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Chapter One

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I sat in the hospital bed looking into her blue eyes. Me Molly Cobain a married woman and a mother. A tear fell down my cheek as Kurt stood there with a camera snapping away. Dave, Krist and Kurts friend Edddie stood around with proud smiles. Only one thing was missing: my mother. I was too happy to care, her ignorance wasn't going to stop my little ball of sunshine from making my heart sing. Afterall it was her loss. "Have you guys decided on a name yet?" Krist asked as he stepped closer to me and the baby. Kurt stoppe taking pictures for a minute, "Frances Bean Cobain." He said as a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "I like it." I said looking down at my sleeping angel. Kurt called the nurse in, "We've chosen a name." He said with a proud papa smile. The nurse took out a pen and a notepad. "Frances Bean Cobain." He said. The nurse looked up, "Do you mean bean as in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' bean?" She asked. "Yes. That's exactly what I mean." Kurt said sounding rather hurt. The nurse sighed and left.
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