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Dear Mr.Flowers

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You won't beliveme, that much I know, but you are my savior. You are what has gotten me out of prison. I love you. Jane Lowe.

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Dear Mr.Flowers (Or should I call you Mr.Brightsid
Hello my name is Jane Lowe. You probably don't even care. That's if your even reading this letter ofcourse. I just wanted to tell you that you are my inspiration. Your music has made me into a much better person then I was before. You see I'm in jail as of the moment. I hve to serve six months.Who knew shoplifting would get you so much time! I love your music so much. The song Bling (Confessions Of A King) has inspired me to turn my life around. I'm going to get my masters in English. I dream to be a writer. Maybe for the Times? God, I hope so. If I decide to write a book would you buy it? Or at least read it? You know what's funny all of the other girls in prison make fun of me for listening to your music, yet they're the ones listening to Rhianna, Lil' Wayne, and so on. It's sad really! Well this letter has been dragging on for a while, I guess I should let you go. I know you have a wife and three kids. You also have The Killers to think about!
Jane Lowe
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