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One Day

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Frank, a new freshman in town, meets a very obnoxious social outcast who changes his life forever.

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One Day
Chapter One:
High school
I walked through the front doors of Requiem High. The butterflies in my stomach felt like they were tackling each other. I glanced from left to right, seeing that everyone had someone with them. Except me, I had no one with me. I looked at my school map and found where the main office was. I glanced around at room numbers and quickly scuttled to the main office.
I slid through the clustered hallway and squeezed past the little cliques, the butterflies ramming themselves against my stomach as I slipped past some gigantic jocks. When I say gigantic, I mean they're so big that three of them practically took up the width of the hallway. Yeah, they're HUGE.
I hesitated outside of the main office, my hand hovering above the doorknob. I took a deep breath and opened the door, bravely taking a step in. A little lady that looked to be in her forties looked at me through her purple, thick framed glasses.
"Hello! How may I help you today?" She asked, her voice sounded like a lullaby- soft and sweet.
"Uh..." I muttered, my nerves getting to me, "I'm a new student here."
"Oh! Welcome to Requiem High! Please give me your name so I can print out your schedule, locker number and combination." She sounded a bit like a recording. I guess she has to say that for every freshman that just moved here...
"My name's Frank... Frank Iero."
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