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Chapter Two

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One month later.

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I stood in the door frame of the nursery watching Kurt hold Frances in his arms as they both rocked slowly in the rocking chair, "My little booger-bean." He cooed, "My little sugar-woogar-booger-bean." She looked up at him and smiled baring her little pink gums. He kissed her nose and then her eyes, "I love you Franny." He sighed as she closed her hand around his finger. He looked up at me, "Hey." He said. "Hi." I replied as I steppe into the room and sat down in a chair next to him. I watched as Frances smiled at him as if he were the love of her life. "My girl." He sighed proudly. I looked at her then at him. They looked alike. Blue eyes, blonde hair, their noses. Everything. She was beautiful just like her father and that alone made me smile. My mind wandered to her future. What would she be? What would she do? Fear washed over me but was quickly replaced with assurance. Afterall Kurt and Molly Cobain were her parents, once we kept away from her "uncle" Dave she'd be right as rain.
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