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The Reply

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Because it's spring break and I'm 14, here you go.

   Dear Jane Lowe,
           Thank you for your letter. I do care, I care about all my fans. People like you Jane is why I'm even in the music business. As for you being in prison, I'm sorry something like that has happend to you. You seem very nice. You just made a wrong choice. It happens to the best of us. When our new album comes out you'll still be in jail, but I'm going to send it to you. I hope it meets your expectations! If you do write a book I will try my hardest to read it. Like you said I have a family and The Killers to think about. Can you give me a preview of the book? You've sure as hell got my interest. Is it about life in jail? I've never been to jail, let alone done anything illegal. But I promise you everything will be alright!
            Brandon Flowers (Mr.Brightside)
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