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I am Deleting my ficwad account :/

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if you're reading any of my stories...

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So um, ficwad is really starting to irk my nerves. It's always fucking up on me and i'm starting to get pissed -_- I wont be doing it right now, because i have to do some revising on my other site...but i'll happen before sunday idk

If you're reading any of my stories such as 'Cancer Darling' or 'A Lunatics Lament' please go here if you want to continue to read. (but you don't gotta, idc)

I promised a author i'd write her a story, and i'm still going to. plz don't fret, i never forget :) It'll be done soon, and i'll post it on my other site..if you're still interested. I'll even tell you :)

If you guys wanna talke to tumblr ---->
we can be friends :)
and i have reclist you guys might enjoy :D

anyways, it's been fun (not really) here on ficwad. I read a nice handful of stories you guys wrote.


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