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Chapter 2

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I've never been good with changes. Changes scare me. They don't scare me so much when I want them. But when I don't…

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I've never been good with changes. Changes scare me. They don't scare me so much when I want them. But when I don't…

I recently moved back to Belleville to live with my dad, My mum stayed in Cherry Hill. My parents split when I was small, so them not being together doesn't really bother me.

Moving back in with dad meant a lot of changes. New house, new school, new friends, (not that I had any in Cherry Hill), and kind of a new parent in some aspects. Plus a name change. Since my parents split up, i took on my mums last name, Pricolo. So my name was Frank Anthony Pricolo. My dad must of made some agreement with my stubborn mother, since the last I heard, my name is being changed to Frank Anthony Iero Jr.

My mum really hates my dad. You can kind of see why! With my mum always dressed in something like a glittery black dress, a red coat with big red buttons, tights and pair of shoe that probably cost about 400 quid. Then there’s my dad, simply wearing his jeans and t-shirt.

He used to be a guitarist in a band. Well, lots of bands. He kept getting kicked out for being overly drunk. In the end this cost him 48 jobs, his reputation and his career. 14 years down the line, he’s just a washed up guitarist who’s having his troublesome punk kid chucked into his life by his Ex wife.

Wait, that makes it sound like my mum doesn’t want me! She does! Its just, my mum is a totally work-a-holic. She’s like this perfect career woman! Clean, shimmering, brown locks that go down to her waist, designer gear, dark shades and leather fitted gloves. Always serious, all ways on time. There’s just one thing that gets in her way...

Her 15 year old son. She says I could have a ‘better life’ with dad , so that’s why she’s handing me over. She's always working, so she has no time for me. Plus she can't handle what’s been happening at school. Bullies.
So… mum decided that her last option, was also the best option. She drove me to Belleville and dropped me on his door step.

"Frankie, Darling..." she said in her thick deep voice, "You'll be fine... I love you. And don't worry, you'll be coming to me every Friday after school until Sunday."

She gave me one last kiss before saying good bye and getting back in her red convertable. I waved goodbye and turned to the man I call Dad.

I hardly knew him. We'd met once or twice in the last year! I hadn't seen from that point back to when I was 7 and he merely took me to the park for the day. At 7, I hadn't cared. All I cared about was that I was with daddy again. At 14, I didn't care about being with daddy. I felt like he had abandoned me...

"Ready for your first day of school, kiddo?" asked Frank Iero Sr.
"Yeah... " I mumbled.

My dad sighed and sat opposite me at the kitchen table.

"I know its all new for you kid. But me and your mum, we just want what’s best for you." he smiled at me,
placing a hand on my shoulder.

My dark eyes looked up from the table to him. I wanted to hate him, but the truth was I loved my dad. I didn't want to go to school, I wanted to stay home with him, jamming out on our guitars and singing Mitfits at the top of our voices in the basement.

"I know dad." I said quietly, putting on a false smile.

"Come on then. Get in the car" he said

I stood up and made my way to the car, my Frankenstein back pack trailing on the floor as I went.

"Don't be so sad, little dude! It'll be great! Being honest, the first few days, sometimes hours, can be difficult. But after that it fine!" His voice bubbled with excitment. "I'm proud of you kid. Your settling in to your new life very well"

I wished the drive could last forever. I turned the car radio on, and began to slightly head bang when '21 Guns' by Green Day came on. I began to feel more relaxed, but the feelings of worry and discomfort came back as soon as I saw the sign for Belleville High School. My mum had wanted me to go to Queen of Peace School, since she’s a strict Catholics. My dad had disagreed, thinking that a regular High School would be easier for me. I couldn't but agree. I had gone to a Catholic school back in Cherry Hill, and HATED IT. Strong word, but true. I'm just not Catholic..

We turned into the school. I stepped out the car and swung my messenger bag's strap on to my left shoulder.

"Go get 'em, Kid!" cheered my dad.

I smiled, shut the car door and walking into the school for the very first time...
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