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Chapter Twenty

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Chapter Twenty

The room was quiet, nearly empty. Jared sat as still as he could only because the way the dinginess of the place clung to him was nearly sickening. He could hear her rummaging through things in the next room and he wished she would hurry, if only to distract him. Being able to feel again was incredibly strange, something that came as a definite blessing but also something he wasn’t quite used to.

He was slightly nervous, unsure if he had made the right decision in telling himself to trust her but also unsure if he wanted to change it or not. The thought of Shannon finding out and doing something wasn’t really what he feared. The thing he feared as he sat there was Scarlett herself. What if she betrayed him again? What if she had a hidden agenda he wasn’t allowing himself to see? Of course none of these fears mattered if they didn’t change his mind, didn’t make him get up and leave this place but they were there nonetheless. Nagging at him viciously until he could barely think of anything else.

He looked up at her and smiled, feeling something close in around him. She was holding a small binder in her hands and she came around to sit next to him. He wondered how she seemed so comfortable in such a place, she was just used to it.

“This is what I’ve been meaning to show you.” She offered him the binder, holding his eyes as he cautiously took it. She saw the uncertainty in his gaze and she hated herself for putting it there. If she was going help him, he was going to need to trust her.

Once he pulled his eyes from hers he opened the binder and looked down to see about five newspaper clippings inside.


He looked up at Scarlett, knowing what all of these were about. He swallowed harshly, wondering how she got ahold of these.

“Keep going…” She softly urged.

He looked back down at the clippings and scanned through more until finally he stopped. He saw Tomislav’s face in a clipping from about ten years after his own funeral had been held.


He couldn’t look anymore. A bad taste formed in his mouth and memories burned inside of him rapidly. He looked back to her and closed the binder.

“It was all for nothing…” He whispered, trying desperately not to let his mind wander back to his daughter, his precious Miranda.

“These were in Shannon’s house…he knows who you are…what happened.”

None of it made sense to Jared as he sat there listening to her. “Doesn’t explain anything…so he wants my immortality…what does that matter?”

Scarlett shook her head and gently touched his arm. “He already has immortality Jared.” She said it gravely, unsure if she was treading a line he didn’t want her to.

“What are you talking about?” He couldn’t help the overwhelming surprise from filling his voice.

“Shannon is already immortal.”

He let out a laugh of disbelief and shook his head. “Then what the hell does he want with me?” He demanded, slamming shut the binder in his lap.

“I don’t know Jared….but we’re going to find out.”
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