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You can run away with me

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“Stay around, Bandit Lee. Please.”

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After an eventful, fan-fucking-tastic day at home, locked up in my room trying to avoid Gerard and his new perfect wife, I collapsed down onto my bed in an exhausted heap of cotton black and pink pyjamas and a tangle of electric blue hair. Unlike the previous night, I fall into a thankfully dreamless slumber almost instantly, but seeing as it was me, and my life was far from perfect and ideal, it couldn`t last.
I was awoken just after midnight by what at first seemed to be hail hitting the window pane, but with sleepy, makeup smeared eyes I soon realise that it was in fact not hail, and instead someone had been throwing small rocks at the window. Bastard.
“Go away,” I mumble tiredly, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and silently open the window just a crack, the chilly night air hitting me almost instantly, making my hair stand on end.
A girl with bright blue grey eyes, shielded from the outside world by black framed glasses is standing in the moonlit garden, grinning up at me with her painted lips happily, if not a little crazily. Behind her, a mountain of a horse, black in colour with feathery, silky looking white feet wanders around the small patch of grass, nibbling on one of Tierney’s potted plants. I liked Nyx.
“Eden!” I hiss softly, just loud enough for the intriguing, auburn haired, vintage clothes loving teenager to hear me.
“Bandit!” her smile widens, “I knew I you would wake up when you heard me.”
“What are you doing?” I ask, unable to keep the surprised grin from my face or hushed voice.
“Never mind that, c`mon!” she calls softly, ushering me with one arms for me to come outside.
I shouldn`t go, I knew that, I barely knew the unfairly pretty, uniquely odd girl, but it was as thought something was calling me from inside, pulling me towards her.
“Five minutes!” I tell her and she nods, before clambering up onto Nyx`s bare back, running her pale hands through the jet back mane lovingly.
I dress in a hurry, pulling on my jeans and top form earlier and tug my converse over me feet, before shrugging on my thickest, warmest and cosiest tartan jacket. I wipe my smudged makeup off with a skin wipe, and coax my sleep mussed hair into a untidy bun and secure it in place with a hair elastic, then carefully tip toe out of my room, creeping softly and hesitantly down the stairs, praying to a god that I didn`t even believe in that I wouldn`t wake anyone. As I pass the living room, a decide to bring an apple for Nyx, and get a can of coke for me and Eden, along with a sharing sized pack of cheesy snacks and leave, silently shutting the front door behind me.
Eden is sitting on Nyx`s back when I find her, waiting patiently near the path, one of Tierney’s flowers tucked behind her hair, nestled prettily in her temptingly touchable locks of aurburn.
“Hey.” She grins at me, and seeing the food and drinks in my arms, she nods appreciatively while I feed the massive, gentle horse the apple.
“She likes you, ya know.” Eden mummers softly as Nyx gently crunches the ripe fruit from my outstretched palm, her soft nose tickling my pale skin.
I blush a little and shake my head, a few stray locks of blue falling to cover my burning face. “She likes the apple.” I correct the other girl who just laughs and shakes her head.
“So where do you want to go, Bee?” Eden asks as she carefully helps me up onto the gentle giant’s bare back. I securely warp my arms around her, and I am met once again by the sweet smell of ripe strawberries and vanilla.
“Mmmmm.” I blush, “You hair smells really nice.” I admit quietly, feeling rather foolish.
Eden edges the animal out of the garden, down the silent, sleeping street and to the direction of the woods we had met in for the first time, only the day before. Had it really only been yesterday I had first met the blue eyed girl?
“How did it go last night, you in big trouble or what?”
I frown and shrug, leaning in closer, burying my face in her shoulder, feeling safe for once as I breathe her in.
“It went alright, not as bad as expected. Next time I decide to run away I won`t be coming back though.”
Eden sighs. “Running away is overrated Bee, you just drag your problems along beside you.”
“I got shit loads of them.” I grumble.
“So why not just stay around then, for a while? Please, for me?” She turns her neck a little, a pleading look on her pale, unbelievably pretty face.
“it ain`t so bad here, and you`ll always have me and Nyx if you need to talk.”
The corners of my pale pink lips curve upwards ever so slightly at this, into the beginnings of an almost pure, genuine smile.
“Maybe.” I say.
We continue a little longer, past the rusted bench we had first met and finally stop near calm, bubbling river stream, the one I had heard when I had sat there before. Eden skilfully dismounts and pulls me along with her while Nyx wanders off to the water edge, sipping merrily.
I sit on the grass under a tree that was no more than a dark, ancient shadow, illuminated by a silvery sliver of a crescent moon. Eden flops carelessly beside me, our jean clad thighs brushing, sending tingle up and down my entire right side.
We nibble on the crisps in a comfortable silence, sipping on our juice and watching Nyx graze, too tired to sleep.
“Stay around, Bandit Lee. Please.” She repeats in a gentle whisper, turning her face to look me in the eye, glittering blue meeting dull, worn hazel.
I hadn`t felt as safe as this in a long while, not since I was a carefree, bright eyed innocent little child. I felt…happy, an almost alien feeling to me just laying here under the moonlit trees with the strange teenager I knew so little about. I felt calm, protected, cared for. Wanted even.
I didn`t think that my new found happiness had anything to do with the woods and moonlight though, no I think it had more to do with the aurburn haired, glasses wearing girl with the chin length hair and lopsided grin that was to blame.
“To be honest, I don`t know where else I could go.” I admit. “Mom doesn`t want me, she dumped me here and Gerard, he doesn’t want me, or need me. I`m just like a redirected parcel or something that has shown up on his doorstep.”
Eden shakes her head, a huge frown on her face, ruining the innocent beauty. “I don`t believe that, not for a second. Who would be mad enough to not want you?”
“Hah.” I scoff. “Who would be mad enough to want me hanging around?”
The other girl laughs. “Lock me up in a secure padded cell than, because I want you hanging around.”
I stare open mouthed, my checks burning bright red as I divert my shocked eyes.
“Thank you.” I whisper hoarsely, stunned I had found my voice. “I-I just…” salty tears of something that may resemble joy form in my eyes, and for once I don’t hastily blink then away, I just let them fall.
“Shhh…Bee…” Eden gently wipes them away, her cool hands raising goose bumps on the pale skin, sending tingling chills all down my spine.
“Don`t cry, I can`t see you in pain. It hurts me too much.” I feel a something soft and loving brush my forehead, tucking a strand of hair away from my face, then I fall into a dreamless, peaceful sleep.
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