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44. Two Weeks

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*hey I'm sorry I didn't update Friday. This chapter wasn't finished. I half edit it so if you find errors, I'm sorry and I hope it makes sense lol 

Third person POV (narrator) 
It's been two weeks since all this commotion has happened with everyone. Everyone seems to be fine. Well, almost. 
Bob is very depressed from what he encountered. It was a devastating scene to watch. But he's recovering. That's good right?
Frank and Emma have been great as usual, just being themselves: weird and cute at the same time. 
Linda and Henry have started their relationship. It's something they didn't expect to be so darn great. 
Mikey and Jade have been helping each other out. With Jade being busy and all, Mikey has helped with her homework. Jade helps Mikey stay in tune on the bass. He's been into the base a lot lately. 
Ray and Christa are busy planning prom and visiting their dream college. 
And last but not least, Gerard and Edith. Edith has been in the studio all week rehearsing. Meeting up with Carlos and the teacher and walking in and out of the house. It's a busy week for Edith. 
It's her final week of rehearsal before the big day. 
Gerard is more than happy to drive Edith around anywhere she wants. As long as he gets to be with her. They haven't had much time for themselves either...

Edith POV
"okay, from the top again." Ms. Joyet called from the front seats of the venue. I sighed and walked my way behind one of the wings. I prepared myself to get ready to jump on stage for the millionth time this week. 
The music started playing and that was my Que. 
I was up in the air being held by Carlos. I stared up at the highest seats in the venue and all of a sudden, I heard a door open way back in the stage and lost balance. I fell but Carlos caught me. I turned around to see who it was. 
"Victoria, what do you want?" Ms. Joyet yelled. She stood up and placed her notepad on the table next to her. 
"I'm sorry to interrupt but there's some people here to see you."
"oh, must be the director. I'll be back. You guys can have a break." Ms. Joyet left along with Victoria. Carlos put me down and I got off stage to get a drink of water. 
"it's been brutal huh?" Carlos said from the stage. He was stretching on the ground. 
"yeah. Why is she making us do it so much?"
"I'm not sure. But you know, you gotta live with it."
"yeah I guess." I heard a door open again; it was Ms. Joyet. 
"okay you guys, something came up. You guys are free to go. It was wonderful. Keep up the good work." and with that, she left again. I through a fist up in the air. 
"finally! I love this piece but I'm so tired! The tips of my toes are so sore, it's not even funny." I walked back on stage to hug Carlos goodbye. 
"I'm gonna get going cause Gerard is waiting for me at the comic book store across the street." he stood up to hug me. 
"alright, I have a date with someone." he leaned forwards to hug my small figure. 
"who is it?" I said in his ear. 
"some girl from my school. Her name is Jessica."
"lucky girl." we let go of the hug. 
"what happened with Vicky?"
"ehh, she got old."
I chuckled. And in that moment, she came in. She glared at us but continued walking, down the stage, to the tech room above. 
"well, that was a close call. I'll see you tomorrow Carlos."
"bye Eddie."
I went to the dressing room and changed into shorts and my band t-shirt and converse. I went to the front door and walked to the comic book store. 
The store was pretty big. There were stacks and stacks of comic books. It was full of geeks too. There were two floors to the place and on the second floor, there was a little coffee shop. For sure I will find Gee up there reading a comic book while drinking his, probably tenth cup of coffee that day.
Just as I thought, as soon as I reached the second floor, I found him between one of the isles sitting on the ground with two stacks of comic books and a cup of coffee on the side. 
"hi Ger-" I stood over him. He didn't let me finish my sentence. He instantly shushed me and continued reading for about 30 more seconds. He then closed the book and looked up at me with a smile. I sat down across him. 
"hi sugar, all done?"
"yeah you? You have a stack! Did you read all these?"
"almost, I read this stack." he pointed at the tallest stack of comic books. 
"wow, what kind are they?"
"they're all about super heroes and zombies and stuff."
"you're such a kid."
"you're such an adult!"
"how am I an adult!?"
"you're always reading novels!"
I scoot next to him and cup his cheek so he can face me. I leaned forwards and kissed him. We began to make out. I moved my hand to his belt. When I opened my eyes slightly, I saw someone drop books and I let go of his lips to see what happened. 
It was a little boy. About 9 years old. He faced us with awe. 
"whoa.." escaped his mouth slightly; like a whisper. 
"oh my god." I said and Gee's face was the color of Emma's bright lipstick. 
"let's go." I said chuckling. Gee just grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the place. 
"promise me you won't do that in public. Especially when you know there will be kids around." Gerard said as he opened the car door. I still couldn't stop laughing at my embarrassment and Gerard's. Especially Gerard's. 
"oh Gerard, calm down. It was just a little boy. It'll happen to him soon."
"but still, you stole his innocence."
"no I didn't!" I scoffed. 
"yes you did. You're such a pervert."
"hmm, alright."
I glanced at him. Then looked out the window. From the corner of my eye, I saw that he also looked at me. We were at a red light so he kept his gaze on me. I looked back at him and held eye contact with a slight smile then looked away. The green light came on and he started to drive again. 
We drove in silence for the rest of the ride. We arrived at my house when he broke the silence as I got out. 
I'm fighting back the laughter that's choking me right now. 
I got out of the car and he came over to my side of the car. 
"Edith, are you mad at me?" 
That does it, I can't hold it in anymore. I bursted out laughing. 
"why are you laughing?"
"I just find it funny that you think I'm mad. I'm sorry, I'm not mad, I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you the silent treatment!" I bursted out laughing again, grabbing his t-shirt from his chest. 
"you're mean." 
"I know, but you still love me." I looked at him and kissed his nose. He started laughing as well and he wrapped his arms around my waist. He picked me and spun me around. 
"I'll love you forever." he whispered in my ear. 
"I'll love you forever too."
I whispered back. 
He put me down and we left towards the front gate of my apartment. 

When I opened the door, my doggy, who has grown pretty big now, jumped on Gerard licking his arms. They've grown pretty close. 
"why does my dog like you more than it likes me?"
"because you don't play with him. All you do is, 'hi Arthus!' " 
"no! I feed him too."
"yeah cause that's all he likes to do, eat."
"oh shut up! I'm not really an animal person!"
I walked in my room to change while Gerard played with Arthus in the living room. I was slipping on my pajamas when Gerard just bursted in my room. 
"what the hell?!"
"sorry, your dog is chasing me like mad!"
"oh wow." I pushed him aside and opened the door. As soon as I opened it, a growling beast came running towards me. 
"AHHH!" I yelled and shut the door with a loud bang. We heard a thump and barks. 
"what's wrong with him? What did you do to him Gerard!" 
"nothing! We were just playing around and I dont know what happened! He started barking and growling an pulling my jacket harshly. I got scared so I came running towards the room." 
I giggled slightly. 
"what's so funny?"
"you got scared."
"hey, I'm not that one that cried out 'Gee' when they saw a crow next to their feet."
"crows are scary Gee."
"and a growling dog isn't?"
"really? Hmm. Sure about that?"
"mhm" I responded nervously. 
"go outside then."
I stayed silent with a smile. Then I started to laugh. Just the idea of me being such a wimp when he dares me to go out is funny. 
"that's what I thought."
Another thump and some more barking. This time, it startled both of us. We each jumped into each others arms. 
"call your mom."
"she won't answer, she's at work."
"call Jade." 
"oh right, pfft, I forgot." I got off the bed and walked over to where my bag SHOULD be at. 
"shit me, I left my bag outside."
"That's fine, I'll just call her from my phone.." he reached into his right pocket, left, and back pockets. 
"I don't have my phone..."
"where is it?"
"I think I might have dropped it when I started to run over here."
"wow, how wonderful. I guess we're stuck here." I walked back to the bed and sat on his lap. 
"what time will Jade and your mom be back?"
"till late."
"are you serious?"
"yeah, fuck." I got off his lap and walked over to my closet and brought out a box. 
"I'm glad I store food in here. It comes in handy." I opened the box and took out two juice boxes and two bags of chips. 
"here your favorite." I passed him a bag of Hot Cheetos. 
"you're such a bear."
"okay, first of all, you create so much body heat. Secondly, I know if you could, you'd sleep all day and you store food. Any difference?"
"I'm not fat and humongous! Nor do I growl."
"you growl in bed."
"Gerard!" I threw him a chip as he laughed and lied on my bed. 
"well you do!"
"no I don't!"
"but it's cute."
I didn't respond to that. I don't know how. I don't know if to take it as a compliment or as an insult. Okay, I might moan a little but I don't growl! 
"come here." he patted the space next to him. I got off the ground and lied down next to him on my bed. 
"I like to know that I'm giving you a good time. Take it as a compliment." he kissed my forehead. It's as if he was reading my mind. 
"fine. Is it really like a growl?"
"nah, I was playing around. It's like a cute little moan."
"alright." he kissed my forehead again and took me into his arms. 
"come here my little grizzly bear. I think I might start calling you that."
"yay! I'm gonna call you, hippo!"
"oh God.." he shook his head. I started to laugh thinking about Frank. That's just so funny. 
"hey the growling has stopped." I said and got off to go check on the dog. I opened the door slightly and Arthus ran towards me once again. Before I slammed the door shut, I got a glimpse of the mess in the living room Arthus had made. Luckily, the couches were still in good shape but it was the pillows that weren't. They were torn into pieces. 
"oh no" I said shaking my head and sliding down on my butt to sit on the ground. 
"Arthus destroyed the pillows."
"what has gotten into him?!"
"I dont know! This is terrible."
"I guess we're going to have to stay here even longer." he reached for his juice box and popped it open, sipping at it like a little boy. I went to grab my chips to continue eating them next to him. 
"what do you want to do?" I asked  him. 
"I dont know, what can we do?"
"I dont know, we could use my laptop and watch movies.."
"sounds good."
"alright," I walked over to Jade's movie shelf, "what do you want to watch?"
"something funny."
"alright" I looked through the movies trying to find a funny one. Jade's idea of funny isn't the same as mine.
"I have, Beetlejuice, Back to the Future, 16 Candles, and When Harry Met Sally. Which one?"
"Beetlejuice." he said taking a chip to his mouth. 
"I wanted to watch 16 candles.." I pouted. 
"okay how about this, we watch Beetlejuice and then 16 candles."
"whatever tickles your pickle."
"never mind." I got off the floor and slid my laptop from under my bed onto the bed. I put the movie in and we got comfortable on my bed eating chips. 
We were half way through 16 candles and still no one arrived. It was about 6:30pm. Jade SHOULD have been home by now. I moved Gerard who was half asleep on my stomach and went to open the door slightly again. 
I opened it and nothing. Arthus wasn't around. I stepped one foot out and peeked around the hallway. I looked around and found Arthus sleeping as well. He was next to the couch. My bag was on that couch.
"fuck." I mumbled under my breath. Should I go and grab my bag? Will I make it back in time?
I tip toed down the hallway trying to make as less noise as possible. I made it to the living room alive and grabbed my bag quickly and ran back in my room. I don't care if the dog woke up, at least I made it back. 
"Gerard! Gerard! Wake up!" 
"huh? what? How long was I asleep?"
"it doesn't matter. Look, I was able to go outside and grab my bag."
"awesome. Call Jade or something." he said yawning. 
"I am. Hello? Jade? Where are you? I'm stuck at home with Gerard. The dog had gone wild. You're at the front door? Don't come in! The dog has gone mad! Anyway, call animal control. Okay, I'll be waiting. Bye" 
"she's calling animal control?"
"yeah. I hope they come quick. I want to go outside!"
"I need to pee." 
"wait, shh, you hear that?" we quiet down. There was a knock on the door. 
"Edith! Jade! Ms. Lynn! Yoo-hoo! I'm coming in if you guys don't mind! Hello boy! How are you Arthus!" it was Frank. All we could here was Frank with Arthus playing. No barking. No growling. What in the world?
"Frank!" I called. 
"Edith? Where are you?"
"in my room! Come! Don't bring the dog!"
"okay" I heard his footsteps and seconds later he came in. 
"oh hey whats up. What are you guys doing here?"
"we're stuck!"
"well, I was playing with the dog and all of a sudden it went crazy on me and I ran in here an now we're stuck. Arthus wants to eat us." Gerard explained while I looked out the window for Jade. 
"the dog seems perfectly fine now." 
"well that dog is bipolar or something" I said walking back to the bed. 
"you guys are crazy. The dog is fine." Frank turned around and opened the door. 
"close it!" Gerard yelled and got off the bed pushing Frank out of the way and closing the door. 
"are you scared of a puppy Gerard?"
"that is not a puppy!"
"yeah it is! It's as big as 1 year old!"
"oh right, that's makes it less scarier."
"it does! What is a 1 year old gonna do to you?"
"Frank, this is a dog. Not a baby."
"same shit different toilet. Arthus doesn't bite." 
"wait you guys shut up, Jade is calling," I interrupted their conversation and answered the phone, "hello? You're coming up already? Alright, we're in the room."
I clicked and turned to the guys.  
"okay so animal control is coming."
"okay good cause I need to pee." Gerard grabbed his crotch and bounced up and down. 
"ha, nice pauty dance." Frank laughed. We heard a door open and the barking started. We heard unfamiliar voices. We also heard footsteps coming to the door. It was Jade coming in. 
"hey, so they have the dog already. They're going to take him in for check up."
"whoo! Finally!" Gerard yelled and ran to the restroom. The rest of us walked out and followed animal control out the door. Emma was coming up and shot a weird face. 
"where are they taking Arthus?" she asked us as she approached us. Gerard also joined.
"to the vet. Something happened to him."
"I dont know, he went crazy on Gerard so they're taking him for a check up."
"aww, poor Archie." that's the nickname Emma has for Arthus. Ain't it weird?
"poor him?! I almost died!"
Gerard placed both hands on Emma's shoulders. She looked at him with a straight face and then a pitty one. 
"aww, poor Archie."
"you're mean." he let go of her and walked back in the house. We all started to laugh. We went backed inside and chilled till we got the phone call from the vet about 2hours later. 

"ok, so the dog is fine? Alright. I'll be there tomorrow. Bye." Jade said through the phone and looked at all of us before talking. 
"what did they say?" I asked nervously. 
She coughed before answering and turned her attention to Frank. 
"Frank, where did you get the dog from."
"the pound."
"and did you just, buy him?"
"um, yeah."
"why'd you buy him?"
"cause I thought it was cute."
"right. Frank, how many dogs do you have?" 
"two. Where are you going with this?"
She coughed again.
"oh c'mon already!" I said throwing her a pillow. It hit her face but she didn't even flinch. She just blinked and continued talking. 
"fine. Frank, did you make sure the dog was vaccinated?"
Everyone grunted. Well, Gerard and  I. Jade just bowed her head massaging her temples. Emma was holding back a laugh. 
"I kinda forgot. The dog was just too cute I didn't think of it. Sorry you guys."
"you're paying for it" I said lying down, resting my head on Gee's lap. 
"I accept the consequences."
"it just had to be Frank." Gerard said as he massaged my head. This makes me sleepy. 
"what is that suppose to mean?!"
"oh nothing" 
"bitch." he laughed throwing Gerard a pillow. It landed on my face but I was too tired to care. I jut grunted again. 
"shh, you go to sleep my grizzly bear." Gerard kept running his fingers through my hair. I've had such a long day. Before I realized it, I was asleep dreaming about all the events that happened today just exaggerated. Imagine what kind of dream that'd be!
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