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Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart, or burn down your house you can never tell

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And somehow, shockingly and to my upmost disgust we both end up laughing.

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The next thing I know I`m awake again, the shadowy and moonlit, almost magical forest replaced by the cold, harsh light of daybreak, the tiny little singing birds perched up on a nearby willow tree the cause of my sudden return to the dreaded conciseness. I rub the sleep from my tired eyes in a dreamlike state as the hazel green orbs try to adjust to the ever brightening daylight that broke through the ancient tree branches.
“Morning Sleeping Beauty.” Eden grins playfully down at me from the black mare`s high, sturdy back, her chin length auburn hair tousled from sleep, a handful of lush green leaves and twigs entwined with the silky looking locks.
“Morning?” I mumble sleepily, slowly sitting up in a daze, running my hands through the bright blue tangle that framed my face untidily as I pick out a few of my own bits of greenery.
“It`s morning already? We really stayed out all night?”
The blue eyed beauty nods and gestures for me to join her. “The sun has only just risen; you only missed it by a few minutes.” Her pale face lights up as she talks about it. Something I found extremely cute, the way the other girl grew so excited about an everyday, albeit often taken for granted experience. “You should have seen it Bee, it was so beautiful, all the different shades of pink and orange lighting up the dark sky.” Eden sighs happily. “I didn`t come for you until gone midnight though.”
I get to my feet and stumble across the grassy, muddy ground over to where Nyx stood, her jet black mane blowing in the slight early morning breeze, standing as tall and proud as ever. Eden helps me up onto her back, and I regain the now familiar, almost comforting position sitting behind her, skiing, scarily pale arms wrapped securely around her curvy body.
We ride along the woodland pathways, which were little more than dirt tracks, Nyx`s white feathery hooves pounding steadily on the ground like a heartbeat. It is time for me to say goodbye to the other girl all too soon as we reach the silent, still sleeping street, arriving at number thirteen cemetery drive a few short moments later.
Regretfully I clamber down off of the great black animals back, landing on the ground with a soft “oof,” as I dust myself down, only now just realising the many mud and grass stains on my crumpled clothes.
“I have to go now, Bee,” Eden begins sadly, her bright, beautiful eyes dulling, “Before anyone sees me here.”
I nod, “When will I see you again?” the foolish, needy and overall pathetic words tumble out of my mouth before I can stop them. My pale cheeks burn red with embarrassment, hoping Eden didn`t think of me as a clingy child now because of it.
“Whenever you want.” She answers. “I spend most, if not all of my time down in the woods where we first met. Whenever you need me, come and find me.” The taller girl smiles warmly and blows a kiss in my general direction playfully before racing off on the midnight coloured mare, leaving me alone once more, dazed and longing for her to return already.
I creep stealthily inside the house and up the stairs, and collapse down on my warm bed with a contented sigh, mind and heart racing. I am unable to wipe the genuinely happy smile off of my face, simply because of Eden. I had never known a girl like her before, someone who makes me feel special and safe. Someone who actually wants me to stick around.
I don`t know much about her though, or anything at all actually. I didn`t know her full name, where she lived or what her phone number was. I didn`t know what kind of music she liked, her favourite colour or any of her ambitions in life. All I knew was her name. well that and the fact that just being near her made my bloody little black, broken heart beat ten times faster a minute. But that was all I knew.
But I was honestly beginning to wonder if any of that trivial stuff mattered or would even make a difference. Because I was falling for the auburn haired, blue eyed beauty regardless.
I knew that Eden whatever-the-fuck-her-last-name-is was bad news. Anybody that came to your house to get you in the middle of the night with a cheeky grin on their face was hardly likely to be a head girl or anything of the like. Mom certainly wouldn`t approve, neither would Gerard or Tierney for that matter. Then again, I didn`t approve of them, so what did it matter?
I close my tired eyes and my head is filled with beautiful, perfect images of Eden, her chin length hair flowing softly around her porcelain face, her bright bluish grey eyes partially obscured by her glasses all lit up and grinning at me. I sigh once more and open them, i had just heard a bedroom door open, meaning that I had better get up and washed and dressed before someone came knocking and found me in yesterdays, crumpled, stained clothes and a very out of character grin.
I quickly shower, using my favourite strawberry body wash and raspberry shampoo and towel myself hastily. As I was in a good mood for the time being, something I knew had absolutely nothing to do with the sunshine beaming through the windows; I decide to wear my one and only dress. It was black mostly with the corset style bodice was a deep red and tight fitting, the purposefully ripped skirt stopped half way down my milky white thighs. I pair this with a pair of old fishnet tights and grab my beat up biker boots, the ones adorned with clunky, thick chains and secure my now fully dry hair in to messy pigtails, finished off with a skull headband.
Deciding to go for a more out there makeup look today, to match my strange mood I carefully apply thick deep purple eyeliner and blood coloured eye shadow all over my eyes, finished with paler than pale foundation-not too much, not too little- and blood red lipstick that hid my bitten, chapped lips well.
“Bandit, Hozzie! Breakfast!” a far too cheerful female voice calls up the stairs and I sigh, dragging my sorry butt out of the room and downstairs, preparing to be greeted by Satan himself and his wife.
“Do I have to go to school today?” Hozzie complains as soon as I enter the kitchen, wearing my trademark scowl that could turn sour milk radioactive.
“Yes, Hozzie.” Gerard sighs, sipping from a chipped, Batman coffee mug.
The cherry haired teen frown and crosses her arms. “Bandit doesn`t!”
I grin and stick out my pierced tongue, the metal stud glinting devilishly in the sunlight that entered through the open windows.
“Well we agreed that she could go back after the holidays.
“I told you, I`m not going back.” I remind the red haired bastard happily, sitting on the table, swinging my boot clad feet.
“We have to educate you, Bandit.” Gerard sighs while Tierney stats silent, a tired, but hopeful look on her far too perfect face as she reads the morning paper.
“What about home education?” She asks, placing the boring paper down. “I had a client at the salon talking about it just the other day. Her grandson was pulled out of school because he was bullied and he is now apparently doing great since his parents started home education.”
“That might be an idea.” Gerard says, the beginnings of a smile forming on his pale, tired face.
I frown and shake my head determinedly, while it may sound tempting, no teachers, no other bratty kids to worry about, school was still school right? And I`ll be damned if they thought I was going to do what they wanted from me.
“I`d better go.” Hollie mumbles as she finishes applying pink eyeliner to her eyes and grabs her school bag.
We watch as she walks out the door and down the garden, perplexed when she freezes by the partly eaten flowers and plants. I grin but quickly hide it.
“What on Earth” Tierney blinks once. Twice. Three times.
The plant pots had been tipped over, their contents eaten and trampled.
“What the hell?”
“Maybe a horse came by in the night and was a bit peckish.” I chirp in helpfully, unable to hide my grin as I think of Eden`s horse, Nyx.
“Don`t be silly, there are no horses here.” Gerard tells me, showing just how little he knew.
“Oh Darling.” The blonde barbie doll replica turns to Gerard, “I am already late to the salon, do you think that you could clear this up for me and maybe buy some more plants from the garden place?” Tierney holds out a wad of notes and hands them to him.
“Of course.”
I fake puking behind their backs as they kiss briefly.
“Well you gonna help me chose some plants Bandit?”
I shake my head trying to block out the long ago memories of going to a garden centre when I was little with Mom and him. He picked all the wrong things, and wasted nearly fifty dollars.
“Oh come on Bandit. You know I`m hopeless when it comes to plants and shit like that.” he pulls a very realistic puppy dog face, and somehow, shockingly and to my upmost disgust we both end up laughing.
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