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40. Bob, Linda, Frank, Emma

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Bob's POV
Linda and I stopped by "Bert's Best Sandwiches in NJ" to buy a jumbo-wambo sandwich with a large Milkshake. The title doesn't lie, Bert does have the best sandwiches in NJ. 
"it's okay Bob, I'll pay for my food" we stood by the register arguing about who will pay what. 
"Linda, stop being so stubborn and let me pay. Thats the Least I could do."
She grabbed her tray and left to our table. 
"It'll be $13.35"
I gave the register dude the money and I notice him watching Linda. He looked back at me and I raised an eyebrow. 
"you got a hot girlfriend." he said. 
"thanks. But she's not my girlfriend."
"huh,really? Wanna help me hoo-"
"no can do. If you wanna hook up with her, do It on your own amigo. I'm no ones messenger."
I grabbed my tray and change and walked over to Linda who was staring at me angrily. 
"he wants to hook up with you" I said sitting down across her. 
"he's not my type." 
I nodded and took a huge bite off  my sub. 
There was silence for a moment while Linda and I Ate our sandwiches. I was barely half way when she was all done, just sipping from her milkshake. 
"you're done already?" I asked her in surprise. 
"yeah, I was hungry. Thanks" 
She sipped her milkshake and looked around awkwardly before she started. 
"Bob, are you gonna tell me what's going on anytime soon?"
"yeah, I was.. I didn't know when to start. I was waiting for you to say something."
"well here I am saying something."
"fine, well, what I want to start with is sorry. I didn't mean to Hurt your feelings. I've said it before and I'll say it now; you're an awesome friend. You are like, the first female friend I've trusted so much. And I'm not ready to let you go.."

Linda's POV
God, I wish he was saying that as in me to never let him go cause he loves me. But dreams don't come true do they?
"Bob, I'd have to say the same thing about you too. You're an awesome friend and I trust you so much. You have an amazing personality. But, I don't think we can be friends."
"why not?"
"well, your girlfriend."
"what about her?"
"really Bob?! Well I don't care if you don't believe me but she does  hate me."
"well, in this case, I'm not taking anyone's side. Not hers, nor yours. Is that fine?"
"if you want it to be"
"okay fine, it is fine. Linda, I want to be your friend but I don't want things to be awkward. I want to be able to talk to you while I'm with her."
"and you're more than welcome to. But, I just don't like her. She always gives me mean looks."
"okay, I know she can be a little bitch sometimes but just ignore her. Please? For me?"
Oh gosh, do you really have to say "for me?" I'd do anything for you Bob. 
"fine. I guess..."
"thanks Linda, I appreciate it."
"mhm." I leaned back with crossed arms. I tried not to make eye contact. 
"so we're cool?" His sweet smile made me look at his beautiful blue eyes. 
"we're cool." I said shooting him a grin. 
"awesome." he leaned back on his seat and sipped his milkshake. 
"one more thing.." he started. 
"do you- um.. Do you still, you know.."
Mother of pearl spit it out fucktard. 
"yes Bob, I do."
"do you even know what I'm talking about?"
"well, you made it pretty obvious since you didn't want to say it."
"oh..ok then. Um, about that too. When I said I didn't see you as a girlfriend material for me.. I didn't mean it in a mean way. It's just that, it caught me off guard and I didn't have time to think and... I love you as a friend. I just want to let you know. You're a really cute girl Linda, you have amazing taste in music and fashion sense but, If we were to get together, it'll ruin our perfect friendship. Get what I'm saying?"
"yeah I understand. And thanks for putting it in a nicer way Bob. I wasn't asking for a relationship though. I just, wanted to let you know. I knew you didn't like me back anyway."
"your welcome. And please Linda, there is plenty of great guys out there worth more than I am... Wait what? That didn't come out right."
"you're putting yourself down. Smart. You really need to learn how to word things."
"thanks for the heads up," he said sarcastically, "well what I mean is, there are guys out there that like you Linda. Trust me. You're beautiful. Give yourself a chance with someone else."
The minute he said that last phrase, Henry popped up in my head. 
"you're right Bob. Glad to have you back as a friend."
"my pleasure Linda," he raised his hands with a yawn stretching then checked his watch, "we should get going, it's 6pm. I'm tired"
"alright. Thanks again Bob."
"no problem."

Frank's POV
We arrived at the beach around 6:30pm. The place was a bit full since it was a hot spring day. But we're not headed to the beach, Emma and I don't really enjoy the water. Just once in a while. We walked around the pier for a while to kill time. I'm glad she said she wanted to come the beach. I made reservations at this restaurant that cost me a shit load of money. But, anything for my MJ. The restaurant has a tropical theme to it and they have amazing seafood, pacific and asian food. It's very abstract. Even though she would have picked somewhere else to go, I still would have brought her here anyway. She doesn't know though. Thats the best part. This dinner will be beautiful, we got an amazing view of the ocean and it's a bright night full of stars. Perfect day for our 7 month anniversary. 
"Frankie! I want that pillow pet!" she said pointing at a game stand where you have to shoot water bottles. You shoot them all, you win the pillow pet. 
"I guess I can try but I'm a bad shooter." 
"oh c'mon Frankie, I believe in you." she kissed my cheek and that was enough confidence and inspiration to win the pillow pet.
After about 5 tries, I was able to win the hamster pillow pet. 
"thanks Frank, it reminds me a lot about my hamster Frankie."
"welcome Emma. I'm glad your happy. Do you know what time it is?"
"great. Now, I have a surprise for you Emma. Follow me."
I took hold of her hand and walked fast to the restaurant that was about a 10 minute walk from the pier. I stopped once we were a few feet away. 
"Emma, close your eyes. Put this on, full volume." she nodded and did what I said. She closed her eyes and listened to my iPod full volume. I don't want her to know or hear where we're going.
"reservations for two, Iero Frank."
I said to the guy on the register. He gave me and my girlfriend a weird look since she was head banging to Motorheads. 
"it's a surprise for her."
"oh I see, anniversary?"
"you must love her so much young man for bringing her to restaurant like this one."
"I really do, I plan on marrying her one day."
"that's sweet. Right this way young man."
He led me and Emma carefully to our special seats by the window. 
"thank you" I said and he left. 
I grabbed the iPod from Emma's hands and put pause on it. she opened her eyes and looked around for a moment. She took of the headphones. 
"Frankie, what is this?"
"happy anniversary MJ."
Emma squealed from excitement and got up to give me a big hug and kiss. The register guy turned over to me and gave me a thumbs up and an applause. I returned the thumbs up and nodded. 
"thank you Frankie, this is amazing. You're the best boyfriend anyone can wish for."
"you deserve this reservation for being the best girlfriend ever."
"this must have cost you a shit load huh."
"it's doesn't matter Emma, this our night."  
"hello my name is Sarah and I'll be your waiter for tonight. Would the lovely couple like something to drink?" the waitress said as she approached our table.
"we would like water for the moment."
"okay, I'll be right over with the water. Here are the menus."
"thank you." 

The night went perfectly as expected. Even better actually. Emma and I talked about something we had never actually talked about before; our passed life's; Our ex's; childhood; embarrassing moments as far as kids or last week; The last time one of us got really sick or our last sexual moment before we got together; Who did we like a lot before it came to us; It went from topic to topic. But one thing we didn't talk about was OUR sexual life. Emma and I have only reached 2nd base. 3rd base is no where near. I don't mind it at all though. At least I still get a sneak peak up her shirt. But that's not what matters. Like I've said before, I'm ready when she is. If we're not talking about it now than, she probably isn't ready yet. 

Emma's POV
Frank is the best ever. I can't believe he brought me to this restaurant! Out of all the times I've been to this beach and seen this restaurant, no way in hell did I ever think I would step foot in here. I love Frank so much. I've never actually pictured myself ever finding my soulmate and getting married. In fact, I thought I didn't have a soulmate! But..Frank. Frank is something different. He understands me like no one else. He knows my insecurities but makes me feel better about them. He's very caring and knows what to say at the right time. I honestly do see myself in the future creating a family with him. I want to become Mrs. Iero. 
But at the same time, I never want to get married. I've always said I never want to get married. The topic about "marriage", I'm fine talking about it. But, everyone knows a married couple has "sex" right? That's what I don't like talking about. I have problems or maybe "issues" when It gets to the sex topic about myself. In many occasions, I have been asked, "Emma, are you a virgin?" or "Emma, what's your dream sex tape?" and I'm just like, why are these people asking me this? I immediately skip to another topic. 
Even with Frank.
The day we were partying about me hitting Vicky in the face, when Frank and I were in the kitchen talking about Eddie and Gerard. Frank pulled me closer to him, whispering in my ear, "are you ready for me?". I know he was playing around but, I got a bit tense. He had his hand on my lower back, right above my butt. It sent shivers up my spine. I got nervous and pushed him off. I feel bad but, every time that topic comes up, I feel Like if someone punched me in the face. 
Believe it or not, I do want to have sex with Frank. I just want to trace his abdominal muscles with my index finger as we lye on his bed, after having an amazing night together. But I'm just, afraid...
"Emma? Yoo-hoo! You in there Emma? Earth to Emma!" 
I finally noticed we were in front of his car when I started to hear Frank do alien noises.
"oh I'm sorry Frank, I was just thinking." he opened my car door and I stepped in. He ran around the car to the drivers side and got in. 
"thinking of what?"
"nothing important. Thanks again Frank, the food was delicious and the view was amazing."
"I put a lot of thought into it just for you MJ. Where to now?"
"what time is it?"
"a little over 9. Do you need to get home early?"
"nah, it's Friday night. Let's pick this time!"
"alright, well, why don't we go to my house and watch movies all night!"
"great idea! Let me just call my parents and tell them I'll be spending the night."
"do you think they'll let you?"
"of course. They know it's you. They trust you." I kissed him on the cheek before calling. My parents are very strict. Well kinda. They don't let me sleep over anyone else's house but Eddie and Frank. Eddie is pretty obvious. She's my neighbor. Frank made a good impression when he met my parents. He might have had piercings but my parents don't judge looks. They saw that he was well mannered so they loved Frank. Specially his size. Him and I are about the same size. I'm a bit shorter though. They thought his size was adorable. 
"alright, my parents said its alright. Let's go."
Frank drove out of the parking lot and blasted on some rap music. 
"why'd you put rap?"
"it adds to the effect. Cause we bad ass homie!"
I started to crack up. I've never seen him act like this. Its so funny. Frank can be so childish sometimes. 

About two hours past and we were on our second movie already. We were still full so we didn't eat anything. We were watching Pretty Women. It's one of my favorite movies. It's really sweet and full of emotions. Frank and I were cuddled up next to each other. I was lying down on my side and he was behind me, hugging me by my waist. 
"are you sleepy?"
"a little. You?"
"a little."
"wanna go to sleep?"
"yeah sure."
Frank got up to stop the movie and change into his batman jammies. Since I've slept over Frank's house a million times before, I have an extra tooth brush, cloths and jammies. I got off the bed and reached in Frank's drawer to grab my pj's and headed to the restroom. 
I came out and Frank rushed inside, slammed the door and sighed. A very long sigh. I Heard the "waterfall". He flushed and came out with a smile. 
"I really needed to pee."
"I can see that." he rushed to the living room and back and brought back with him pooky. His pet chihuahua. He jumped on the bed and started to play with the dog. 
"I've been replaced by a chihuahua." I stood a few feet away from his bed, arms crossed, staring over at a playful Frank. 
"yes you have MJ, yes you have." Frank said rubbing his nose with the dogs wet one.
"meany!" I stuck out my tongue and went to the other side of the bed to lye down.
"run along pooky." Frank said and put the dog down. He turned off his Batman night light and hugged me from my waist just like when we were watching the movie. 
"goodnight my MJ" he nibbled on my neck. 
"goodnight Frankie." I turned around to face him. His facial features looked creepy and cute under the moonlight. His lip piercing twinkled from the light. I noticed he was grinning. He lowered his head and kissed me. I lied fully on my back and Frank stayed in the same position holding himself up by his elbow. 
He opened my mouth with his tongue and started playing with my tongue. I love when he does that. He lifted up my shirt and moved his way up to my right breast, massaging my breast for a while. It feels so good when Frank does it. 

Frank's POV
Gosh, Emma has big breasts. I love them. I kissed my way down to her neck. I got on top of her, bent legs on each side and she moved her hands down to my thighs. I lifted up her shirt and I went down to her right breast. She moaned when I started to suck on her nipple. She squeezed my thigh and moved her way to my aroused member. I sucked harder on her nipple because her light touch on the tip of my knob was amazing. It was light, but amazing. I strained my back and watched her face expression. She had her eyes closed and gasped. I went down again to kiss her, I entered my tongue and she moaned. I moved my hands to her hip and reached for her panties, lowering them down. I was half way through when she just let go of the kiss and grabbed my hands. 
"I'm sorry Frank, I can't do this right now." 
I was left speechless. What just happened?
"it's cool. Don't worry about it."
I went down on my side again and  held myself from my elbow. I kissed her nose. 
"I love you Emma."
"love you too Frank. Goodnight."
I closed my eyes for about a few seconds when she said something. 
"I'm sorry. I feel bad for just leaving that."
I started to laugh hysterically. 
"why are you laughing?"
"it's just funny. Like, have you heard that phrase, 'if you walk in a room and turn on the lights, turn them off when you leave. How would you like if someone turned you on and left you hanging?" I continued laughing.
"I feel really bad for doing that Frank."
"it's okay MJ. I'm ready when you are." I kissed her temple again and moved an arm around her head. She lifted her head and rested her head on my arm. I cuddled up next her. She moved sideways and rested her right arm and leg on me. 
"I love you Frank."
"I love you too Emma." 
As soon as I closed my eyes, I went into a deep sleep where If you dream, you forget what you dreamt because that's how sound asleep you were. 
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