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Chapter 12

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Le evil bitch is here!

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I'm sorry! I know it's been so long since my last update, and this one is really short, but hey, at least it's something right? anyways, please enjoy?

Gerard’s POV

“Evie,” I hissed, you could practically hear the venom dripping from my words.
“Gerard,” she said with a smirk, “and who is this adorable little blood-bag?”
“He is off limits to you,” I said as I wrapped my arms around Frank, protecting him from the bitch in front of us.
“G-Gerard? W-who is she?” whispered the scared boy in my arms.
“Oh my dear, I’m Evie, I’m Gerard’s girlfriend,” she said in her ever dangerous, sickly sweet voice.
“Ex-girlfriend,” I corrected her in a harsh voice.
“Oh my dear, don’t be like that, you know we were great together, I love you!” she said with a small scowl.
“No, I don’t love you Evie, I-I love Frank,” I said softly, I had done it… I had actually fallen for a human… a weak human! So fragile, so breakable, so delicious, so beautiful. This small boy who was now cowering in my arms from this girl who was so obviously not human.
“Oh but you will,” she said as she narrowed her eyes at Frank, “The won’t approve of your… mate Gerard, either turn him, or kill him before they do, I hear that Alexa has a taste for the blood of young boys like this little one, see you later Gerard.” She spun dramatically on her heel and walked away quickly into the shady shelter of the trees.

“W-what was that?” asked Frank, his small, fragile body quivering in fear.
“Don’t you mean who?” I asked.
“No. What. Sh-she’s not h-human… a-are you?” he asked as he looked up at me with large, frightened eyes, “Puh-please say you are Gee? Please? Say you are a human?”
I didn’t know what to say, I loved this boy, so much, I hated seeing him like this, but telling him the truth would scare him… but could I lie to him? No… not anymore… I had become weak… all because of this stupid feeling the humans called love…
“I’m sorry Frankie,” I said softly, “I would love to say that I’m human, that you are safe around me, that she is just some harmless crazy ex, but I can’t lie to you… not anymore.”
“Wh-what are you?” he asked, shrinking back slightly, I let go of him, so that he could run if he felt the need to… which he most likely would.
“Frankie, I love you so much, and I won’t ever let anything happen to you, you know that right?” I asked, hoping that he would say yes.
“What are you?” he asked again, his eyes filled with fear, his small beautiful body shaking and his bottom lip quivering. I sighed.
“I’m a Vampire,” I said, looking into his shocked eyes, waiting for his reaction.

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