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Chapter Six

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I smiled, "So what happened?" I asked taking his hand in mine. "She said that I was spending too much timme at work and not enough time with you two. I worked from nine o'clock at night to three in the morning. I was dead tired but I thought working at night would allow me too spend time with you. One day she said to either quit my job or she was leaving and taking you with her. I couldn't let that happen so I told her I'd call the next day quit. When the next day came you both were gone. She didn't leave a letter or anything. She hopped around everywhere. Whenever I thought I'd found you she was on the move again. I never gave up though. I got suicidal because I wanted nothing more than to see you. By then your mother could've gone to hell but I just wanted to see you. She slandered my name said I hit her and you and I swear not a word of it is true." Tears began to fall down his cheeks. I pulled him close, "It's okay daddy." I whispered. He crushed me close to him and kissed the top of my head.
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