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Chapter Twenty One

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Chapter Twenty One

He wasn't home which was a relief to the both of them. Jared watched as Scarlett carefully unlocked the door, sensing her hesitance as she did so. It was like she was afraid that he would really be on the other side of the door just waiting for them. He wondered what kind of person Shannon was that he was able to instill such fear into her. He wondered what Shannon was anyways. Immortal, mortal. And what the hell did he want with him? Why had he taken his immortality?

The door clicked open and he followed her inside. He took a quick glance inside noting little things about the place that actually seemed like a home. The curtains were new, there was a smell of scented candles, and a comfortable draft coming in from one of the windows. It wasn't at all what he had expected for Shannon to live in. He had expected a run down area, moth eaten curtains and the smell of rancid death. A far stretch that only confused him.

"Where are you going?" He asked with a start as he saw Scarlett heading towards the basement.

She threw him a look over her shoulder. "I'll be back." She replied and then disappeared behind the door.

He felt an unsettled worry fill him seeing as he had been kept captive down there. He shook his head though, figured she knew what she was doing and let his eyes drift up the staircase. There was a light on in one of the rooms and his curiosity led him up step by step. He looked back down once he was on the second floor to make sure no one was there before he turned the corner into the hallway.

He entered the room where the light was and was further surprised when he saw that it was again like any other house. A neat bed, a dresser, an overhead light, and a slightly ajar bathroom. He wasn't sure why but a nervousness filled him causing him to leave the room immediately. Something didn't feel right but what did he know? He had lost his immortality, he no longer had that sense.

There was only one other door in the hall and almost cautiously he turned the doorknob. If he had been surprised before nothing could compare with the sheer shock that fell upon him now. It was like someone had hit him with a ten pound hammer, straight to the brain.

It was a nursery. Pinks and lace decorated everything. Letters on the wall spelled out the name 'Eliza' and ABC blocks were on a white drawer. He felt something grow thick in his throat like he had swallowed an apple whole. It was dusty though, like the room hadn't ever been used.

The thought knotted in his stomach and he tried to keep his mind off his Miranda. Off the day he had first seen her when she had been placed in his arms. He had never loved anyone more than his precious daughter and he had never loved his wife more for giving her to him. He tried his best to swallow it all down, to abandon all the thoughts and keep only his questions alive. The power of the memory was too strong though, nothing was able to drown it out. Not anymore. Not after he had resurrected it all like letting the dead rise from their graves.

He slipped out of the room, his hand shaking as he shut the door. He hurried down the stairs, his nervousness overwhelming and his mind dizzy with everything that was happening. Everything that was refusing to unravel.

He rushed towards the basement and tore open the door. Hurriedly he sent himself down the stairs until he lost his footing. Something had made him slip on the middle of the staircase. He couldn't see what it had been because the only light came from the wash of it in the doorway above.

His hat had fallen off and his hair fell in his face. There was no doubt a bit of blood on the fingers of his gloves when he touched them to the spot he had fallen on. He let out a small groan and lifted himself to his feet despite how unbalanced he felt. He tried to squint in the dark as he looked around but the windows had been shuttered and nothing but shadows remained.

"Scarlett?" He called out, trying to blink away the blurriness of his fall.

A shadow fell on the staircase blocking out the bit of light there still was. He looked up and saw Scarlett standing there. He forced himself to the stairs and met her eyes from the top.

"I'm sorry Jared..." She softly said and slowly shut the door. There was a sound of something heavy locking.

"Scarlett wait!" He cried out. The confusion heavily combining with the uncertainty and pain at the back of his head. All he knew was the things he couldn't figure out. All he knew was that Scarlett had locked him down, placing him again into captivity.
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