. I have the fans, family and friends to thank for my life and I know it’d kill them to know I was at it again. I knew I had a problem once more but I needed it. I felt like I would let them all down if they knew I was drinking again. I began to sing “We could be perfect…” the funny thing is we haven’t played many songs of Bullets for so long and now that we are it reminds me that I’d perform these songs drunk and higher than the empire state building.

“Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying…” I continued. Being on stage helps me forget be a more confident person, cause off stage I’m a mess I can’t help think about Bandit’s future, how it’s all going to turn out since Lyn-Z filed for divorce saying she couldn’t take all the stalking fan girls and that I supposedly shared more passionate kisses with my best friend, truth be told I did I loved Frank, but not that way he’s like another brother, maybe I once did but that was before he married Jamia, and had Lily and Cherry, before my wife, possible ex-wife, and Bandit.

Speaking of which the guys began playing DESTROYA, everything felt right, now we even had Bob back in the band. There was something about this song that caused us to go nuts and next thing I know is that I’m singing on top of Frankie while he’s head banging on the floor, and just like old times. I got off him. He got up and followed the crowd knew, he knew, and I knew what was coming I finished the song sweat dripping off my forehead then finally Frankie kissed me, as if on instinct I grabbed his head clutching onto his hair, hard. He broke off the kiss and began playing the next song I couldn’t help but smile, the silly things we did.

My smile faded just slightly when I thought what I’d get for my wife once she heard, but it was a thing we couldn’t help. I tried to ignore the fact of how much she’d use this against me to convince herself we should just get a divorce but what stops her is our daughter.

After many songs and my many random rants, we finished our set and came backstage, and we all told one another “good job, tonight.” Most nights were like this we had a show, got a day to rest on our way to the next show.

We hoped on the bus, now a days I’d wait for them all to fall asleep then sneak off into the night. But tonight was different Frankie didn’t seem to stop stirring in his bed, I moved a little in my bunk as well I got a text about 10 seconds later.

Frank: You awake?
Me: No I can sleep-text ;)
Frank: That’s awesome man! -_-
Me: What’s Up?
Frank: Not sleepy. It’s Raining too, you know rainstorms scare me even if im 30 How about you what’s up?
Me: You! Duh hehe jk and yeah I know and nothing, the same I guess.

I heard him come down his bunk and then felt him slip into mine.

“Want to sleep together like the old days?” He asked.

“Sure, I know it’s because you’re scared.” I said with a matter-of-fact tone.

“No, yeah kind of,” He confessed.

He got comfy and snuggled into my chest and put an arm around me, well for tonight at least I don’t feel the need to get alcohol in my system, my best friend’s company is enough to take it all away. And with that thought I heard him start to slightly snore as I drifted off to peaceful sleep.
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