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Maybe It`s Time To Change

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“It`s hard to be positive when absolutely nothing goes right.”

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“Bandit!” There is an sharp, unwelcome knock at my bedroom door. I scowl and decide to ignore it, hoping and praying to a God that I didn`t believe in that the red haired demon on the other side would take the hint and leave me the fuck alone.
“Bee your Mom is on the phone for you.” Looks like it wouldn`t. And neither would mom. That was the fifth time today she had tried to contact me but I had never answered my cell so know she was going for a new tactic, call Gerard.
“I don`t want to talk to her!” I scream, and turn up my cd player even louder, the speakers placed on the walls currently blasting out one of my all time favourite songs: Gives you hell.
“Oh come on Bandit,” the door is pushed open hesitantly and a pale face with baggy eyes appears. “You can` ignore her forever. She is really worried about you, she keeps asking me if you have ran off again.”
I scoff once bitterly. “Well obviously I haven’t.” I gesture sarcastically to my PJ clad form curled up on the bed reading a music magazine. “I`m still here at this shithole.”
Ignoring that he leaves, slamming the door shut behind him groaning loudly in frustration.
And I was told I have anger issues. God.
I almost felt bad, almost, but I just couldn`t bring myself to talk to mom, I was still incredibly pissed that she had sent me here, but secretly I was almost, almost grateful, because if she hadn`t I wouldn`t becoming fast friends with the auburn haired beauty that was Eden.
The rest of the week drags by slowly, but mostly uneventfully. Dad-I mean Gerard, I glare at my dreadful mistake, had replaced the flowers and plants that Nyx had eaten and trampled, and before I knew it was time for the school holidays to start, meaning that Hozzie and her two friends were hanging around the house more, something that surprisingly wasn`t actually all that terrible.
Jack and Autumn were actually rather cool, something I hadn`t hung around the school long enough to figure out. I must have came across as very as very to them when we first met on the day of my great escape, but the two teens didn`t seem to mind that and surprisingly still wanted to be my friends. They must be as crazy as Hozzie was.
Now before I had been forced to move here I would never have bothered with the two of them, most likely I would have said something cruel and spiteful to them in reply to their offer of friendship, but before I even knew what I was doing, I had smiled shyly and nodded.
I feel something foreign and strange that may or may not have been pure, undiluted happiness as I realise that I had made two friends, the first I had since…well a very long time. It was actually rather nice. And to think that less than a month ago I would never have bothered with these people because they reminded me too much of my old self. Happy and carefree.
“You could be like that again you know.”
I am brought back to the present by a beautiful teenager, dressed today in a vintage style pale blue dress that really brought out her blue grey eyes.
“I don’t know, Eden.” I admit softly into the other, taller girls shoulder, letting her silky chin length hair tickle my pale cheeks as the light summer breeze lifts it up.

The sun had just set, painting the horizon a beautiful rainbow of orange and red as the lush green trees swayed in the wind, whispering softly to each other. I had spent the entire day out in the woods with the strange, perfect girl, while Gerard had thought I was studying.
“So how’s the home education thing going, Bee?” Eden asks, sitting up on her let elbow, her eyes glittering behind her black framed glasses.
“It must be great, no teachers to worry about, no homework to hand in, no uniform…It must be great.”
I shrug and copy her. “School is school right? Same boring shit, just different scenery.”
Eden giggles, “You really can be a little bit of a pessimist at times, do you know that?”
I divert my eyes, “I don`t know how not to be anymore. It`s hard to be positive when absolutely nothing goes right.” I mumble bitterly, picking a handful of grass and flicking it into the nearby stream Nyx was wading happily in.
“Things will pick up for you soon Sugar, trust me on that.”
I shake my head, wanting to believe her, almost wanting to say that if she was with me then I could nearly believe it. I don`t, of course and instead mutter a half believable, “Maybe.”
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