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Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

I needed to find Frank, he was my best friend and if there was anything I could do to make his tears go away I would. And if the problem was what I thought, that…my thoughts were interrupted by the driver who said we’d be hitting the road again.

I walked towards his bunk he had to be there. I was right you could hear his hushed sobs ever so lightly as I got closer. I had an idea on why he was upset but it was one of those crazy thoughts and it just couldn’t be. Though there was that little voice that’s been there ever since what happened years ago that refuses to leave, that tells me I just may be right. But no the little bit of sanity I still have said I was wrong that maybe he hadn’t heard me and my wife arguing, maybe he just missed Jamia, though I'd never seen him cry over her but he could always be missing Cherry and Lily, his twins or Miles his only son.

As I reached his bunk the bus started moving so I took a seat on the floor while I opened the curtain to his bunk. He stayed with his back to me but said, “What the fuck do you want?” I needed do know what was wrong but I’m positive he’d just lie but I still had to ask.

“I want to know what’s wrong” I said, more of declared cause I wasn’t going anywhere until he told me.

“Nothing! Go away!” He yelled. He was facing me now, with red puffy eyes.

“Frank, you’re my best friend I know when you’re lying.” I persisted. I was going no where.

“Fine it’s just that I heard you talking to Lyn-Z, and I uh…miss my kids and Jamia.” He finally said. I wanted to believe it but again that stupid voice said he was lying.

I was about to hug him and tell him he’d see them soon when the bus stopped and the lights went out, what the hell was going on. And thats when I heard all the guys start to yell and trip over things, I hadn’t realized I had spent so much time arguing with Lyn-z but then again I woke up around 3 in the afternoon and it was close to 5 now and it was getting dark by now and we always kept the blinds shut so it was goddamn dark.

I heard Frank get up and start moving where to I don’t know, my eyes started adjusting but not fast enough since I bumped into something, or someone? And I was now on the floor on top of….Frank? And he doesn’t seem to be moving, shit.

I could see now that he had fallen back and hit his head on a vase? Gosh why did my brother keep such things lying around?

I needed to lay him down and tell the guys so I picked him up ready to take him to the couch. I yelled for the guys to come, and was about to set him down when he opened his eyes and looked up at me questionably, “Gerard?” he murmured.

“Yeah?” I asked

“I love you” he said. Then just as he had opened his eyes he closed them and passed out fully this time. And now as the guys walked in I put him down shocked hearing that stupid voice say, “I told you so!” a billion times.

A/N:Very Short Chapter. Sorry. And Um What do you suppose happened years ago? ;) And please leave your thoughts, and reviews they really help.

P.S: I started writing this before Frankie let out the news he was a father once more, and I wasn’t going to include baby Miles, so I went back to mention him while I was finishing today :D I’m so happy for them!♥ Oh AND WE CAN NOT FORGET ABOUT GERARD, HE TURNED 35 TODAY HEHE I WENT NUTS AROUND 8:48AM SCREAMING TO EVERYONE “GERARD WAS BORN!” AND MY ENGLISH TEACHER JUST STARED AT ME …READY TO KICK ME OUT…
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