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Chapter Twenty Two

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Chapter Twenty Two

He had tried shouting to her, banging on the door but nothing worked. His hands had gotten sore, the exertion have strength after such a long time of feeling nothing exhausting him completely. He was confused more than anything, unsure what was going on. Things were happening without explanation and he was lost in a web that refused to be untangled. Questions were raised in his mind every other moment but he knew none of them would be answered, especially not while he was down here.

He wasn't sure what Scarlett was doing and he tried to tell himself that she was only trying to protect him but that thought remained unfounded. He was down here again, locked in Shannon's basement without means of an escape. The windows he found weren't only shuttered they were boarded up and nailed in place. The door wouldn't budge which meant there was something against it and his worn out mind had run out of ideas.

He thought of the nursery upstairs, the normalcy of the house he was in. None of it made sense. How could Shannon be immortal? How could Scarlett have been able to lead him down here so willingly? Why had he trusted her? Why did he ever trust anybody?

The clippings on Tomo and his son ran through his mind. It was as if Shannon had been trying to track down Tomo's son. In the process of that had he stumbled upon Jared? Unhidden as he was?

None of these continual questions penetrated the surface of what the hell was going on. None of it mattered if there wasn't an answer after they were formed. He was sick of going in circles and of nothing ever making any sense. He was also afraid. Afraid because now that his immortality was gone he was completely and easily disposable.

Jared shot up from the bottom step and turned towards the door when it slowly began to open. Shannon came down with Scarlett following close behind. Jared backed up finding himself pressed against the furthest wall. He watched their silhouettes as Shannon reached up and screwed in a light bulb. It flickered at first and then drowned the room in a quiet and almost dingy glow. The air was still thick and it got more suffocating now that they had come.

"Having fun? I do love to accommodate my guests." Shannon smiled and hooked one of his hands in the suspenders he wore. The smile he wore was as stupid as ice cream being left out in the sun. He looked at Jared like he had won.

Scarlett lightly tugged on Shannon's arm causing him to lean down. She whispered something in his ear and he smiled at her a little but behind that smile was an obvious anger.

"She's asking me to not be hard on you. Ain't that something?" He let out a bellow of a laugh and shook his head with amusement.

"Yeah that is something..." Jared replied, looking to Scarlett for a moment before ripping his eyes away to something else.

"Shall I step out? Give you two time to sort out this lover's quarrel?" Shannon was having fun with what he was doing. His smile nearly took up half his face.

"Shannon please.." She whispered, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

Shannon was silent a moment before he nodded and looked back to Jared. "You are one stupid and easily fooled bastard you know that?" Suddenly his voice got darker, as if something approaching had made it that way.

"You don't have to remind me."

Shannon smirked but it faded quickly. "So shall we sit? Have a drink? Tell a story?"

"What the hell do you want with me?" Jared demanded, impatient and irritated with his own fear.

"You can never wait for anything can you? It's a shame really...I like drawn out story lines, guess you disagree." He shrugged and looked down at Scarlett. "What do you want done now?" He asked, cluelessness overtaking his face.

"What are you talking about?" She questioned, holding his gaze with confusion.

Jared looked at the pair of them and tried to figure out who held the strings. It was a tricky thought to sort out because the baton kept passing one to the other.

"Don't play dumb Scarlett, baby. Tell the poor man how you played him. How you masterminded all of this."

Scarlett's gaze shot to Jared, stunned and wide eyed. He could barely hold her eyes but he managed to despite the uncertainty filling him.

"Jared I-"

"She played you Jared...Played you like an immortal fool."
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