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The Beginning

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Chapter Two:
The Beginning
I glanced around the clearing hallway and started on my way to my homeroom. Having found my locker, number 696, at the other end of the school; I raced to get there on time.
I slowed down to a walk and entered the classroom just as the bell rang. I scanned the classroom for an empty seat, finding one at the back of the class; I trailed back and sat down.
"Chris Aaron?" The teacher monotonously called above the chatter. I hung my backpack on the back of my seat and relaxed a little, looking down at my skeleton gloves. They were my favorites, and also a sort of baby blanket for me. I always felt better when I had them on.
"Psst!" I heard the person to my left hiss at me. I turned to look at him. He had a small smirk on his extremely pale face. His eyes were outlined in smudgy, black charcoal eyeliner and his raven black hair fell into his eyes in tangled heaps. He leaned towards me a little, making me back up.
"Uh?" I muttered uncertainly. My spiked belt scraped against the plastic chair.
"I like your shirt." The guy said, looking at my The Misfits band tee. He also wore a Misfits band tee, but a different one. I hadn't seen it before.
"Uh... Thanks." I muttered again, my nerves making my heart pound against my chest.
"My name's Way... Gerard Way." Way held out his hand for me to take and smiled, looking a bit crazed, but a nice kind of crazed- if there's such a thing. I smiled back and took his hand, shaking it. I could've sworn that I'd felt a shiver snaking up my spine, but I ignored it.
"My name's Frank. Frank Iero." I replied. He released my hand and sat back, looking quizzically at me.
"Your last name's Frank?" He asked, "What an odd name that is." I tilted my head a little and then it finally clicked.
"Oh... No. My last name's Iero, not Frank." I laughed a little.
"Frank Iero." The teacher monotonously muttered.
I whipped my head to look at him and raised my hand, practically yelling, "Here!" Everyone turned to look at me and I sank into my seat, my face heating up.
"Hi, guys!" Gerard said, waving to everyone cheerfully. They all snorted and turned back around. "Haha! You got startled by the teacher, eh?" He smirked, a spark in his eyes.
"Uh- yeah... Kind of..." I grumbled, my face still heating up. I looked at my desk, pouting a little.
"Hah! No worries! Most kids do when it's their first day." I looked at him and he had a warm smile plastered onto his face. I looked at him with astonishment.
"H-how did you know?!" I asked, breathless.
"Well, I saw you in the hallway with a map, and this is a pretty small town and I know everyone in it. I've never seen you before." He said, posing like the Thinker for effect.
"Oh... It was that obvious?" I asked, remembering that I had a boat load of butterflies dancing around in my stomach.
"Sort of." He smirked.
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