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41. Something About Emma's Past 

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Ray's POV
My life has been hell for these past few days. I've never been this busy in my life! There is so much to do. Today, just today, I've been visiting colleges and talking to counselors. Yesterday, I was working things out with the financial aid system. The day before, I was taking a test in school for, I forgot for what but, what kills me most is that I haven't been able to see my Christa. She's busy as well so we don't have time for each other anymore. We just drop each other messages through out the day that we miss each other and stuff. Prom is coming up as well, god. 
Oh! Did I tell you I got the confirmation letter from the college Christa and I want to attend? This is so badass! I can't wait to tell her the news. 
But I don't think that college is right for me. Like I said before, I don't want to play classical music, I want to be in a rock band! 

Edith's POV
I walked in Frank's job and found him looking very bored. Just like the first time I was here. 
"Hey, what's up Frank?"
"t'sup pretty girl. Want a doughnut?"
"no I'm good. I just came to talk. I see you don't have many costumers, again."
"I never have costumers on Saturday. I don't know why."
I sat at one of the tables closest to the cashier. Frank followed and sat across me.
"what do you want to talk about?"
"Henry" I replied. Frank's face expression changed. 
"what about him?"
"well, I just wanted to tell you that, we're cool friends now."
"hmm, didn't he brake your heart?"
"yeah, but I forgave him."
"well, I'm guessing you don't know.."
"don't know what?.."
"the day I was missing, he found me in an alley with Kaitlin and Danny from school"
"you were with them?!"
"yeah. I couldn't believe it myself. Well anyway, he found me and carried me home."
"but when we saw you, you were with Bob."
"I know, he was outside my apartment buliding when he saw Bob and he gave me to Bob."
"huh, makes since. I was wondering why Bob was carrying you if he had just left your apartment."
"yeah, and he technically saved me so I forgave him for everything he did to me."
"well thats good, he deserves it for saving your gut pretty girl."
"ha, yeah."
"so, have you told Gerard?"
"Eddie.." he scolded. 
"I'm sorry it's just, I know he's going to take it the wrong way."
"but its best if you tell him."
"he'll kick Henry's ass!"
"who'll kick Henry's ass?"
I heard a voice behind me which startled me. For a second, it sounded like Gee. But it was Henry.
"oh fuck, Henry you scared me."
"sorry, who's kicking my ass?"
"sit" I said. He grabbed a chair and sat between Frank and I.
"Henry, this is Frank. Frank this is Henry."
"hello, nice meeting you." Henry said extending his hand to Frank. Frank smiled and shook his hand.
"nice meeting you too. Aren't you the guy that was fighting with Jade that one time?"
"ahh, yeah."
"wait, you knew about that Frank?" I said widening my eyes. 
"Mhm." he said casually.
"gosh, did everyone want me to find out on my own that he was in town?!" I said rubbing my right temple. 
"I guess so. No one wanted to see you explode. Everyone knows how you get."
"pfft, yeah" Henry added. 
"so who's kicking my ass again?"
"well, Gerard if I tell him."
"you haven't told him?"
"I haven't had the balls."
"wow. Do you plan on saying anything?"
"really Eddie?" Frank said with anger in his tone. 
"look, I don't want anyone to be getting hurt so, I think it's best if he doesn't know."
"Frank, I'm sorry but, I'm tired of problems. I just want my relationship to go cool and smooth. Victoria makes my life miserable by the second. A little white lie won't hurt anyone."
I could tell Frank was a bit disappointed in me. He just shrugged and got up to the cashier for the costumer that came in. 
"you're working today?" I asked Henry. 
"Yeah, your boyfriend is too." 
Coincidentally, Gerard came in. 
"hey! What are you doing here?" he came over to me and gave me a hug. 
"just came to visit Frank."
"awesome. T'sup Frank and Henry."
"hey." they both said. 
"hey man, what's up with your jeans?" Frank said pointing to Gerard's pants. I looked as well. 
"what about 'em?"
"why are they, old looking?"
"cause they are old fuckard. I've had these since sophomore year."
"oh." Frank continued doing whatever he was doing. He gave the costumer back their change and went behind a door in the back. Gerard looked at me In confusion. 
"what's wrong with him?" he asked us. Henry just shrugged. I, I knew exactly why he was mad. But I can't tell Gerard. Not while Henry is here. 
"I don't know" I said.
Frank came back out holding a water bottle and looked at Gee. 
"what?" He responded nonchalantly.
"what's wrong?" Gee asked him. Frank looked at me before answering.
"nothing why?" 
"just, you seem a bit tense and mad."
"it's nothing. I'm just bored and this weather is killing me. Can you believe it's 89 degrees out here?"
"really? Damn. Hey can I have a chocolate doughnut and milk?"
"sure." Frank got Gerard's chocolate donut and milk and gave it to him. They both came over to our table. 
"why are you two so quiet?" Gerard asked taking a bite off his doughnut. Henry and I both shrugged. 
"I have nothing to say" I giggled. 
Henry checked his watch. 
"it's time for me to go back to work. I'll see you guys later" he said and got off his seat. 
"bye." I said 
"see you." Gerard said with a mouthful. 
Silence fell again. 
"when is your performance Eddie?" Frank asked. 
"in two weeks I believe."
"wow, it's about time."
"I know right? This following week I'm going to be busy practicing."
"really?" Gerard added. 
"yeah, sorry Gee. I'll miss you." 
"I'll miss you too. Wait, can't I go and wait for you and watch you guys practice?"
"not this time, we're going into the real stage this time. Ms. Joyet wants everything to be a surprise once we put it all together."
"fuck. Alright. I'll go drop you off and pick you up."
"kk, thanks."
Gerard looked up at the clock behind him. 
"ok, now I have to get back. Bye Sugar." he got up and gave me a kiss. 
"bye Frank."
"bye Hippo."
"you haven't called me that in a while."
"I know. I had forgotten." Frank chuckled. 
"oh god. Bye" Gee said and disappeared out the door. I watched Gerard as he left. I turned back to Frank, who was playing with the napkin Gerard left behind. 
He Didn't even bother to look up at me. He just nodded once signaling he's listening. 
"Frank." I said again and placed my hand on top of his. He finally looked up at me with a smile and took hold of my hand as well. 
"yes pretty girl?"
"are you mad at me?"
"no, why do you ask?"
"oh c'mon Frank, it's obvious."
"I can never be mad at you Eddie. You're too sweet and adorable." he pinched my cheek, "I'm just disappointed."
"well thanks Frank. I know you're just looking out for Gee but please, understand that I'm tired of dumb problems between me and him. If I tell him, he's just gonna be paranoid about it."
"you have a point... Fine, but if he gets hurt, I won't tollerate it. I'm sorry Eddie. I love you but it's, bros before hoes."
"FRANK?!" he started to laugh.
"I'm kidding pretty girl. What I mean is that, I'll take his side because I told you to tell him and you didn't listen to me."
"I'll suffer any consequence for my stubbornness. I deserve it."
"alright. I appreciate you coming to tell me though."
"thank you. You're one Of my closest friends. In fact, you're the first closest cause I met you first. And I also told you cause you know about it."
"that's sweet. Thanks"
"welcome. Alright well, I gotta go."
"alright Eddie, I'll see you later." 
I walked out and as I passed through the front door of the farmers market, I peeked inside. It's funny cause when I looked, Gerard and I met eyes. He smiled at me and I waved. I blew him a kiss and he pretended to catch it and placed it over his heart. 
"Gerard Way!" I heard someone yell. He immediately went back to work. I noticed it was his boss. So I ran out of the shopping center quickly. 

I was about a block away from my house when I got a phone call from Emma. 
"hey what's up?" I called from the phone. 
"are you home?"
"yeah, well almost. I'm walking home. Why? Wanna come over?"
"ok I'm almost there. I'm opening the front door. Meet me outside my house."
I hung up and waited for the elevator to come. 

I turned the corner to my house and I saw Emma sitting down on the ground in front of my door. When she saw me, she got up and smiled. 
"hey" I said opening the door. 
We both stepped inside and I kicked off my dirty converse and through them to the side and slipped on my piggy slippers. 
"want anything to eat? Drink? I have cookies, soda, juice, chicken.."
"no I'm good. Or maybe, some water is fine."
"alright." I got her her water and I got some cookies. I went to sit on the couch next to her. 
"here you go."
She sipped her water carefully, to not ruin her bright red lipstick. 
"what do you want to do? Wanna watch a movie?"
"no its cool. I came to talk to you about something."
"okay, I'm listening."
"it's about Frank and I.."
"are you guys having problems?"
"no, well.. No. But, the problem is on our sexual life.."
"whoa, he's not good in bed?"
"no! It's not that. We..haven't had sex..yet."
"what?! Really?! Why not? I thought you guys would have had sex since the beginning!"
"yeah! Hey, wasn't your anniversary sometime this week?"
"oh, happy late anniversary!"
"so, what's the problem then?" 
"well, we haven't had sex because, I refuse to."
"why?" I got a sip from her water. My mouth feels dry from the cookies I was eating. 
"I don't feel comfortable."
"why? You don't trust him?"
"I do! With all my heart! It's just, I dont know."
"c'mon Emma, there has to be a reason. If you love him then what's the problem?"

Emma's POV
I took a moment to think. Should I tell Eddie? Am I ready to tell someone? I felt a tear run down my cheek. 
"it's okay Emma, take as long as you want." 
I didn't want to make eye contact with her. So instead, I looked up and looked out the window. I saw a bedroom window. It brought back horrible flashbacks:
His face, flooding my mind again.
ready for your babysitter Emma?
The door
Emma! Want to go to the park?
Being locked
thank you Eve! This cupcake is good!
The way he looked at me 
Emma, come here for a sec
The way he ALWAYS looked at me
I want you to meet my boyfriend, Ricky
I was eight years old
aww, you're so adorable
He was 22
Emma, Eve is at the store. She said she'll be back soon. But I'm replacing her for the mean time. I'll be more than happy to take care of you kiddo
I never expected it. I loved him like a big brother
Emma! Come here! I'm in the room!
I remember him calling me from Eve's bedroom. I was in the living room watching "The Garbage Pale Kids" 
I walked in and he was lying on the bed with the computer. 
"come. Sit." 
I sat down next to him and watched the screen. 
I was eight years old, I had no idea how to explain what I saw on the screen. Nor do I exactly remember. But what I do know, is that the people in the screen were naked. 
"have you seen this before?" he asked me.
"no, what is it?"
"would you like me to demonstrate?" 
"what is it?"
He cocked an eyebrow. 
"it won't hurt."
He got up and locked the door. He started to strip down his cloths...
"Emma? Emma?! Are you okay!?"
I was shaken roughly by Eddie. My eyes were burning. I realized I was spaced out and when I blinked, tears rolled down my cheeks. The flashbacks, they seemed so vivid, like I was back in that room...
"I'm fine." I replied with a cracked voice. 
"are you sure? You lost all color in your face and I shook you and you didn't respond. Only until I applied more force."
"I'm fine really." I wiped the tears off my eyes and smiled. 
"do you still want to talk about it?"
"I'm sorry I can't continue"
"it's totally fine."
"alright, I'm.. I'm gonna get going."
"okay" Eddie nodded with a worried look in her face. I smiled and nodded as well. I got up and walked over to the door. 
"are you sure you'll be fine?"
"totally. Thanks for asking." I opened the door and walked out. I closed it behind me and ran to my house, opened the door softly and ran to my room. Shut the door with lock and through myself on my bed, crying. Trying to forget what happened eight years ago...

I cried and cried. I got knocks on the door from my parents for about half hour. I got phone calls an texts from Frank and Eddie. I didn't not pick up or answer any texts. I kept crying and crying and soon, fell asleep. Having nightmares all night...
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