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Chapter 4: Monster

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Chapter Four

Gerard's P.O.V

Could he have really meant it? If he did why had he lied? He was probably just delusional from the hit. Right? All these questions were running through my head while all the guys were getting stuff and “attending” Frank even though he was still out cold. I was having a mental breakdown over this and wasn’t doing anything to help.

No he couldn’t have meant it, he would’ve said it years ago I gave him so many chances, god I was even at his wedding I talked to him right before and he looked me in the eyes saying he loved Jamia, maybe he meant I love you just like a friendly I love you the one you tell your friends. Yeah that had to be it.

My mind was having a battle, one side was saying, ‘no he wasn’t in love me he was just affected by the hit’, and the other was saying ‘I had problems, how could I not see he meant it’. That he had lied that night just like the nights that would come later. And those memories were what led back to who I was now pretending to be grown up when I was truly a teenager obsessing over a crush. Those memories are what was leading me back to drinking I needed it today truly did, I need to stuff all the rejection and loathe, in a pool of self-pity, and the only thing that could fill up this pool was the booze.

I got up no one really was noticing me everyone was trying to wake him up, I felt bad leaving just then but I was the one that had caused it if I hadn’t bumped into him he wouldn’t have fallen he wouldn’t have said those words and I wouldn’t have this need. I wasn’t going to blame him while it was all on me, and this piece of shit world, where happy ending exist not but only in fairytales and stories.

I was not aware that we were in the middle of nowhere what was I supposed to do now, there was no car, no person, to be seen all there was fields and fields of wheat? At least the one I can clearly see.

I headed back to the bus and to my good luck it was I knocked…no one came. I knock again…same result no one came. I called out but it seemed like no one heard.

Great now I was stuck outside in the freezing cold, and whose fault was that no other than mine, if I hadn’t wanted a drink, how did the door even lock I had left it unlocked.

I continued knocking and yelling but somehow no one heard, it was what I felt was going to happen one day but now it was happening no one was willing to hear me no one was hearing my screams. I felt so lonely, more than ever. I felt like a monster left alone and scared, but I wasn’t supposed to be scared but I was and I felt like everyone I loved was too, of me, feelings I hadn’t had in a while were coming back and I couldn’t push the feelings away I was stuck here with no drugs no booze nothing but my fucked up self and my loneliness.

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