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Sorry for lateness!

I had this chapter wrote out already on my laptoip but for some reason it deleted itself o.O Not a clue how but anyway here you go, will get next chapter up as soon as xD


Hollie :

Pounding in my head. Light headedness when i move my head. Look's like a hangover.

"Fuck" I cursed to myself sitting up and my hand automatically covering my forehead. My eyes adjusted to the light of the room and i stood up. I was in Jude's living room. I looked down and i was in the top i wore last night and my... underwear.

"SHIT" I panicked. Did i have sex? Fuck did we use protection? Who was it with?. I took deep breaths maybe i got warm during the night and kicked off my trousers. Standing up i picked up my jeans and put them on and went down to the basement and found a sleepy Gerard, Frank, Ray and Bob and a sleeping Mikey.

"Morning Hollie" Frank smiled.

"Morning, guys i cant remember what happened last night" I said

"All i remember is the truth or dare game" Gerard said.

"You guys down here?" I heard Jude shout


"SORRY!" Jude called walking down to the basement.

"We got wasted" Frank laughed

"Truth or dare is never happening again" Jude said

"What happened?" Me, Gerard and Frank asked

"You cant rememeber?" Jude laughed

"Nope" Frank said

"Well Gerard was dared to make out with Bob first" Jude said. Bob's face went a pure red colour. Gerard laughed and you could see a tiny glimmer of jealousy in Frank's eyes

"L-O-L" Ray said

"Then Frank shaved part of Ray's fro" Jude said.

"LEMME SEEE!!!" Me, Gerard, Bob and Frank attacked Ray turning his head all shapes then we found it. The strip of baldness on Ray's head.

"NO NOT MY FRO!" Ray said

"Wow" Gerard said laughing.

"I'll take a picture and show you" I fished out my phone and took a picture

"I'm good at shaving!" Frank said proudly.

"Look" I showed Ray the picture and he screamed

"WHY?!" He said standing up and touching the back of his head

"Then Mikey admitted that he fancied that girl Alexandria Valentine" Jude laughed

"Billie-joes group?" Gerard asked

"Yeah" Jude said

"They are a bad group to be around" Frank said taking hold of Gerard's hand.

"Where is Mikey?" Ray asked

"Sleeping" Jude pointed to Mikey's body

"Wait" Frank tiptoed over and jumped on his body causing Mikey to jump up screaming.

"FUCK" Mikey said. Frank then began to laugh.

"Morning" Gerard called helping Mikey to his feet.

"Did you dream of Alexandria?" Bob asked. Mikey's face went red.

"Gerard asked you who you fancied and you said Alexandria Valentine from Billie-joe's group" Jude explained.

"fuck" Mikey said

"D'awww" Ray laughed

"What else happened?" Frank asked

"Nothing" Jude said smiling. I could tell she was lying.

"Sure?" I asked her

"Positive" She said, i still didn't believe her. I would probably get it out of her later when we are alone.
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