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Feeling are forever

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Party poison and Delusional alive show their real feelings for each other

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Party poisons pov
“I don’t like that violent stardust very much” atomic whisper said
“I know she seemed a bit off” Poison blood said.
“do you think shes used to people, like beside delusional?” desert heart said
“I don’t think so” I said, I heard the rev of a motorbike so I got up and walked outside. I saw the bike get closer, I only saw Delusional Alive there, no violent stardust, she stopped the bike and fell to the ground the bike falling of top of her. “help” she whispered, I ran to her and threw the bike off.
“jet! Help” I took her inside and laid her down on the cold stone floor, I looked to see what could be wrong with her. Her stomach was burning, her clothes were synched and there was a lot of blood, jet came running over her saw the burn too. I lifted her shirt up so it was of her wound, I stared at it, it started to ooze out yellow puss “jet what the fuck is that?”
“its alright, if you get brunt it will blister and if that blister pops it will start doing that, yours did” that true I once was shot and it took a lot out of me, but I don’t remember much I was unconscious most of the time. I moved and sat her head on my lap, I sat there and watched Jets every move until, “poison” I looked up at him.
“take her to your room make sure she gets lots of rest and whatever you do, do not leave her side”
“ok” never the voice in my head said. I took her to my room, sat her down on my bed, I don’t know how long I sat there watching her, but I did. I hardly ever lost her side everyone else would come down every so often to see how she was. It was a day or two after she was shot and she started to stir. Her eyes slowly opened “hey” whispered to her, smiling. She moved her hand to my knee.
“hey” she tried to say but it came out as nothing.
“how are you”
“I killed her” she whispered
“I kno- what”
“I killed her, she tried to kill me” and with that she closed her eyes. I sat there stunned.

Delusional Alives pov
I was in the white room again “korse!” I yelled
“wel done, I never thought you would kill her, but you did, I am very proud of you” he said smiling
“yeah, well she nearly killed me” I said lifting up my shirt and showing him the burn.
“ well it’s a good thing that you have made good friends with the killjoys, they will take good care of you” he said walking over and pulling my shirt down.
“I cant believe their killers” I said “ their so nice”
“don’t let their mask trick you, if you get on their bad side they will kill you” he said sounding stern.
“ I know”
“good girl now im off, get well” he disappeared.
It faded to a cold dark room, I looked around I saw Jet Star and Kobra kid looking around and Fun Ghoul was looking at my feet I looked down too Party poison was at my feet on his knees, Grace was hugging him, one of her small arms around him and the other was around my leg. I looked around, where the hell were we, then it hit me, we were in the Blind HQ the halls were the same, just down the hall was my old room, we walked out I wasn’t paying attention. They made a really weird shape, Party poison was up the front with Grace In front of him Kobra Kid was on the left and Fun Ghoul on the right, Jet Star was behind them all, there was a space In the middle big enough for me to fit , I ran into it. We started to walk just as we got past a door and it slid open, we continued to walk until we reached a bigger room than we all turned around and started to shoot I was the last to pull my raygun out because I was so unaware of what was going on, I started to shoot slowly making my way away from Grace and across the room I looked back at Poison he was looking around his gun was down at his sit, and he had a mask in his hands “POISON WHAT ARE YOU DOING SNAP OUTTA IT!” I screamed he looked at me and our eyes connected. He slowly started to shoot again, but he was missing them, I started to shoot again, I looked over my shoulder Korse had him pressed up on the wall, Poison gun was on the floor, the look on his face was like he was in a trance “NO NO KORSE PLEASE!” Korse acted like he didn’t hear me and he pulled the trigger. Party Poison fell to the ground.

I woke up I was hot and covered in sweat, “you okay?” some one asked, I squinted to see Party Poison there.
“bad dream” I groaned
“your one for them” he chuckled
“its never happened before”
“so how are you feeling?”
“alright, I mean im in some pain, but its manageable”
“hey, ive been thinking for this for a bit” oh shit what did I do now? “when you woke up last time you said that ‘you killed her’ what did you mean by that?” he asked me
“well she just got angry at me, and she tried to kill ,me but she missed and I killed her. Its every man for themselves out there” I said smiling
“wasn’t she like you best friend?”
“not really, the rest of our group we’re killed, so we just had to make our own way along” wow I was good at making up lies, but I wish I didn’t have to lie.
“hey, look theres something else” he said looking towards the door.
“what?” I asked
“is it gonna be awkward if I tell you that I have feelings for you?”
“no, because I have them for you too” I said feeling the small amount of blood I have left in me reach my cheeks.
“really?” he asked
“cool” he said “well you should go back to sleep” he stood up
“yeah” I said moving the slightest bit, he moved over and kissed me on the forehead “wait” I said grabbing his hand as he started walking away “whose room am I in?”
“mine” he said looking around.
“oh, Gerard when was the last time you slept in a proper bed?”
“I don’t know, five nights ago, even longer”
“do you want to sleep, I could move over if you want”
“nah im right” but then he said nothing or did nothing for a few seconds “actually I am kinda sick of sleeping in that chair”
“ well get in” I said, lifting the sheet up, he crawled over me, his back was pressed up against the wall, yes he was spooning me. I closed my eyes and listened to his breathing.
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