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Chapter Two

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Lyn-Z's Jealousy is Driving Gerard Crazy!

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Chapter Two

I woke up by myself, I should’ve known that would happen Frankie always got up early, and just with that thought I took in the smell of coffee, I thank who ever created it. I got up and headed to small kitchen on the bus, I found Frankie, Ray and Mikey there, and surprisingly Bob, we’d spent a little over a year without him in the band, and now he seemed like a different person. He was closer to the fans now and was really trying to help with the writing process of the new record. In truth I’m happy he’s back we all are.

“Morning sleepy head!” exclaimed my brother, Mikey, and I’m clearing that out because they are all my brothers.

“Hey…” I mumbled, I wasn’t fully up, I need my coffee.

“You have any idea of what time it is?” Ray asked sarcastically.

“Time for my coffee?” I suggested, as I took a seat.

None of them got me any, they just said, “Get it yourself.” Knowing that was my way of asking and showing I was excepting them to get me some.

I was about to get up when Frankie put a mug in front of me. “Thanks.” I said, that’s why he’s my best friend gosh not even my brother’s that nice.

I was enjoying my coffee my coffee when my phone rang, I knew who it was, and I knew I had to answer it or I’d get beef for not answering too.

“Hello?” I said as I walked out of the kitchen.

“What the hell is this, what happened to it’s nothing I’ll stop.” Lyn-Z yelled. She knew about the kiss from last night.

“He’s my best friend, he’s married, I’m married, and we both have kids! You can’t be serious?” I asked. I had no idea what had gotten into her.

“Yes, but we both know what happened before and why we got married!” she insisted.

“That was before, you can’t keep using that against me.” I didn’t want to think of that, her bringing it up is exactly what is leading me back to the drugs.

“Then, why after so long did you start kissing him again, you hardly did at the ending of Black Parade and when you started Danger Days!” she scram, she was right though.

“I don’t know okay but you can’t really think I’d be willing to end our marriage and hurt our daughter because you’re jealous” I said.

“I don’t either but you got to understand what it’s like to think that one day you’ll choose to stay with the band, with him, instead of coming home,” she said, her voice was calmer now.

“C’mon music is a thing I can’t leave you should know that, and the kisses ARE nothing, nothing but adrenaline.” I said, hoping that she’d believe me.

“Okay, but can you at least try not to have it happen anymore,” She pleaded.

I promised I’d try, we said our goodbye and hung up, I still can’t think of what would cause her to be so um over protective I guess.

I had gone into the restroom so the guys couldn’t over hear, and as I opened the door I found Frankie standing in front of the door. He stared at me for a few seconds, hurt in his eyes, for reasons I didn’t know about. Unless he over heard, but then again why would that bother him, I was about to ask what was wrong when he left abruptly with tear-filled eyes.

And I was left standing there wondering what could’ve caused him to act like this, if it was my conversation with Lyn-Z, what could I have said that would cause this reaction, the only thing that came to mind was our kisses meaning nothing, But that would mean……?

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