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The Inbetween

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It's been two weeks since I've sent that letter to Brandon Flowers. Naturaly he didn't respond, why would he? He has millions of fans. What would have been the odds that he would read and responed to my letter?
"Hey bitch! Move it that's my seat." Jennifer Cruz, the prison badass screeched from beside me. We were in the wreck room. I was in her seat, but I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of moving. Her bleeched blond hair put into a bun on the top of her head. Her bright red lipstick clashing with the orange jumpsuit we all had to wear. Since the first day I got here she has made it her job to prove the point that she was the leader in this prison. She's been here for about two years now for fighting a cop. Total badass, not! I've seen way worse before.
"Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer!" Cruz said breaking me from my train of thought. Her posse all laughed. They were big beefy girls. I don't why they put up with her they could easily take her. I guess they're just dumb.
"You know what Cruz, I think I just might take a picture. I mean your so ugly that when I get out I'm going to take your picture to a scared straight program to show kids how ugly you get in prison." I said getting up, crossing my arms over my chest and cocking my head to the side. I was mocking her. I'm not scared of some girl. I grew up in the Bronx! I've done much worse then shoplifting.
"Oh yea! Bring it bitch! I ain't scared of some little white girl!" Cruz yelled. By know now the room is silent. You could hear a pin drop. The other girls had looks of horrer and pty on their faces. You never mess with Cruz and her gang. If you did they only outcome is beating so bad you wish for death. Well that's just what I've heard.
"Calm down Cruz. There will be no need fighting. Lowe your coming with me. Your class starts in five minutes." A gaurd said coming in.
I walked over to the gaurd and followed him to a class room. For the next two hours I spent learning about Edger Allen Poe and the message behind his stories. When class was over I went back to my cell.
After about twenty a gaurd came over and gave me a letter. A letter? I never get letters. My parents are both dead and I have no siblings. The return adress was from Henderson, Nevada. Could it be? Only one way to find out. I opened the envolope and at the bottom it was signed Brandon Flowers.
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