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45. This is Our Last 

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Gerard's POV
It's been so cold lately. I like the cold but, god it's so cold! I wasn't able to go with Edith today, I had to work early. But now that I'm off, I have nothing to do. Edith is, I'm not sure actually. She was suppose to be rehearsing. She should have been out by now. She would have called already. She's probably still rehearsing. Don't want to interrupt the session by calling. 
I'm all alone at my old shack I use to hang out at, drawing. It's probably really cold up here because it's up on a hill. Almost outside of New Jersey. I haven't been up here in a while. It's my first time since I came up here with Edith and even before that, I never came. My last time coming was when, well the incident. 
I always thought coming up here on my own would be terrifying and  it would bring back so much memories. It brings back memories but it's not terrifying. 
Too bad Arthus is still at the vet, I would have brought him up here with me. 
I walked around a few minutes. At the edge of the hill where the car crashed, by the little forest behind the shack, even up the road. Somewhere I've never been. I had no idea people still lived up here. 
It's a very quiet place. You could only hear the leaves ruffle through the wind. Very peaceful. 
What just had to ruin the moment was a phone call from Ray. 
"hey Raydio, what's up?"
"nothing much, just wondering where you were. I dropped by your job but you weren't there then your house and your mom told me you hadn't been there since the morning so I decided to call you."
"oh, we'll I'm up here in the shack."
"you better not be getting high Gerard."
"I'm not, don't worry. I'm way over that now."
"alright, you wanna hang out with Christa and I? We're going to have a picnic."
"sure, sounds fun. I'll be there in about an hour."
"sounds good. See you then."
I walked back to my car, taking a look at the old shack before I left. The sheet that I spread out with Edith that day is still there, my old drawings are still there. Of course, who's gonna take them down?
I drove back thinking about Edith. 10 months with her already. Wow. I can't belive it. It's the longest relationship I've ever had. And I plan for it to be the last. I want to marry Edith one day. 

Edith's POV
I have been walking around the mall for hours. By myself. Rehearsals finished a long time ago. I feel bad for not calling Gerard but, I can't see anyone right now. I can't be with anyone right now. I can't even think straight. 
I got a call from my dad as soon as practice ended. 
Can you believe how devastating that was?! I don't hate him but Everytime I talk to him, I just remember the brake up. My mom was really sad and he was too, but my mom says it just had to happen. Which I still don't understand why if they both loved each other. It doesn't make sense. 
And another thing is, I know why Ms. Joyet had Carlos and I work so hard. The company that's coming from Canda is seeking for young ballet dancers to be part of their company. I over heard Ms. Joyet talk about me with one of the directors. It scares me because if they choose me, then I'll have to move to Canda. I don't want to move to Canada. What a coincidence that my dad called. He wants me to move up there with him. I have a feeling he knows something because he didn't ask for Jade to go too.
I don't want to be chosen. It's a great opportunity but, I don't want to leave my mom or my sister. I've been with them all my life and I love them. Then comes Gerard. He's my love. I love him till death. I don't want to be separated from him. It'll be so hard to say goodbye. 
Thats why I'm here all alone walking around the mall. Trying to think things over...
"Edith?" crap, I don't want to talk to anyone right now!
"oh hey Linda!" Linda's an exception. I hadn't realized she was behind me. 
"what are you doing here alone?"
"oh just, looking for some peace and quiet."
"at the mall?"
"yeah, weird isn't it."
"yeah. You're weird in general ha." she giggled. 
"aww, thank you you're so sweet. What are you doing here alone?"
"actually I'm not alone. I'm here with Henry. He just went to buy some hot chocolate."
"oh I see, there he comes."
I pointed behind her and she turned around with a grin. 
"here you go beautiful and hi Edith."
"hey, where's my hot chocolate?!"
"oh here, take mine."
"oh no, I'm just kidding. Enjoy your chocolate."
He started sipping his hot chocolate before talking again. 
"what are you doing here? Where's Gerard?"
"I'm here alone."
"she came to look for some peace and quiet." Linda said holding up her free hand with two fingers over her head as If they were quotation marks. 
"at the mall?"
"that's what I said!"
"well excuse me for being weird!" I squealed. 
"you are weird." they said at the same time. 
"it's my specialty. So I'll see you guys later. Have fun." I started walking away when they called me again.
"wait, you don't want to hang out with us?"
"well, I don't want to ruin your date."
"it's totally fine."
"I rather not, it's your time. I don't want to be a third wheel."
"alright then, see you in school."
Now I started walking out again. I had forgotten for just a few seconds where I was heading. Then I remembered it was nowhere. I remembered I was walking around thinking of my future. 
I give up, I'm gonna talk to my mom better. It's way easier. Why didn't I think of that before?
I decided to head home now. It's no use to be at the mall anymore. I waited at the bus stop alone next to some cute couple. I wish Gerard was here right now..

I walked by the park close to my house when I spotted Ray and Christa sitting down by some tree. 
"Ray!" I yelled! I ran towards them as Ray got off the ground, spreading his arms with a grin. I hugged him and he wrapped his muscular arms around me. 
"what are you guys doing here?" I asked as we sat down. 
"we're having a picnic. Gerard is here too, he just went to the store."
"apparently it's been 15 minutes since he left." Christa commented. 
"aww, I want to see him already."
"where were you?" Ray asked. 
"I was at rehearsals."
"it took this long? It's 4pm."
"I know, It did take a while but then um," I rather not say anything, "all the dancers went out to eat. And I am a dancer so I went."
"oh cool, where'd you guys go?"
"that place is so good!" Christa said. 
"I know right!" a car pulled up by the side walk and there came out my Gerard.
"Gee!" I yelled and ran towards him, jumping on him and giving him a big hug.
"I missed you!" I whispered in his ear, "I'm sorry I didn't call."
"it's okay, don't worry about it. I missed you too." he put me down and we walked back together to the little picnic. 
"I think you guys are so cute." Christa said. 
"thank you, you guys are too."
"aww" she said and leaned on Ray. Ray hugged her shoulders. 
"hey, I know this was your guys' thing but, the whole gang hasn't hung out peacefully in such a long time." Gerard said. 
"that's true, we should give them a call if you guys don't mind."
"not at all, it is true, we haven't been together."
"great, so I'll make the calls." I grabbed my phone and went to Gerard's car.

I leaned on his car and my first call  was to Bob. 
"hello? Bob?"
"hey Eddie, haven't talked you in a a while."
"I know, where have you been?"
"just, around."
"you haven't been with us at school either. Are you okay?"
"I'm totally fine."
"okay so um, we're hosting a picnic, do you want to come?"
"the park by my house. Everyone will be here. C'mon, it'll keep your mind off things."
There was silence in the other line. 
"will Linda be there?"
"I'm sorry Eddie but if she is, I rather not be there."
"but Bob, she doesn't hate you. C'mon, you have to talk to her sooner or later. In fact, she thinks you hate her."
"why would I hate her?"
"exactly, why would she hate you?"
"but if Linda goes, Henry will be there and I almost punched him. I feel bad."
"then don't you think this will be the best time to say sorry?"
"I guess.."
"so c'mon, come. I'll be here for you."
"fine. I'll be there in a few."
"yay! Thank you Bob. Remember that I love you."
"I love you too"
"we all love you."
"I know, I love everyone too. Thank you."
"your welcome. Now hurry!"
"okay, okay, bye."
Poor Bob, I feel really bad for him. 

I was about to call Frank and Emma when I see that their car pull up in front of us. Jade and Mikey also came out. I turned to look at Gerard.
"Frank had called and I told him about it. I also told him to bring Jade and Mikey and food." he yelled. 
"okay!" I yelled back. 
I called Linda explaining to her what's going on and what will happen. She immediately agreed. She said she wants her best friend back. 
After about 15 minutes, everyone was gathered around. Bob and Linda were standing outside of the group talking about their problem. He already apologized to Henry. We were all having a good time. Once they came back, it's as if they never had a fight. How sweet. 
We spent most of our afternoon there. Once it was late at night, fireflies started to come out. 
"whoa! I had no idea fireflies lived here!" Frank yelled and started catching them. 
"Emma! Join me!" and once she got up, all of us followed. We each started to catch them. To bad we didn't have jars. We got some of the clear plastic cups and held them inside. They were so cute! This was an amazing night after all. And no matter what kind of bad incidents we've experienced with each other, it's as if they never occurred. We didn't let it get in our way. 
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