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A Pleasurable Aftermath

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Hello Internet!

'Oh my God' This is signed by Brandon Flowers. The Brandon Flowers. Holy shit Brandon Flowers actually took the time to read MY letter AND reply back to me. Reading the letter my heart ached. How can one man be so kind to someone he's never even met? He even said he'd send a copy of the new album my way when it comes out! 'I have to thank him' I thought. Asking a passing guard for some paper, a pen, and an envelope I got to work.

' Dear Mr.Flowers (Mr.Brightside),

Thank you so much for taking the time to write back to me, and to actually write back to me! You have no idea how much this has brightend up my day. As for sending me a copy of the new album, that's really kind of you. Now I have to ask, what's the album going to be called? I'm dying from not knowing ( metaphorically speaking ofcourse ). I'm still in shock from you writing me a letter. In your letter you asked what I would write about if I became writer. I've given it some thought and I think I would like to write something that changes people's lives. I don't want anyone to go though what I'm going through. Maybe it'll be a fiction book? I don't know. I have some ideas but nothing concrete.
Actually you know what would be interesting? Writing a biography. The real question is who to write about. I mean it can't be someone who's been done before because then you have no new information but everyone has a biography or autobiography and if they don't have one yet then they probably won't want one now. '

The sound of the cell gate opening and closing had me looking up from my letter. My cell mate Rhina came in from wherever she was. "Hey, Lowe." Rhina said sitting on her bed. From the sound of her voice something must have been bothering her. Over the time that I've been here Rhina has come to be like an older sister to me. A mother even.
"You sound upset. What's wrong?" I asked. It was only the polite thing to do considering all Rhina has done for me. When I wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying she was there to make me feel better.
"My mother came to visit and she brought Sam with her. Today's his seventh birthday. Sam is Rhina's child. She told me she had him when she was 15, Rhina is now 23. Only one year older than me, but still the best mother figure any girl can hope for putting aside the reason she's in prison which still remains a mystery to me because she doesn't want me to think any less of her.
"How is he?" I asked. This must of torn at Rhina's heart. She loved Sam with all her heart. She never stops talking about him.
"He's good, my mom is throwing him a party on Saturday to celebrate. I just miss him." Rhina's voice broke, tears were pouring out her eyes. On instinct I got up from my bed and put my arm around Rhina and gave her a big hug. I didn't say anything; it would be better for her to just cry.
After about ten minutes Rhina picked her head up from where it was leaning on my shoulder. The material of my jumpsuit was completely damp on my shoulder but I couldn't care less because my main focus was Rhina. We just sat there in silence and soon enough Rhina fell asleep. Setting her comfortably on her bed I went to my own and continued on with my letter.
' I was actually writing something earlier. It's just a poem... I'm not sure if it's any good... The guards allowed to have a notebook for me to write in and I'm getting my college degree. Well that's everything that's interesting about me...
Much love, Jane'
I decided to end the letter there because I was getting tired. So I set my pen down and closed my eyes, before I knew it I was asleep.

Well that was really short but at least it's a start. Sorry I've been gone for so long and that this chapter is such crap but i had to update because it's my birthday... Also I have to brag about this... I SAW THE KILLERS (in September)
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