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42. A Double Date With Surprises

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Chapter 42. A Double Date With Surprises

Henry's POV
This weekend has been the best. Linda and I have been texting non-stop! I fall for her even more each second of the day she texts me. I woke up feeling a happy man. Linda and I agreed to meet at the corner of the school before school starts. I decided to wear something good today. Something I actually put thought into. Usually I just throw on anything that's reachable. I wore normal denim skinnies with black and white chucks. A white t-shirt and a baseball jacket with a black beenie. I saw the weather and its going to be chilly with a chance of rain. I like the weather here. Its not crazy like in LA. One day is cold and raining and the next is super hot. Here, it's cold most of the time with a few sunny, hot days here and there. I didn't do anything to my hair though, it's sexy the way it is anyway. Or that's what I'm told. It's curly and fluffy. I went to trim it a couple of days ago though. So it's not as fluffy. 

As I walked to school, I saw Eddie walking a street away and entered a store. I got closer to the store and thats when she came out with a big black bag.
"hi Eddie" I said and she looked up. 
"hey. Hey, why are you so dressed up today?"
"I'm meeting someone." 
"ooh, who's the lucky girl?"
"her name is Linda."
"short hair Linda with the blue streak?"
"yup. How do you know her?"
"she's my friend fucktard. How do YOU know her?"
"well I have a class with her and we started talking like, a week ago and we got along so well. We're meeting before school."
"well that's good, I'm glad she's giving herself chances."
"what do you mean?"
"well, she's been in love with my friend Bob for quite sometime. He broke her heart by saying he doesn't like her and going out with the girl that she hates. I'm guessing she's trying to forget him."
"so I'm her rebound?"
"no! Of course not. But you know, some people just have to move on sometimes. I guess she found her way out with you."
"oh. That's great. Bob seems like a douche."
"he isn't. It's just that he had a crush on his current girlfriend for a long time and Linda was his best friend. So obviously he didn't see her that way."
"hmm I guess so. I'm glad I have a chance."
"you should be. She's beautiful."
"yeah, what do you have in that bag?"
"why do you have so many?"
"I get hungry sometimes so I store them in my locker for later use. Want a bag?"
"what do you have?"
"I have your favorite, Doritos?"
"you remember?"
"yes now shut up!"
"fine, sheeh!" 
We were close to the school now and I saw Linda, just standing there by the wall with one foot on the wall. She looked beautiful today. She was wearing a mini skirt with ripped pantyhose and boots up to her ankle and a leather jacket. She didn't have her blue streak anymore, it was red now. 
"aw there she is. Your future girlfriend." Eddie said locking arms with me and resting her head on my arm. She sighed deeply like she was in love. 
"yeah, you can let go of me now."
"pfft fine. Wait, before you go."
She pulled me to a stop and gave me a touch up. She fixed my jacket and ruffled my hair. 
"there. Perfecto. Go get her m'boy!" she gave me a quick hug and ran to the other side of the street. 
"Eddie! What is your problem!?" I yelled. Cars were still passing by. Eddie just continued running. 
I turned back to Linda and she noticed me. She put a smile on her face. I walked over to her with a smile too. 
"hey" I said when I arrived. 
"hey, you look cute today"
"thank you. You do too."
"thanks" she got off the wall and I offered her my arm. We locked arms and we walked to school slowly. 
"I see you changed your streak color."
"I did. You like?"
"it's perfect." 

Rebecca's POV
Who is this new guy Linda's with?
Gasps! It's Henry! Eddie's ex! 
"Vicky! Vicky!" Victoria and I were sitting in her car listening to music in the schools parking lot. 
"look at Linda."
She looked outside her window. 
"what about it?"
"look who she's with."
"Henry. Oh god that's Henry!"
"that's what I said!"
I watched them head inside school. I never noticed him like this before..
"hmm, I never notice how cute he is..."
Vicky turned around to face me with an evil smile. She laughed evilly.
"you're gonna go after Henry now aren't you?"
"of course, anything to ruin Linda."
"you're so mean." she said stepping out of her car and I followed."
"like if you don't have the same plans for Edith. Speaking of which,  there she goes." Vicky jerked her head to watch Eddie. She approached Gerard from behind. He was waiting for her at the door. 

I walked into my first class late. The one I have with Henry. There was any empty seat beside him, coincidentally, so I took it. I smiled at him before sitting. 
"hey, aren't you Henry?" I said nonchalantly. 
"yeah, you're Rebecca? I found you outside Eddie's building."
"yeah that's me. Nice seeing you again Henry. By the way, do you have a pencil I can borrow?"
"uhh yeah," he looked through his backpack, "here you go."
"thanks" I gave him a flirty smile before I turned to pay attention to the teacher. 
The bell rang and Henry got his stuff and left quickly. 
"hey wait up!" I called after him. 
"where are you headed?" I asked. 
"meeting up with a friend. You?"
"oh um, meeting up with a friend too. Oh! Speaking about him, there he is."
I pointed at Bob, who was talking to Linda. I gripped my teeth and smiled. 
"funny, that's my friend with him."
Of course, cutie pie. 
"hey Bob!" I said as we approached them. 
"hey Becky." I gave Bob a kiss and glared at Linda who, didn't see me. She had her googly eyes on Henry. 
"I'll see you later Bob." she said and walked off with Henry.
"bye Rebecca" Henry said and smiled. 
I will get you Henry. Sooner or later...

Mikey's POV
Lately, the only ones hanging out at the tree have been Gerard, Eddie, Emma, Frank, and me.
The others are "busy". Well, I know Ray is trying to hang out with Christa as much as possible since they don't get to see each other often and Jade has flute practice with her teacher. But Bob? He's just love struck. Now that him and Becky are officially going out, they spend every second together. I'm happy for them though. Becky is a nice girl..
"its been lonely lately with only us. I miss Ray." Eddie commented breaking the silence. We have run out of things to talk about today. 
"yeah it has. We should all get together when all of us are free."
Frank added. 
"but Ray has been really busy lately. Specially after school." Gerard said.
"the time will come." Frank said and started to play with the grass again. 
"oh hey! Random thought you guys!" Eddie said sitting up. She was lying down, resting her head on Gee's lap. 
"what?" we all said. 
"I finally found a name for my new puppy!" she squealed like a little girl. 
"what is it?" Frank said adding to the excitement. 
"well, I found out it was a boy so I thought Arthus was perfect!"
"sounds like Arthur.." I said thinking of Gerard's middle name; Arthur. 
"I know right." Gerard said rolling his eyes and adding a smile shaking his head." 
"why Arthus?" Emma asked. 
"well, it reminded me of a little someone when it humped my leg." 
Eddie grabbed Gee's face and kissed him on the cheek. Emma and Frank started to blow up with laughter. 
"that's kinda disturbing to hear. I had no idea you guys, went that far." I added feeling goose bumps on my bare arms. 
"you told me it was randomly thought of?!" Gerard hissed. 
"I lied. I love messing with you!" Eddie yelled and through herself on Gee making them both fall to the ground. She started to attack him with kisses. 
"Eddie you're so PERvert!" Frank said catching his breath putting accent on the PER than on the VERT. 
"shut up Frank! You're more of a pervert than I am."
"you have a point my friend." 

Ray's POV
Thank freaking God! For the first time in about a week or two, I'm finally free! Wooh! Hallelujah!! 
Fuck homework! Today's my day off. Today's MY DAY! 
"Ray! Ray! Ray! Ray!" I heard my name being called from across the hallway. I was standing at my locker when I saw a petite girl running towards me pushing  people and saying, "sorry, excuse me, RAY!!" it was my beautiful girlfriend Christa. 
"what happened?!" 
"I, me, Christa Redmand, has her day off today!!" she squealed just like Eddie does when she has something she likes. 
"no way!!!! Are you kidding me?! That's perfect! I do too!" I picked her up and spun her, giving her the biggest kiss ever. We let go of the kiss and looked at each other in the eye. She smiled and squealed again and hugged my neck tightly. 
It hurt, but I'm too excited to worry. 
"I've missed you Ray."
"I've missed you too Christa."
We kissed once more and held hands walking down the hall. 
I plan on spending the rest of the day with my beautiful Christa. 

I convinced Christa to not do her homework like I was. We have been working our asses off these past two weeks and deserve a rest and time for both of us. She agreed to it cause she says she misses me. I've missed her too and a whole lot. 
We went to spend the rest of our afternoon at Shakey's Pizza. This place is close to school so most of the time it's full of students. Luckily, we were attended quickly. Today it seems to be even more full than ever. On days like these, it takes about a half hour to be attended. 
"this is your table and I'll be right back with your menus." our waiter said. Christa and I sat down. I looked around the place. A lot of familiar faces. 
Awkwardly, I found Jade. She was also looking around and when we met eyes, we both cocked our heads sideways and laughed at each other. 
"what's so funny?" Christa asked.
"look, there's Mikey and Jade." I said and pointed at them. Jade pointed at me as well and Mikey turned around. He waved and called us over. Our waiter also arrived. 
"hey, is it okay If we move to that table over there? Those are some of our friends." I asked the waiter pointing at Mikey's table. 
"sure" we got up and walked over to Jade and Mikey. I sat next to Mikey and Christa next to Jade. 
"okay so what would you guys like tonight?" the waiter asked us. 
"a pepperoni pizza and a supreme pizza with bread sticks and salad on the side."
"anything to drink?"
"I would like coke and Christa?"
"orange soda." she answered. 
"alright." the waiter left and I turned to everyone. 
"so what brings you guys here?" Mikey asks. 
"Christa and I finally have nothing to do today so we decided to spend the day together."
"funny, same with us. Well me" Jade replies. 
"I've been busy with Flute stuff"
"how about you Mikey?"
"oh um, just homework."
"oh wow." we all started to laugh. 
"low life." Christa whispers to herself. Mikey kicks her softly under the table. 
"oh shut up Christa."
"I'm kidding."

Our night went well. It was full of laughter and jokes. Most of the time we kept punking on Mikey and Christa. It's fun to punk on them because they don't do anything about It. We ate all the pizza. We even ordered one more and ate it all! I guess all of us were really hungry. 
When it was time to go, the couples went their own way. It wasn't too late so I took Christa up in the mountains on a cliff with an amazing view of New Jersey. I parked the car and we sat on the roof. We held hands just looking up at the stars. 
"I liked today." Christa commented. 
"I did too. We haven't had this much fun a while huh?"
"yeah. I miss it."
"yeah me too."
There was silence for a moment. 
"do you love me?"
"of course I do. That's not even a question to ask."
"how much."
"till eternity."
"do you trust me?"
"with all my heart."
"prove it to me."
"um, well, I'm not sure how.." she held herself up with her elbow and looked down at me. She reached Into her pocket and held out a condom. It took me by surprise. She lowered herself down on me and kissed me lustfully. She climbed on top of me placing her hands on my crazy hair. 
"do you trust me Ray Toro?"
I nodded and she kissed me again. I never expected this side from Christa nor did I know this side exsisted in her! It surprised me in a good way. I let her take the lead and guide me through whatever she had planned on tonight. 
Tonight was the very first time Christa and I ever had sex. It was a wonderful night. It was quite small in the back seat of my car but our bodies were so close to each other through out the night. It was amazing..
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