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Jake had thought wrong. While he had assumed that they would be doing something big and extravagant, Sarah had simply wanted an outlet to channel her new found, drug induced, energy. Not only had she sped to the skate park, pushing her sad little car to what had felt like its utmost limit, but she had been pushing herself since they got there. Back and forth, here and there, up and down. Sarah was everywhere and despite the drugs in his system, Jake could barely keep up.

Sarah had finally stopped after a straight two hours of skating and was now perched in the open trunk of her beat up Civic, water bottle in one shaking hand and half smoked cigarette in the other. Tattered jeans covered her long, toned, legs as they dangled over the lip of the trunk and she rested her head on her shoulder, trying to keep the messy bun she'd pulled her hair into from catching on the various latches that lined the edge of her make shift recliner.

Jake was a few feet away talking with a group of their friends, laughing and joking. She flicked her cigarette butt at him and watched as it bounced off of his shoe. With a cross between a scowl and a laugh, he turned to look at her and shook his own cigarette at his sister. "Watch yourself!" Jake yelled at her, but only received a middle finger in return as his sister sipped at her water.

She held his gaze until his eyes began slipping over her tank top covered torso and out stretched legs all the way to her tattered Vans, then right back up, and while it should have struck her as weird... it didn't. Maybe it was the fact that she was letting her own eyes wander over her brothers shirtless torso or the fact that she couldn't shake practically the same image she was basking in now from her more private dreams.

The pair was shaken from their minor stupor as one of Jake's surrounding friends slapped him on the back to catch his attention once again. "Dude, are you gonna’ fucking sell me that blunt or not?" Tyler, one of many surrounding Jake, questioned him as he grew obviously impatient.

"Fuck, yeah. Sorry." Jake shook his head, turning on his heel to get his back pack from the back seat of Sarah's car. It held plenty of treasures and never seemed to let him down. Although, it could cause him a nice long stretch of jail time. The largest pocket held a silver and leather flask,a hand blown, glass, bong (empty of water at the time) and the remains of a fifth of peach vodka; while the smaller pocket held an assortment of rolling papers, a glass one hitter, lighters, and various small baggies. Each with a different 'experience' inside, as Sarah referenced them. He pulled out an already gutted Cigarillo and a bag with close to an ounce of some Grade-A mids settled inside, already broken up and ready to be used, and began to discreetly pack a up a rather skimpy blunt. Not like Tyler would notice anyways. He was a little on the slow side. It only took Jake a few minutes to roll it all up into a perfect pearl despite his shaking hands; rolling blunts was a skill he had perfected early in his Freshman year and no amount of shakiness could throw him off. He sealed it with one of the lighters and repacked his back pack before heading back over to his group which was now dominated by Sarah, who managed to hold everyone’s attention no matter where she went.

Jake had been so focused on rolling he hadn't heard the trunk close or seen her leave, which was surprising for him. He managed to always know where she was, whether she told him or not. It had always been like that, just the role of protective brother, he supposed. At least, that’s what it had been at first, before his rather messed up feelings had started to occur.

Tyler had his arm draped over Sarah's practicality bare shoulders and her head was resting on his chest, her body pressed close to his. For awhile, there had been rumors about them hooking up here and there, but no one mentioned it too often around Jake. The rumors had also quickly stopped when Tyler’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Anna had threatened Sarah and Sarah hadn’t held back when she’d hit the girl so hard her nose moved across her face a good half an inch. It had been fixed and put back in its proper place, but there was the sign on bruising still hidden underneath the girls copious amounts of makeup.

Despite Sarah and Jake having a trusting and open relationship as brother and sister, she never said a word about it to him. Besides, the whole 'best friend and the sister' scenario was still rather taboo. You just didn’t fuck with it, you know? Bro code, Jake thought to himself, or some shit like that. Not to mention the rather confusing thoughts that plagued him every day and every night. They dug at him, taunted him with something he couldn't have. Telling your best friend he can't hook up with your sister because you have inscestual feelings for her? That was a little too weird, even for someone whose days were filled with Rx induced hallucinations and nights consumed with one head trip after another, and would rather be in a shitty basement cradling a bong than out raising hell in town. If only he had the balls to speak up, to tell her that he felt something. Maybe she would finally manage to speak up about her own feelings and quit feeling so sorry for herself all the time. Maybe she'd finally quit drowning her feelings in booze and drugs to make herself feel better if only for a little while.

"Ten bucks, bro." Jake told him, halting the surrounding conversation.Tyler simply nodded and pulled his arm from Sarah's shoulders, shoving it into his pocket he retrieved two crumpled fives and handed them over. Jake handed him the practically perfect blunt and stuffed the money into his pocket, noting how Tyler didn't return his arm to Sarah's shoulder. 'Good' Jake thought to himself, 'he better keep his pervy hands off my sister.'

While Jake was busy feeling superior in the fact that he had diverted Tyler's attention, while Sarah was getting frustrated with her current boy toy. Of course, they weren't in a relationship, so she really had no right to be upset with him. In reality, she knew she should be upset with her brother for the unsettling looks he was giving the two of them. Tyler was her attempt at moving away from the feelings she was having for him and if Jake was only going to scare him off, why bother? It defeated the whole purpose. Ruined all of her attempts.

It's not like Jake would even consider you as something potential. You know better than anyone the ass he's been pulling lately. Not even good enough for your own brother, Sarah. Tyler's just using you because you put out. You know it's true... Sarah sighed, pulling her pack of cigarettes out of her pocket and lighting up a fresh menthol. She avoided looking up at her brother as he struck up a new conversation about the parties going on that night and what would be the best one to hit up. Parties were always a good opportunity to make money, especially where Jake’s backpack was involved. The little bag of goodies always treated every one well.

Sarah and Jake had some rather…sticky fingers. Jake’s backpack typically housed twice and sometimes close to three times the drugs they paid for, rigging scales and skimping people they sold to worked well. Not to mention Sarah knew how to use her natural ‘girly charm’ as Jake called it. Most of the dealers were willing to hand over larger amounts of substances to the two, not just because of the fact that Sarah was a female and carried her assets well, but because they were what could only be described as a pair of young socialites. If Sarah or Jake showed up to a party, eyes dilated and hands shaking (which wouldn’t be anything to be surprised about), everybody would want they were on and they would be more than happy to pay anything for it. It was simply the effect they had on people.

Plus, the duo was able to move large quantities of whatever drug when they were fronted it. They knew a lot of people and got around all the parties on the weekend and even a few during the week here and there. You could tell them to come back with $500 and they’d return with over a thousand. Scamming strangers was easy, but scamming their friends was even easier. They were trustworthy enough to everyone else, so if they were pushing some Molly at $130 a gram, it had to be some good shit.

Sarah pulled herself out of her thoughts and finished off her cigarette before flicking it across the parking lot and watching it roll into the grass. Half-tempted to light up another to calm her jitteriness, she picked her board up instead. She stepped out of the circle and onto her board, cruising across the asphalt and popping up onto the concrete pad that housed the many ramps, pyramids, and rails. The feel of eyes boring in to the back of her could have been contributed to Tyler, her brother, or the fact that Tyler’s on-again-off-again girlfriend had just arrived.

Jake rolled his eyes as Anna sidled up to Tyler, he was far from surprised that she occupied the spot Sarah had just vacated. He knew Sarah wasn’t in it for a relationship, but it was still ridiculous watching his friend play the two girls against each other. While he didn’t have room to talk about drifting from one girl to another, watching someone else do it was entirely different. Of course. That’s just how it worked. That and he had taken his own turn with Anna and knew she wasn’t much, just an easy conquest to add to his book. Not like his sister…

His thoughts drifted from Anna’s drabble, her voice like needles pricking at his skin. He focused on the road, not noticing the cars driving by, but simply using it to keep him from turning and searching for Sarah. It was a habit he somehow needed to force himself to break. Maybe if I changed my medication, what if all of this is just a side effect? I could always stop doing drugs. See what that does for me? Jake laughed, that was a ridiculous idea. Yeah, okay, no. I should talk to the doctor about changing my meds up, though. I’ll keep the Xanax, keep sellin’ it, but this other shit has got to go.

Sarah finished her aimless roaming of the otherwise empty skate park and made her way back towards the small group clustered in the parking lot. She tucked her board under her arm and nudged Jake with her elbow. “I’m ready to go if you are.” Her lip quirked up in a smile as she spoke a little louder, “I have better places to be than standing in a parking lot smelling fish.”Anna’s eyes flashed dark and narrowed at Sarah, but her lips stayed shut, not risking another injury. Turning on her heel, Sarah sauntered off, knowing Jake would follow one way or another.

He would follow her anywhere and they both knew it. “Later.” Jake managed between laughs, picking up his board and following his sister back to the shitty Civic. He closed the trunk before he got in and flipped off their group of friends as they sped past. Whether he was joking or not, he wasn’t sure.

“So where are we partying tonight?”
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