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But I Believe We`re The Enemy

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She was the enemy, the wicked, evil stepmom and I couldn`t let myself forget that.

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The blonde haired, all too perfect, Barbie doll replica that Gerard had chosen to replace mom, also known as Tierney Way, stands awkwardly in the doorway, forcing an uneasy smile onto her unfairly pretty face. Her chosen attire for today is a casual pair of dark blue jeans and an incredibly cosy looking hoodie that failed miserably to hide her enormous chest. I can`t help but stare down at my own miserably, almost willing it to grow all the while as I try to hope that Tierney was a bra suffer or something I mean, she was like fucking Barbie; nobody could be as pretty as she was. Maybe I was just jealous but I had every right to be; I mean Gerard had chosen her over mom and their daughter, Hollie over me.
“Morning Bandit.” She begins softly, hesitantly as she stands looking more than a tad out of place in the doorway of my room that already resembled a pigsty.
I scowl up at her not bothering to open my mouth and to spit out hate filled words at the moment. It was pointless anyways. She wouldn`t listen, nobody ever did. You could scream all you wanted, hurling out every curse word invented and nobody would pay any attention, other than to look at you in disgust and tut. You could act all tough and defensive, drive everyone away from you, hell you could even pierce countless holes through your once pure body in some kind of messed up protest, but nobody could see that underneath your cold, uncaring exterior, you were really dead inside.
“I brought you up some breakfast, I know that you said earlier you weren`t very hungry, but I thought that you might have changed your mind.” She slowly enters the room, holding a plate of mouth-watering food that I was almost certain would contain some kind of poison. The only question was would it be arsenic or cyanide?
Upon seeing that I wasn`t going to take the food, Tierney places it on the unmade bed next to me, her almost genuine looking shy smile still in place.
I raise one eyebrow at her and glare at the twenty nine year old woman with contempt and disgust in my hazel green orbs.
“Aren`t you going to leave?” I ask, or rather demand rudely.
“Well,” She begins, carefully tucking a stray lock of blonde that had dared to fall from the cute but messy bun atop her head back into place, “I was kind of hoping that we could have a little talk.” Sensing that I was about to cut her off, she holds up one sun kissed hand and interrupts.
“Now I know that you really don`t like me, Bandit.”
“Under-fucking-statement of the fucking God damn century.” I hiss angrily under my breath, really not needing this bitch to come in here and try to tell me what to do.
“And I understand that, I really do. I never meant to fall in love with your father; I never wanted to take him away from your mother, or from you.”
Yeah fucking right. Lying man stealing bitch.
“We tried to stop our feelings for each other, but Gerard was deeply unhappy in his marriage and well…” She sighs deeply. “We never wanted to hurt anybody, especially not you.”
“Yeah?” I say in mock belief, cocking one perfectly plucked eyebrow. “Well too fucking late cause you did!” I scream, now that I had broken my silence I seem unable to stop. “You tore apart my life, my whole fucking world. Mom was a state and I was even worse. She threw herself into her work and I was left with nameless childminder day after day, wondering just what I had done to make my dad leave!”
“Bandit-“Tierney actually seems genuinely sorry, and even foolishly tries to reach out for me, which I angrily shake away.
“Everyone I knew would look at me wrong, like it was somehow my fault, and I knew what they were all thinking. If I wasn`t such a bad child, no if I wasn’t born then he would have stayed with my mom and they would be still happy.”
“Because that`s when it all went wrong, wasn`t it?!” I demand, pointing a long, pale finger at the blonde woman accusingly. “When I was only a few tiny cells Gerard couldn’t handle the responsibility and he found you. And when you got your claws in you wouldn`t let him go.”
“Bandit, we-“
“And sure, he kept coming back to Lynz and me, but it was all fake, wasn`t it? He never wanted us, all he really wanted was you and Hollie!” to my utmost horror, traitorous, salty tears of anger, bitterness and betray slip form my eyes, staining my pale, lifeless mask of a face.
“He didn`t want me,” I sniff, burying my head into a fluffy red cushion that lay on the bed, “Even my own father didn`t want me, and now Mom`s packed me off her to live with you because she`s finally had enough and doesn`t want me either.”
“Oh Bandit, no. that isn`t true.” Tierny reaches out shakily, her kindly nature taking over and wraps one arm around my sobbing figure, making me feel even worse for myself.
“Don`t.” I mumble feebly, too exhausted to fight back. I had been fighting everything for too long, my mom, old friends, the world and most difficulty, myself, I just couldn`t do it any longer. I was too weak. The damage had finally taken its toll.
“I don`t want you, I hate you.”
She sighs, “I know and I`m sorry, truly. But I`m here all the same and I want to help you Bandit, I want to be there for you.”
I push her away and stare down at the carpet, trying to stop the tear, not wanting her sympathy. She was the enemy, the wicked, evil stepmom and I couldn`t let myself forget that. Not now and not ever.
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