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A Day With My Boy

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"Sincerely, Brandon Flowers (Mr.Brightside)"
When I put down my pen I felt happy to have written that letter. Everything I wrote in it was true. People like Jane are why I'm still making music. I want to know more about her. If her book were to be about life in jail, I would read it!
"Brandon, sweetie could you go to the store and get more diapers? We're almost out." My wife Tana called from the living room. I was in my music room.
"Sure thing,baby" I said getting up. I went to living room and kissed her on the cheek. I noticed my son Ammon was bored watching 'Spongebob Squarepants'.
"Ammon, wanna go with Daddy to the store?" I asked putting on my jacket.
"Sure." Was all he said. He went up to his room to put on shoes.
While he was upstairs I looked at my other two boys. Gunner was scribbling in a coloring book. Henry was playing with a little rattle. Ammon being the oldest decided that his two brothers were so boring that he wanted to trade them. It was a funny day when came up to us with the most serious face and said he wanted different brothers.
Looking over at my wife I couldn't help the smile that crept to my face when I saw her. She was beautiful, she was different. That meaning she was probably the only woman in Vegas who wasn't a stripper. When I met her it was love at first sight. I wrote the song 'My List' for her. Her short blond hair framed her round face perfectly. She wasn't overly skinny, but she wasn't big. She wasn't very tall, just the right size. Even after three kids Tana is still the sexiest woman I've ever met.
"I'm ready Dad!" Ammon yelled running down the stairs. He had an excited look on his face. Me and him don't get to spend a lot of time together. Mostly 'cause I'm always away, like that girl Jane said I've got The Killers on my mind. I'm going have to have some time to spend with my boys. The song 'I Can't Stay' was written shortly after Gunner was born.
"In the car can we listen to The Killers?" Ammon asked grabbing my hand. Tana yelled out a hurried goodbye. I couldn't help but laugh a little in his hurry to spend time with me he completely forgot about his mother.
"Of course buddy." I said putting him in his car seat. After making sure he was buckled in I got into the driver's seat of my Honda. " What song you wanna listen to?"
" Umm, Read My Mind." Ammon said unsure.
" Great choice! That's my favorite from Sam's Town." I said smiling at him. I then put in Sam's Town and took off to the store. We were both singing out the lyrics and I knew then he would follow in my footsteps with music.
The song ended when we got to the store. I got him out of his car seat and carried him in my arms until I got a cart. I put Ammon in the little seat and pushed cart into the supermarket.
"Can we get candy?" Ammon asked when we were getting cereal. Honestly why would they do that. If you bring a child past candy, they're gonna want it. I just smiled and nodded. Tana was going to kill me if she found out, but hey I need the brownie points with my kids. So I grabbed a pack of Skittles and went to get the last thing I needed. Diapers.
We were almost done. I got the diapers and walked to checkout. So Ammon wouldn't get bored while we waited in line, I started to sing 'I Can't Stay'.
" The emotion it was electric and the stars they all aligned. I knew I had to make my decision, but I never made the time. No I never made the time.
In the dark for a while now, I can't stay so far. I can't stay much longer, riding my decision home.
Exoneration lost its eraser, but my forgiver found a son. And there are twisted days that I take comfort cause I'm not the only one. No I'm not the only one.
In the dark for a while now, I can't stay very far. I can't stay much longer, riding my decision home.
And there's a majesty at my doorstep and there's a little boy in her arms. And we'll parade around without game plans, obligaton or alarm.
In the dark fo a while now I can't stay very far. I can't stay much longer, ridding my decision home. In the dark for a while now, I can't stay so far I can't stay much longer, ridding my decision home. In the dark..."
By then it was our turn. I would be lying if I said that the check out didn't check me out. I'm a fairly handsome guy. I bring the sexy into The Killers.
"Hey," Check out girl said. She was fairly cute. Medium length brown hair, full pink lips, and not to mention she fills out her red uniform shirt very nicely. Shame I only have eyes for Tana. "That'll be $50.63. You can just swipe the card."
After swiping the card and quickly bagging the groceries, Ammon and I left the store. I strapped Ammon to his car seat and then I proceeded to put the groceries into the trunk.
When I got into the drivers seat Ammon asked if we could listen to The Killers on the drive back. This time I put in Day and Age and we listened to Human. It's sad that this is one of the best time I spent with my son in a couple of months. You know what that's going to change, tomorrow.

I know this chapter wasn't very good but... It just feels weird stalking the Internet for B.Flows personal life to make this story. Although I did find a lot of interesting things. Like his underwear size. Also somethings may seem inaccurate because I'm 14 and I don't know what I'm talking about-_-
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