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TheJoker finds out stuff he shouldnt

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Saturday ! xD

Im going to try and make this more serious than funny because this is supposed to be a very serious plot in this story :P I will throw some funny stuff into the stroy still because thats what makes a good Messenger chat xD


- Used1333 logged in -
- Ellie424 logged in -
- SweetRevenge logged in -

SweetRevenge : hello
Ellie424 : who are you (:
SweetRevenge : who are you?
Ellie424 : eliza
SweetRevenge : im nicola
Used1333 : nicola where is gerard?
SweetRevenge : i dno last time i checked he was at a party last night
Used1333 : why didn't he bring you?
SweetRevenge : i dno
Ellie424 : gerard is really awesome c:
SweetRevenge : i know thats why im dating him ffs
Ellie424 : ur gerard's gf??
SweetRevenge : yea
Ellie424 : coolio

- BuryMeInBlack logged on -

BuryMeInBlack : allo xD
SweetRevenge : morning
Used1333 : dude you comin over ;)
BuryMeInBlack : yup will b over soon xD
Ellie424 : aloha
BuryMeInBlack : hiya eliza xD
SweetRevenge : yeah just blank me out
BuryMeInBlack : hello nicola x
SweetRevenge : thank you
Ellie424 : control freak much?
SweetRevenge : excuse me?
Ellie424 : he does not HAVE to give you all his attention :L
SweetRevenge : i didnt say anything like that
Ellie424 : you sounded like it
Used1333 : nicola why you being such as a bitch?
SweetRevenge : what? Me? Hardly!
Used1333 : wise up
SweetRevenge : why dont you wise the fuck up
BuryMeInBlack : Bert leave her alone
Ellie424 : im not letting her control you! So good bye

- Ellie424 removed SweetRevenge from this conversation -

BuryMeInBlack : WTF?
Ellie424 : she is in fucking control of you!
BuryMeInBlack : no she isnt!
Used1333 : personally i think you should break up with her
BuryMeInBlack : umm no
Ellie424 : so your going to let her walk all over you?
BuryMeInBlack : she just wanted me to say hi!
Ellie424 : alright do what you want

- SarcasticCulprit logged on -

Ellie424 : Heeeey caitlyn!
SarcasticCulprit : hi!
SarcasticCulprit : wait why is nicola not in this group?
Ellie424 : she was controlling gerard
BuryMeInBlack : no she wasnt! i have to go
Used1333 : coming over?
BuryMeInBlack : later, need to do stuff

- BuryMeInBlack logged off -

SarcasticCulprit : how was she controlling gerard?
Ellie424 : she wanted all his attention basically
SarcasticCulprit : that does not sound like her at all
Ellie424 : honestly she is a bitch and i heard that she is just using you for friendship
SarcasticCulprit : i highly doubt that, we are like sisters
Ellie424 : thats what she wants you to think
Used1333 : believe her caitlyn

- TheJoker logged on -

SarcasticCulprit : hey baby (:
TheJoker : hey caitlyn xx
Ellie424 : frank!
TheJoker : allo eliza
Ellie424 : trust us caitlyn
SarcasticCulprit : she wouldnt do that!
TheJoker : o.O
Ellie424 : frank, nicola is only using caitlyn for friendship and is trying to control gerard's life
TheJoker : sounds nothing like her
SarcasticCulrpit : thats what i said
Used1333 : she is speaking the truth im a witness
Ellie424 : thankyou bert
SarcasticCulprit : we know eachother's secrets!
Ellie424 : not all secrets then
TheJoker : i dont believe any of this bullshit

- TheJoker logged off -

SarcasticCulprit : did you hear her say those words
Ellie424 : what words
SarcasticCulprit : that she does not wnat to be my friend
Ellie424 : bert did
Used1333 : yes i did
SarcasticCulprit : .. wow what a bitch :L
Ellie424 : exactly, so if i was you i would cut off all connections to her
SarcasticCulprit : i didnt think she would o that, thanks for opening my eyes
Ellie424 : your welcome :) im glad i saved you from a complete bitch
Used1333 : so caitlyn you want to come over?
SarcasticCulprit : where?
Used1333 : me, eliza, gerard and alicia is having a day out at West Hudson Park
SarcasticCulprit : count me in!
Ellie424 : great see you in a half hour
SarcasticCulprit : cant wait :)

---- few hours later at around 7PM ----

- Ellie424 logged out -
- SarcasticCulprit logged out -
- Used1333 logged out -
- Mikeey logged on -
- Misfits55 logged on -
- TheJoker logged on -

Mikeey : o.O
Misfits55 : what?
Mikeey : nicola was removed from the group o.O
Misfits55 : odd
Mikeey : yeah happened this morning
TheJoker : i dont know what the fuck is going on
Mikeey : same
Misfits55 : i need to start coming on this more
Mikeey : has bob got his laptop fixed yet, he is never on either
Misfits55 : should be back for Monday thats what he told me :P
Mikeey : awsome!
TheJoker : guys this is suspicious
Mikeey : what is ?
TheJoker : Nicola being suddently removed
Misfits55 : she is really dead on, i highly doubt she has pissed some one off
TheJoker : i dont know.
Mikeey : got to go ill be on later xD

- Mikeey logged off -

Misfits55 : srry frank my dad needs laptop be on in about half hour okay
TheJoker : alright, im going to put my status to offline so that i can do work but still et notifications and people will think im not online xD
Misfits55 : basically you will be stalking
TheJoker : pretty much
Misifts55 : lol

- Misfits55 logged off -
- TheJoker logged off -
- Ellie424 logged on -
- Used1333 logged on -

Used1333 : everything is going to plan :)
Ellie424 : i know!
Used1333 : thank god gerard is friends with me again
Ellie424 : you have a drug friend again xD
Used1333 : i know! you should have seen him earlier doing the cocaine pure pro!
Ellie424 : xD
Used1333 : just as long as he sticks with us he will be hooked on them again xD
Ellie424 : yeah!

- Ellie424 logged off -

Used1333 : get your internet fixed eliza -.- no point staying on noone to talk to

- Used1333 logged off -

TheJoker(Offline) : oh my fucking. god.
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