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Truth Is Set Free

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Hi! this is a small chapter because i dont want to go into detail just yet, maybe next chapter :P


Frank :

"Alright i have to get home, i have art to do" Gerard said pulling on his jacket.

"Your going to attempt to draw with a hangover?" Ray said

"It has to be done!" Gerard whined.

"Well good luck with that" Mikey said opening the door.

"You coming Hollie?" Gerard asked

"No, i have to ask Jude something" Hollie said looking at Jude. i knew i wasn't the only one who noticed the suspicion in Jude's voice.

"I need to talk to her aswell" I said

"Alright then i will see you later" Gerard quickly pecked my cheek then left the house follwed by Ray, Mikey and Bob.

"What do you want to talk to me about?" Jude said nervously.

"We know your lying" Hollie said

"What happened in that truth or dare game?" I demanded.

"Nothing bad happened!" Jude stood up.

"Stop lying!" me and Hollie shouted

"I'm not, i'm being really honest with you guys!" Jude said. WE then jumped her causing Jude to land on the floor with a thud.

"Son't make me tickle you!" I shouted

"NO! FINE I WILL TELL YOU" Jude surrendered.

"Thankyou" Hollie said getting off her legs followed by me getting off Jude's stomach and both of us sat down in front of her on the floor with our legs crossed. Jude sat up.

"Frank" Jude started

"Yeah?" I said

"In the game Gerard was to admit one of his feelings that he has been feeling recently, you were not in the room at the time but he said that he felt that you two were growing apart and he feels out of love" Jude said keeping eyecontact. My eyes grew wide. Was this true? Why didn't he tell me himself. Why? I thought we were happy? Was i depressing him? Did i do something wrong?

"Frank your crying" Hollie took hold of my hand. I blinked mye yes and felt the tears. I then bawled. How could this happen.

"I'm sorry Frank" Jude hugged me and then Hollie joined in the hug.

"What did i do wrong?" I choked through tears.

"I don't know, but Frank sometimes people grow apart and fall out of love" Jude said

"So basically he wants us to break up" I said. i was literally crying my heart out. I was rocking back and forth. What did i do. What did i do.

"I can understand why you didn't want to say" Hollie said

"Yeah" Jude said. I had calmed myself down a little but my hands were shaking. I thought em and him were going to last a long time. It seems not.

"You okay?" Hollie rubbed my back.

"I will be fine" I mumbled standing up and leaving the house. No intention to where i was walking to , i just walked. My mind confused and drifting back in time to happier times. One thing bugging me

Why is this so sudden?
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