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Race You to the Bottom

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Jake and Sarah have always been close. They've always been able to do everything together. Skate together, prank together, get high together. Although, if certain feelings began to get in the way c...

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/Hi, hello. First thing on my fancy new tablet has been written! I own NONE of the characters mentioned in this chapter. This story contains drug use and further chapters will contain sexual situations, incest, and the mention of eating disorders. Edited: 4/7/12 /

Sarah Baker, the fifth oldest Baker, lay stretched out on the floor of her basement bedroom with Jake, the sixth oldest Baker as well as her best friend, one hand tucked under her head and the other splayed open on her revealed stomach over a small plastic bag, two fingers stretched to roll over the small bar and anchor charm through her navel. An iPod played an old Mac Miller song a few feet away from the pair, the upbeat pace out of place in the incense smoke filled room.

The two were commonly mistaken as twins; both tall, lean and brunette. Although, 17 year-old Sarah's hair was now fitted with a layer of blond underneath, her tongue bore a bar similar to the one in her belly button and her earlobes housed a pinky sized hole each. Even though a bit of her tomboyishness had faded, she was the same little hellian. She and Jake still shared a lot of the same personality traits, even though their appearances had begun to differ. The 16 and 17 year-old were still drawn to trouble and neither had lost their love for pranking or their skills on a skateboard. They frequented the local skate park and the all night skate park a county over. Both teens had also earned themselves a bit of local (and national) fame, their springs and summers filled with local and out of state skate competitions. It also didn't help the twin factor that being only ten months apart, they were both juniors in high school.

"Can we do this before breakfast?" Sarah pleaded, sitting up rather quickly and poking out her bottom lip in a pout. The black and white patterned, crop top, she wore covering up her previously exposed navel and slipping off one deeply tanned shoulder, her hair dropping over the newly exposed skin. She slipped her driver’s license out of her shorts pocket and jabbed her equally tanned brother's stomach with it. "You know I hate Saturday morning breakfasts."

"They are the worst." Jake agreed, sitting up to join his sister. Against his tan, the dark brown mop on his head seemed lighter and the bright white of the basketball shorts he had slept in, brighter. Their parents insisted that everyone in the family that still resided in the house be present every Saturday morning at 11 for breakfast. The pair tolerated them, but they had their own little ways. Besides, she just looked so cute with that little pout going on... He shook away the thought and sighed, similar thoughts had begun to plague him only a few months ago and he couldn't shake them. "Get it out, come on." He grinned, plus, he'd do anything for his sister to keep her happy and he was so used to being out of it during breakfast he wasn't sure he could make it sober.

From pout to grin 5 seconds fast Sarah was on her feet, the bag she had been clutching left behind, and grabbing her Chemistry textbook. She sat back down Indian style in front of her brother and placed the book on her lap before retrieving the small ziploc. She dumped out the contents on the hard surface, placing the plastic rectangle over the pile and slipping a lighter from her pocket. She rolled the lighter over the card and then used her palm to flatten it some more. While she had taken the time the night before to chop the almost $200 rock up, she wasn’t fond of the idea of her or her brother having an aneurism. Lines took too long in Sarah's opinion and Jake would have done it off the floor if she had asked him to, a factor she exploited, so it didn't really matter what she did with it. Just so long as it could be inhaled. Once she had formed two equal piles on opposite sides of the book she ran her tongue along the edge of the square plastic, a shiver of pleasure physically ran down Jake's spine, but Sarah was too focused on the Cocaine. Jake stretched and reached for the small box that inhabited Sarah’s nightstand and received two tooters, just a couple of BIC pencils emptied of their insides. He handed Sarah the purple one, her favorite, and took the green one for himself.

"Ready?" Sarah asked, beginning to lower her head and raise the end of the pencil to her nose.

"As I'll ever be." Jake whispered, lowering his head as well, the pencil wedged easily in his nose.

The piles didn't last long on the book, but despite Sarah's eagerness, Jake was the first one back up. He'd cleaned his spot and it was settling nicely in his system. Sarah came up a second later and tossed the book aside, shoving the bag in the front cover. She wiped at her nose before reaching over and wiping a bit of leftovers off of his. Throwing her head back and focusing on the poorly plastered ceiling, she blinked rapidly to keep tears from forming. The coke was cut with ether and it burned more than anything. A grin slowly slipped over her lips as it began to pulse through her system and she dropped her head and focused her eyes on her brother.

"I think we did damn good." Jake told his sister with a laugh as he stood up. He offered her his hand, but Sarah being Sarah refused and stood up on tingling legs. "That we did little brother, that we did." She told him, allowing him to slip his arm around her waist as they left her bedroom. The touch sent shivers up spine. It was a brotherly gesture to the both of them, nothing new, but they each knew there was something there under the surface. Something that neither was prepared to acknowledge.

They took the stairs two at a time, the smell of bacon suddenly worth the torture of dealing with the rest of the family. Jake and Sarah were still close to Mike, of course, but he was two years younger than him and while they didn't mind letting him hit the bong from time to time, there were some things he was simply too young to do at 14.

Taking their usual seats between Henry and Mike, they were stuck waiting on Kate, their mom, Jessica, and Kimberley to get the rest of the food to the table. Sadly, the bacon was what was holding them up. It sat still sizzling on the stove.

Jake wrapped his hand around Sarah's as the dizzying powder he had just snorted began to really affect him. Sarah was thankful for it, as her own hands had begun to shake from the raw adrenalin pulsing through her system. It was time to eat and then get the hell out of there. By the time they were allowed to load up their plates the pair was less than hungry. On a typical day, Sarah managed to hold her own at a table of boys while vegan Jessica and Kim simply picked at toast and fruit. Even though she packed away food as though she was going into hibernation smoking, drugs, and skating kept her figure fit when she wasn't playing lacrosse, plus she and her brother seemed to share a metabolism that never stopped.

The moment she was done she was up from the table and putting her plate in the sink, ignoring the conversations around her. "Jake and I are going to the skate park." She announced before disappearing back down to the basement to change into something that wouldn’t leave her with some wicked concrete burns.

'News to me.' Jake thought to himself before ditching his own plate and waving to his parents before going down to his room to change into something appropriate enough to go on a Sarah adventure- which really only meant he needed throw on a shirt and shoes- because he was fairly sure they weren't just going to go to the skate park. They never did.

/Sorry if my indents are fucked. Read and review, please! I may just keep this going if you do! It's something I've wanted to write for awhile. /
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