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Bed time?

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the chapter after this is a sex scene... deal with it.

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Delusional alives pov
He pulled away, my neck stinging “what did I do?” he asked, I giggled not be able to stop myself.
“hey guess what?” Jet said
“you have a small bit of colour going back into your cheeks” he smiled, I smiled back I loved these guys.
Over the next few hours I started to feel a lot better, I was able to get up and walk around the diner like there was no problem, until I got tired, I was getting tired really easily, but Jet said that it was normal. Two days passed and I was feeling better then every I wasn’t tired that much anymore. I was sitting in bed reading a magazine when Gerard came down and sat in the chair next to the bed, that hasn’t moved since I was shot, “hey I got some bad news for you” he said.

“what?” I asked, I hate bad news
“im going back out to the zones tonight”
“and, im coming”
“no you’re too weak” he muttered
“im coming out and you can’t stop me” I growled throwing my magazine down on the bed.
“don’t fight me” he growled back
“NO! I can prove to you that im strong enough to go back out” I got up and ran to Jets door
“Kat don’t disturb-“ I cut him off banging on the door.
“Open this door!” I yelled, the door flew open.
“what?” Atomic Whisper answered the door, her and Jet are together, Poison Blood and Kobra Kid are together and so Is Desert Heart and Fun Ghoul.
“Ray tell him im well enough to go out with you guys tonight” I barged past her and stood in front of Ray doing up his shoe laces.
“im coming out tonight” I said
“No” Gerard said
“shut up” I hissed.

Party Poisons pov
“shut up” she said.
“I agree with Gerard, next time” Ray said
“no” Katherine said
“no?” me and Ray said at the same time
“your not going” I was really pissed off
“what are you gonna do?” she said walking up to me, I was way taller than her she had a lot of guts. I looked at Ray ‘take her to your room and lock her in’ he lipped.
“guess what” I said looking down at her.
“bedtime” I lifted her up and threw her over my shoulder.
“PUT ME DOWN!” she screamed started to kick.
“No” I said as got to my room, I put her down on my bed, then ran to the door and outside locking it. “LET ME OUT!” she screamed
“ill be back later to say goodbye”
I walked away leaving her screaming and kicking at the door. Tonight I was gonna do it.
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