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Quiet Nights

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Friday is a quiet night

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Detonating_Bunny thankyou!!!
Finally a little feedback :) im glad im making the right choices in this so far :D


- BuryMeInBlack logged in -
- TheJoker logged in -
- Mikeey logged in -
- SarcasticCulprit logged in -
- SweetRevenge logged in -

TheJoker : o.o
Mikeey : ...
BuryMeInBlack : what?
SweetRevenge : bert was added yesterday at 8 : 03 PM
SweetRevenge : oh btw who the fuck is eliza?
BuryMeInBlack : one of alicia's friends :P
Mikeey : yeah i was wondering too
SarcasticCulprit : well today was normal xD
SweetRevenge : yeah i suppose
BuryMeInBlack : okay i have to go, ill b on later :P
SweetRevenge : bye :)

- BuryMeInBlack logged out -

SweetRevenge : whre the fuck is he goin?
Mikeey : not. a. clue
TheJoker : o.o
SarcasticCulprit : really frank?
TheJoker : im speechless
Mikeey : its in the past, maybe bert has changed so just relax yourself
TheJoker : okay
Mikeey : =) bcuz i dnt want to have to worry about you
TheJoker : im okay i promise
SarcasticCulrpit : frank lets go the movie is going to start in an hour so we have to leave now :P
TheJoker : okay ill call round to yours, later guys

- TheJoker logged off -

SarcasticCulprit : byee

- SarcasticCulprit logged off -

SweetRevenge : my first quiet friday night while bein with gerard
Mikeey : why dont you go out with christa and alicia?
SweetRevenge : Christa and alicia is going out to a party tonight
Mikeey : were you not invited?
SweetRevenge : no, were you
Mikeey : yeah actually
SweetRevenge : wait what?
Mikeey : me and gerard was invited
SweetRevenge : is that where he is away to?
Mikeey : honestly i dont know, he said he wasnt going without you
SweetRevenge : mikey
Mikeey : yeah
SweetRevenge : gerard has been distancing himself from me :/
Mikeey : its nothing to worry about, look at the way he is at school he never leaves you alone Ever.
SweetRevenge : i suppose
Mikeey : now there is nothing to worry about :)
SweetRevenge : why didnt you go to the party?
Mikeey : i have homework to do
SweetRevenge : are you doing it now?
Mikeey : yup im doing the physics homework
SweetRevenge : i have a test on [physics on monday, ill revise since your doing your work may aswell xD
Mikeey : it will also give ya something to do :P
SweetRevenge : quiet night studying with mikers xD
Mikeey : =)

---------- A few hours later at around 9 PM ---

- Mikeey logged off -
- SarcasticCulprit logged on -

SarcasticCulprit : heey nicola
SweetRevenge : allo
SarcasticCulprit : why were you not at the party?
SweetRevenge : you were incited aswell?
SarcasticCulrpit : me, frank, ray, christa, alicia, mikey and gerard was invited
SweetRevenge : Mikey didnt go he had to do work
SarcasticCulprit : gerard text him if he wanted to come and i can see he has decided to go over must have finsihed all his work
SweetRevenge : oh, who hosted the party?
SarcasticCulprit : it was one of Alicia's friends
SweetRevenge : was it that eliza girl?
SarcasticCulprit : yeah i think it was
SweetRevenge : do you knwo her?
SarcasticCulprit : nope, but frank brought me along because he was invited and knows her and she gladly let me stay :)
SweetRevenge : mikey said it was invitation only
SarcasticCulprit : No, just as long as your like close friends with one of her firends she allowed you to stay
SweetRevenge : i only found out about the party a few hours ago
SarcasticCulprit : why didn't gerard bring you?
SweetRevenge : he was there?
SarcasticCulprit : you didnt know he went ?
SweetRevenge : no
SarcasticCulprit : o.O
SweetRevenge : i have had a quiet night
SarcasticCulprit : well not much was going on at it. Anyway i have to go byee :)
SweetRevenge : bye

- SarcasticCulprit logged out -
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