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43. Rebecca's True Colors

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Linda's POV
"e=mc2. And that's how the atom blah blah blah blah" was all that was going on in my head. I personally do like physics. I'm rather good at it. But, I just can't get a certain person out of my head. Henry. I wake up to a good morning text from him and a goodnight one. Every morning when we meet up, he always has a treat for me. Either hot chocolate , coffee or a muffin. It's really sweet of him. He's such a gentlemen too. He's always saying like "lady's first" and opening the door for me. It's kind of unbelievable that he's a senior. He looks a bit older. I think I might actually be falling for him.
Class ended and it was time for lunch. I was standing at the lunch line when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  
"hey, mind if I have cuts?" Eddie asked scooting in.
"not at all. How are you Eddie?"
"I'm perfect. And you?"
"oohh, someone's getting fancy with their grammar. Care to explain?"
"I dont know, I've been feeling happy lately."
"love struck?" 
"you can call it that.." I sighed deeply staring off into space. 
"I've heard a few rumors."
"who told you?"
"a little birdie."
"oh c'mon Edith."
"fine, fine, your lover."
"how do you know him?"
"he's my exsss-acquaintance."
Edith's eyes narrowed. 
"ex acquaintance?"
"um, yeah. Never heard of those?"
"um, no. But I can guess what they mean.."
"well yeah, at least you get the idea."
"well yeah, um, I'm happy for you Linda. Henry is right for you."
"thank you Eddie. I'm finally getting over Bob. It's hard but, Henry helps a lot."
"that's good."
Eddie and I already had our food when I paused nervously. Eddie was right behind me eating a fry when she bumped into me, gaping towards where I was looking at and me. 
"what are you looking"
I dropped my milk and turned around to face Eddie. My eyes started to swell up with tears. 
"Linda, Linda, calm down. They're just talking." Eddie Said taking hold of my food and setting it down on a table near by with hers. I didn't dare to look up. She tried to look me in the eyes but I kept my head bowed. 
"Linda, please look at me."
I looked up at her with teary eyes. 
"Linda, trust me. Henry has changed. He's really into you. He won't leave you for that slut."
"wait, what do you mean Henry has changed? What are you talking about?" 
Eddie looked back at them and rolled her eyes, bringing her gaze back to me. She breathed heavily and started.
"ok look, I've known Henry for a long time. He- he was my ex. But keep this to yourself. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell Gerard about this. He will kill me and Henry ok?!" Eddie sounded crazy. Her breath and words were shaky. She had this deep look into her eyes that said she chose her words very wisely and her life depends on this. I nodded quickly and looked back at Henry. He was talking to Rebecca by the vending machine. I know it just looks like a friendly conversation from another persons point of view but I know exactly Becky's venomous moves...

Rebecca's POV 
"haha, that's very cute Henry. So you've been playing baseball for quite sometime?"
"yeah, I started playing in 7th grade."
"that's really cool."
"yeah I enjoy it a lot." I moved closer to Henry. We were standing by the vending machine talking, getting to know each other. You have no idea how much I can't stand to keep my eyes and hands off his body. He's a really fit guy.
"so, do you have a girlfriend?"
"not at the moment."
"do you like anyone in particular?"
"I have my eyes on someone.."
"ooh, she must be a lucky girl."
"it's vice versa. I feel like the lucky man."
"oh really? Who's this girl?"
"she's standing right over there." he pointed at HER with a smile. This "girl" was the one and only Linda. It was no surprise though. But it coming out of his mouth caught me off guard. I can't believe he just spotted her like that! No wonder he kept turning to that direction. I gritted my teeth with force and bit my lip. 
"oh, Linda. Poor you.."
"what do you mean?"
"you haven't heard?"
"um, no.."
"she goes out with a different guy each week. Or, until she gets them in bed."
"how do you know this?"
"well, the whole school knows. I can't believe no one has told you."
"it's too bad. You should watch out Henry. Don't bang some girl that's not worth it."
He looked at me with a cocked eyebrow. I scoot closer to him and kissed his cheek. The bell rang as soon as I moved away. 
"I'll see you later Henry. Just remember, watch out. If anything happens, you can come talk to me." I winked at him before leaving. This should make him not want to see her again.

Henry's POV
Whores these days. Honestly, I did not buy anything Becky told me. Linda does NOT look like a girl that would do that. She hasn't even shown any signs of that kind of bullshit. In fact, Becky seems like that kind of girl. Never in hell will I ever leave Linda for Becky. I mean, I'm not gonna lie, Becky is not ugly. She's pretty cute. But Linda is beautiful compared to Becky. Linda has class and respect for herself. She might dress a little edgy, but she does not have her cleavage showing. 
I started heading out the cafeteria towards a now lonely Eddie. 
"hey wasn't Linda just with you?"
"um, yeah she was."
"what happened? Why'd she leave?"
"well, I don't think I should tell you."
"Eddie. Please?"
"oh fine! I'm only gonna tell you part of it! She should tell you the rest. The thing that happened was that she saw you talking to Rebecca and remember I told you Bob was going out with the girl she hates?"
"well Becky is that girl. She's had past boy problems with her and she just thinks it might happen again. Just like with Bob."
"what happened in the the past?"
"look, I can't tell you everything. If you want to know, ask her."
"alright. Well thanks Eddie."
I gave her a hug and we stayed like that for a while. 
"please make her happy Henry."
She said in a low voice in my ear. 
"what do you mean?"
"she's had bad relationship problems in the past and I'm guessing the one that hurt her the most was Bob's situation. And, she's a little heart broken right now. I don't like to see her suffer. Please make her happy."
"I will Eddie. Thank you."
"your welcome." she whispered. 

Victoria's POV
I'm watching you Eddie. I'm watching you... 
Every little step your making, adds 
to my evidence I will tell Gerard. 
And to make it an even more powerful statement, Gerard has spotted you hugging your ex boyfriend, Henry. 

Edith's POV
"aww, group hug." I felt some manly arms wrap around Henry and I. Some arms I'm very familiar with. I let go of the hug trying to escape the manly hug by the two men. 
Now it was only Gerard and Henry hugging. 
"you guys would make a cute couple." I joked and Gerard made the hug even more awkward by cuddling more with Henry and rubbing his cheek against Henry's. 
"whoa, slow down there amigo. I'm taken." Henry said pushing Gerard away. Gee chuckled and came to hug me instead from behind. 
"who's the girl?" Gerard said nibbling at my ear. 
"you guys are together?" Gerard asked unaware.
"well, not yet. Soon."
"that's awesome! High five!" Gerard let go of me and walked over to Henry with a raised hand. 
He tricked Henry into a hug instead. 
"I'm gonna miss you boyfriend." Gerard said again all cuddly. Henry just looked very lost and awkward. 
"C'mon students! The late bell rang already! Head to your last class!" a staff yelled making Gerard let go of him and walking over to me. 
"bye Henry." we both said and parted our ways from him. 
"I thought your boyfriend was Frank"
"nah, he left me for Emma years ago." we both started to laugh walking up the stairs. We kept fooling around and we got to class 10 minutes late. 

Bob's POV
After school I waited for Becky outside her class room. Everyone had come out of her class but she wasn't there. I waited for her for about 10 minutes at the gate but still no sign of her. I walked around school and right when I was by the bleachers, I got a glimpse of what seemed to be Becky fooling around with some guy in the middle of the football field. 
My heart, shattered into pieces the minute I saw her trying to seduce this guy. But it just seemed that she couldn't get his attention. That's odd. If you're not gonna follow along then why be here in the middle of the field alone?
I can't stand it anymore. I decided to leave. 
I walked out and sat on a bench for a while. Thinking things through. Making sure what I just saw wasn't a dream. I decided to just to head home, maybe I can call Eddie and talk to her about this. She's always there for me. 
"Bob!" I turned around to see who was calling me. It was Becky.
"hey, where have you been babe? I've been looking for you."
"oh really?"
"yeah, I checked around school but wasn't able to find you. I'm glad I found you now." she placed her hands on my lower torso and tried to kiss me. 
"what's wrong?"
"you looked for me and decided to make a stop in the middle of the football field aren't I right?"
"what are you talking about?"
"I saw what you did Becky." I couldn't look at her. I looked around and that's when I saw the guy she was fooling around with. 
"it was with him!" I said with force and walked over to the guy. 
"hey you!" he turned around and stopped. 
I took hold of his shirt and pushed him against the gym wall. 
"why were you messing around with my girl?!"
"what are you talking about?!"
"don't act like if you don't know punk! I swear, I will rip your-"
"Bob! Let him go!" it was Linda. She got in between me and this bastard. 
"what are you doing?!"
"this guy is stealing my girl away!" I yelled. I saw Linda's face turn pale. She turned around and spoke to this guy. 
"Henry, is that true?"
"of course not! Linda, I'd never play with a girls feelings like that! It was her! It was all her! She tricked me into helping her find something and she dragged me Into the football field." now I remember him. He was the one who had Eddie in his arms... 
He pointed at Becky. Becky was in the corner crying. 
"right, I should have known. Is that enough proof for you Bob?! Now do you believe she's a lying slut?! Do you believe ME now?! Or do you need more proof??" 
I can't think straight anymore. I am left without words...
Linda stormed out down the stairs with tears running down her cheeks. Henry followed her. 
"Bob, you know I love you.."
"Bob please.." she sobbed coming closer to me. I finally realized Linda was right...
"get way from me!! It's over Becky!! It's over!!" I screamed and walked away, leaving Becky to herself, sobbing next to the wall. 
I owe Linda and apology. Like always, I'm such a douche to someone very beautiful.. 

Linda's POV
"Linda wait up!" I heard Henry yell behind me. This isn't his fault. I know. But did he fall under her venom? I didn't stop walking fast. We were already by the schools parking lot. He was pretty far behind to catch up. I know if he were close, he'd catch me like nothing. After all, he is a baseball player. 
I finally stopped to face him. He stopped walking as well. He was about, 10 feet away from me. We just looked straight at each other. Then, I broke down into sobs again. I fell down to my knees and he came over to me. 
"Linda, I don't understand much of this but, Eddie explained a little to me."
I continued sobbing I didn't want to look at him. 
"I dont know what she did to you or what she has done but I can assume. Trust me, I did not believe anything she said nor did I do any sexual activity with her. I know we're not a couple but I like you a lot, Linda."
I finally looked up at him and he picked me off the ground. I looked at his deep, brown eyes. I hugged him tightly. 
"ask me anything, I'll answer it truthfully."
I let go of the hug and we looked at each other again. 
He leaned in and we were so close to each other. We were breathing the same air. I can smell mint and hot chocolate mixed in his breath. That's what he's always eating. And then I closed the gap between us. His lips were soft and fragile. He was nervous. But I pushed the kiss deeper an he followed along. 
And This is when I found out I actually really like Henry..

Bob's POV
Where to now? Eddie doesn't pick up her phone. I don't want to be home. Linda is probably mad at me for pushing Henry against the wall. FUCK Rebecca. I'm just here alone. I didn't even drive to school. It was getting cold and dark and I had to walk to where ever I was going. 
I started walking, to anywhere when I put my hands inside my coat. I found a cigarette. How did this get in here? Oh right, I stole it from Gerard. It was suppose to be a joke. I remember he was looking for it like crazy and soon gave up. Eddie and I were doing it on purpose cause we didn't want him to smoke. I forgot to give it back to him. And for my luck, I found his lighter too. 
I'm not a person that smokes but, I've done it occasionally but very rare. This one won't kill me now.

I was almost finished with my cig when I realized I had been walking unconsciously. I looked at my surroundings and realized I was close to Edith's house. Now that I'm here, I might as well go. I through away my cig and continued walking till I got to her apartment. Thankfully, there was someone stepping in so I didn't have to call Edith's apartment to get in. 

I knocked on the door a few times and Ms. Lynn opened the door. 
"hello Ms. Lynn, is Edith here?"
"hello Bob, I'm sorry but she's not here. Do you still want to come in? Jade and Mikey are here."
I was fighting back tears. 
"sure. Thank you."
I walked in and found Mikey and Jade watching TV. 
"hey you guys."
"t'sup Bob, what are you doing here?" Jade and Mikey asked. 
"oh, just Looking for Edith."
Mikey looked at me not buying anything. 
"really? What for?"
"oh, just to hang out. You know, haven't talked to her in a while."
"Bob. I'm sorry to break it you ya but, you can't lie to me or Gerard. We can tell when you're lying."
All worried eyes were on me. 
I couldn't say anything anymore. I've been caught by Mikey. A tear came out when I just couldn't hold it anymore. 
"Bob, what's wrong?" Ms. Lynn asked placing a hand on my shoulder. Mikey turned off the TV and came over to me, giving me a bro hug. 
"it's okay Bob. Wanna talk about it?" he said in my ear. I just nodded and we all walked over to the kitchen table. 
I wasn't able to talk. I was too choked up to speak.
"we're ready when you are." Jade commented. I took a deep breath. 
"it's over between me and Becky."
Everyone gasped. 
"how did this happen?! You guys were adorable together!" Ms. Lynn said.
"yeah well, she wasn't who we all thought she was." 
"what do you mean?" Mikey asked. 
"well, a while back, Linda had warned me about her saying that she only likes me because Linda did."
"Linda likes you?" Jade asked in surprise. 
"yeah, I dont know if she still does now though after what happened. Anyway, she said Becky was just seeking revenge from Linda because Linda was dating a guy Becky and her liked back in 8th grade. And ever since, she's been stealing all the guys Linda likes. And, I was one of them."
"how did Becky know Linda liked you?" Mikey spoke. 
"I'm guessing she assumed because we were always together at some point. She took a lucky guess."
"so, what was the problem that happened today?" Jade shifted her weight in her seat to sit more comfortably. 
"well, I didn't believe Linda when she told me that but today, I realized I owe Linda and apology. I saw Becky was trying to seduce some guy what seems to be Linda's current boyfriend." 
Everyone gasped again. 
"oh poor Linda, she must be feeling really bad." Ms. Lynn said. 
"she was, but luckily for Linda, her guy didn't want anything to do with Becky. So she was caught red handed."
"that's horrible Bob." Ms. Lynn scoot closer to me and gave me a hug. 
"Rebecca doesn't deserve you Bob. You deserve so much more." 
"wow, I always thought Becky was a sweet girl. I thought you guys were great together." Mikey banged the table with his fist. Jade gave me and Mikey a sympathetic look. 
"do you know who's her boyfriend Bob?" Jade asked me. 
"some guy named Henry." 
Jade widened her eyes for a second and then narrowed them, nodding slowly. 
"I know what you're going through Bob. My Edith was going through something similar to this with her ex boyfriend. You know what made her feel better? Cookies and tea. Would you like some Bob?" 
"sure Ms. Lynn thank you."
She smiled sweetly and cupped my face before walking over to the kitchen.
"its okay Bobby, you'll get through this." Mikey said patting my back gently. He took out his phone flinching. 
"sorry guys, I have to get home. Hope you feel better Bob." Mikey gave me one last hug. 
"I'll walk you downstairs." Jade said and left with Mikey. 
"are you feeling better after talking about it Bob?" Ms. Lynn placed the cup of warm tea and plate of cookies in front of me and sat besides me. 
"I guess I do. I just feel really bad for Linda. She liked me. I turned her down and didn't believe her. I could just imagine how she felt."
"you said you guys were best friends right?"
"well, true best friends are always there for each other no matter what. Yeah you guys will offend each other but guess what? If you guys understand each other, then, there's always forgiveness. I'm sure Linda isn't someone who's cold hearted and won't forgive you."
"you're right Ms. Lynn. Linda and I were very close and we never fought. I just hope she does forgive me."
"I'm sure she will." she stood up and gave me a kiss on my forehead. 
"you're all done?" 
"yes. Thank you." she grabbed my plate and tea cup and placed them on the sink. 
"you know Bob, I love you like my own son. You're so adorable." she pinched my cheek and that's when Jade came in along with Edith. Edith went to her room to put down her dancing bag. 
"Hi mom" Edith walked over to her mom and I gave her a hug and then went to the fridge. 
"hi honey. How was rehearsal?"
"alright. Oh hey Bob, sorry I didn't greet you properly." she came to me and hugged me tightly. 
"its okay Bob. Becky is full if shit." she whispered in my ear. 
"how do you know?"
"Jade told me." She said loudly and went to sit on the couch. 
"I'm gonna get going Ms. Lynn. It was great talking to you. You all helped a lot."
"just remember we love you Bob." Ms. Lynn said and put on the sweetest smile. 
"bye. Thanks for tonight." I said and walked out the door. 
I'm still a bit heart broken though. But my friends made it all better. 
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