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Chapter Five

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There stood a red haired man about the age of forty, dressed a black suit. He stood about six feet and had the greenest eyes, "Hello Molly." He said with a relieved smile. He was British. "Hi." I said dumbly, "Who are you?" "I'm your father." He replied. "I thought you were dead!" I gasped. "No." He said shaking his head to the sides, "She lied. I've been looking everywhere for you. You're so beautiful." "Come in." I said stepping to the side. He stepped inside and I led him to the couch, "Can I get you anything?" I asked. "No thank you dear." He said with a smile. I sat down next to him, "Why exactly did you leave?" I asked. "I didn't leave, she took you away from me. Your mother and I used to be roadies for a band and we met fell in love. Well I fell in love with her. We had been together for a year and a half and she got pregnant with you. She quit her job and I got promoted to band manager. The first two years with you were great. I taught you walk and sing Led Zeppelin song. You were my life." He sighed
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