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46. Ten Months, Remember That

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*hey you guys, I'm sorry that I didn't update sooner. I haven't updated like in a week! I'm sorry :( I just wanted to take this week off and try to finish off the story. I wasn't able to finish Dx I'm so mad at myself for that but,  I've been really behind on stuff and I've had dance performances this last weekend. I'm still trying to catch up on homework and stuff so this will take longer than I thought. I'm sorry once again. 
Also, I noticed I've been getting less and less views :'( it's sad but it's all cool. I know I haven't really been updating a lot. I just hope you guys are still interested in this story. Thank you for reading :)
Also, thank you to chickiepoo97 for her review. I actually had thought not a lot of people were interested in this story anymore but I guess there is still some. Thanks again. 

Edith's POV 
Oh my goodness, tomorrow is the big day. Today is last dress rehearsal. Today is when I put on my full costume and make up and everything! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. 
"Edith! Wake up!" my mom called as she passed by my room. I grunted and got out of bed. I didn't sleep at all last night. I'm just so excited! I just hope I don't crash and knock out while I'm dancing. 
"hello?" I answered my phone rashly. My phone had been ringing for a while and I was going crazy looking for it. 
"hey babe." it was Gerard. 
"oh hello, what's up?"
"just wondering what time your rehearsal starts"
"um, 11:30."
"okay, I'll be at your house at 11"
"okay great. I'll be waiting."
"kay, love you."
"love you too. Bye." I hung up and started to rush around my room to search for my stuff. I completely forgot where I threw my dance cloths, I was exhausted and I'm running out of time. It's 10:25am.
"Edith! Gerard is here!" my sister called from the living room. I was still changing. It was 11:15am and I had barely found my dance bag. It was deep down in my closet. How'd it end up there? Ugh. I slipped on my T-shirt and went outside to greet my boyfriend. I found him reading another comic book. He's been reading a different comic book each week. He put down his comic book and stood up. 
"hey grizzly."
"hey!" I said and gave him a warm hug. 
"you're so warm!" he said letting go. 
"you know me, I'm a bear."
We both giggled and went into my room. I stood upon my mirror trying to fix my hair. 
"you got more chips?" he asked hugging my pillow. 
"yeah, they're in my closet in the big box."
"alright." he walked over to the closet. I was blow drying my hair and trying to comb it up into a bun when I realized Gerard had been in my closet for too long. 
"Gee, are you okay?" 
"totally fine!" he yelled from inside. His voice was drowned from my stuffed closet. I walked over to the closet and found him going through my stuff. 
"what are you doing??"
"oh, well I was looking for the box when I got distracted by this treasure box." he opened it up and so many memories came flooding through my head. 
"oh wow, I forgot about this. I keep all my 'significant artifacts' in here"
"whoa, what is this?" he held up an old looking rag doll. Its dress was floral and it had a white apron with messed up brown hair
"aww, that's my doll from when I was like 5, my grandma gave it to me."
"it's cute." he put it back down and held up a birthday card that said "happy birthday BFF" with a picture of Annie and I. 
"is this you?!" he asked surprised. 
"yeah and that's my old best friend Annie, the one I told you about. We were in 8th grade."
"wow, you look different." my hair was shorter and it was light brown. It was straight and my scene bangs had a pink streak, just like Annie's. We were at a party so I was wearing revealing clothing. 
"yeah I know, I was a party person before. I was very wild."
"I can tell." he pointed at my tight dress. 
"oh shut up, I regret wearing that dress. That's the day I met Henry."
"oh" he said so coldly and put the birthday card down and sighed heavily. Just another reason why I shouldn't tell him about Henry yet. He took out another object. It was an envelope wth a heart sticker on it. Before I remembered what it was, he had already opened it. 
"you wouldn't want to read that if I were you." 
"why? Oh.." he quickly put back the letter inside the envelope when he had unfold it. It was a love letter from Henry. He placed it back and continued looking through the treasure box. 
"here, can I have the letter?" he passed it to me without looking at me. I opened it to take a look at it after so long of not doing so. Thank god he didn't look through the envelope again, there was a picture of Henry and I kissing. 
"why do you still have the things Henry gave you? Do you consider those significant artifacts?"
"of course not! I forgot I had them. If you want, I'll throw them away.." I walked over to him, ruffling his hair gently. 
"please" he said softly, looking up at me with a smile. I giggled and sat down next to him, looking for the things Henry gave me. 
"that's a lot of stuff." Gerard commented angrily. 
"calm down, I still love you more than I ever liked him." 
He didn't say anything back. He just glanced up at me, the treasure box, and the love letters. 
"alright, that's it." I grabbed the things but before I got up, he took hold of my hand looking at me straight in the eye. I looked back at him, straight into his hazel, angry eyes. I could see it right through him. He leaned forwards and kissed me placing his hand on the letters and crushing them into his fist. He let go and smiled. 
"I love you."
"I love you too." I kissed him back gently and got up to throw the things away. 
I came back and found him lying on Jade's bed, eating chips and texting someone. 
"you look quite comfortable."
"I am, so if Jade comes in and tells me to move, just expect that I won't and I'll bite her hand off because I'm hungry."
"do you want something to eat?"
"no, I'm good with chips. You ready?" he asked sitting up. 
"yeah, let's go." I grabbed my dance bag and smiled at him. He got off the bed and we both walked out of my room. 
"hey I have a surprise for you afterwards." we talked as we walked to the studio. 
"what is it?"
"well since your performance is tomorrow, I'd like to have a date tonight." before we entered, he took me into his arms and nibbled on my neck. His arms were on my lower back. I like it when he does that. 
"hmm, sounds nice. Alright. I'll see you later." I kissed him goodbye and stepped inside. 
"hey Carlos" Carlos was standing at the front desk talking on the phone. He clicked and walked with me to the studio. 
"ready for today?"
"I guess. Kinda nervous. But I'm so excited to wear the costume."
He giggled and wrapped one arm around my shoulders. 
"ha Edith, you're funny."

Gerard's POV
Time to buy myself some coffee. I can't wait till Edith comes out of dress rehearsal, I'm taking her out on a date. I dont know where, but I'm taking her out. 
As soon as I was about to turn the corner, I bumped into HER. 
"oh I'm sorry." I said. I was about to continue my journey for my cup of coffee when she said something, making me look at her. Something I didn't want to do.
"wait." she said sternly, "how are you?"
"I'm fine Victoria, thank you."
"that's great. Are you gonna come watch the show tomorrow?"
"yeah, you guys will do great."
"thank you, I'm sure of it. With your girlfriend being the swan and all.." she stopped to look at the ground with a slight smile and a cocked eyebrow. 
"so I'll see you later." I said and walked slowly around her. 
"wait Gerard, I have something to tell you." I stopped because I didn't want to be rude.
"please don't give me some bullshit, I've had enough of that with you."
"well, you might consider it bullshit but I'm sure this is true. I have proof."
"what is it." she paused before continuing and stepped closer to me.
"do you really like Edith?"
"I love her."
"do you trust her?"
"with all my heart."
"have you ever thought of her loving you as much as you love her?"
"of course she loves me. She's not you."
She seemed a little offended. 
"I liked you very much Gerard."
"sure you did."

Victoria's POV
"I did. Anyways, that's not the problem right now, the problem is that Edith has cheated on you. " before I could continue, I was interrupted by a yell coming from behind Gerard. 
"Gee!" Edith was running towards Gerard. When she approached us, she seemed surprise. She gazed at us for a second but then continued. 
"so, um- the teacher said you're welcome to stay today."
"oh that's great, um, I'm going to buy coffee first. Do you want to come?"
"no, I can't. I have to go but I'll be waiting for you. It doesn't start till 1, so, I'll be in my dressing room."
"ok." she cupped his face and kissed him. She let go of him and gave me a mean look before leaving. 
"so, like I was saying.."
"look Vicky, I don't want to know anything okay? We had something in the past and thats over now. It'll never come back so please leave us alone. I love Edith. Period." and with that, he pushed my shoulder and walked away.
I was shocked from what he told me. I had never actually heard Gerard tell me something like that in a nice way. He's only told me like bitch or something but never straight in the eye. But this time, it was straight forward and demanding. Like, It was almost convincing. 
But now it isn't to take Gerard away because I like him. I mean, I do like him, I guess. He's cute and I'm sure with my sympathy and company I can get him back but now I just want Edith to be unhappy. I hate her and I'd do anything to make her unhappy and I think right now her beautiful treasure is Gerard. 

Gerard's POV
I was waiting for my coffee when Victoria's words replayed in my head. 
"Edith has cheated on you." over and over again. 
Of course I'm not going to believe her! It's ridiculous! But, I'm a little insecure when it comes to girls. 
I've been with Edith 10 months, soon to be 11 in about a week and a half. I'm sure Edith loves me as much as I love her. Edith means the world to me and I mean the world to her. We've proved each other our love in so many ways! There's no way she's played me! We're always together. There's no way. No way! 
I'm not gonna let this get to me. No way in hell. I'm planning to have the best night today with her and there is no way I'm letting this get to me. I love Edith and she loves me! End of discussion. 
I grabbed my coffee and drank it angrily. I can't believe she'd do this. Victoria is way over her head now. 
"oh hey, come in." Edith opened her dressing room door and Inside, there was a tailor with her. She was already trying on her costume. 
"you look beautiful." I said to her. The tailor lady was amused by my comment. 
"thank you. I feel pretty in it."
We all laughed at her comment. The tailor lady made Edith turn around so now her back was facing me. 
"are you excited?"
"a little, I'm nervous."
"you'll do fine."
"okay, you're all set. I'll be fixing Carlos' costume if you need me." the tailor lady said and left. 
"thank you. Bye Ms. Moon." 
Edith sat down in front of her mirror and started to do her white swan make up.
"so, how's your coffee?"
"pretty good."
"can I have a taste?" 
"sure." I passed her my coffee cup and she sipped it making sure she doesn't ruin her pink lipstick. 
"sorry, there's some pink lipstick on there."
"it's fine." I cleaned it off and continued drinking my coffee. 
"I wouldn't want to ask but I'm gonna do so anyway..what was Vicky talking to you about?"
I'm going to be a good boyfriend and tell her. 
"she told me you were cheating on me." Eddie gasped and stopped to look at me while she was putting on her mascara. 
"her little game is getting old."
"I know."
"you don't belive her right?"
"of course I don't." I walked over to her and grabbed her shoulders and stared at her through the mirror.
"I love you Edith and I trust you okay?"
"I know it's just, you thought I cheated with Carlos..."
"that was completely my mistake and my dumbass. We've been together for so long. It would have to take so much proof for me to ever believe her."
"alright. Well, I love you too. I'd kiss you right now but I'm wearing lipstick."
"it's cool" I said laughing. There was a knock on the door. 
"10 minutes Ms. Lynn. Go ahead and go to the stage."
"okay so, I have to go now. Go to the theatre with Ms. Joyet."
"okay, I'll be watching."
"kk." she smiled at me and opened the door walking out to the stage. I watch her go in her little white tutu that looks adorable on her. I'm glad to be her boyfriend. 
It was time for intermission and let me tell you, I've been blown away. Everything just looks so amazing and beautiful. I feel like I'm in a fairy tale. The girls on pointe look unbelievable. That's just so, out of this world! Especially my Edith. She looks so beautiful and harmless as the white swan. 
How's she gonna look as the black swan?
So now it's over and they're just presenting the dancers. Edith will be right out when she's done taking off her costume and make up and whatever else she has to do. Let me just say one more thing, I was blown away again! I liked it so much. It was full of emotions I can't even explain. I saw Carlos up there, he was like, wow. No homo. Edith was beautiful as ever! But she looked so different! She didn't look so sweet anymore. She was the black swan and she looked mean as hell. She did a very good job though. I'm amazed at what she can do. 
"how was it Gerard?" Ms. Joyet approached me as I was walking out of the theatre. 
"it was amazing. I can't believe you were able to direct something like that. All the dancers look great up there."
"well thank you Gerard. I'm glad you liked it. What did you think of Edith?"
"I thought she was beautiful as both swans. She knows how to play it off."
"of course, that's why I picked her."
We walked out of the main building and now we were in the lobby. 
"okay, I have to go Gerard. I'll tell Edith you're waiting here."
"thank you. Bye." 
Moments later Edith came in with her stuff in hand, looking for something in her bag rashly.
"what's wrong?"
"I can't find my phone. Ahh! There we go." she held her phone out and made a phone call. 
"mom, I'm gonna get home later okay? Gerard is taking me out. No I'll be home in time. Yeah I know. Okay bye." 
"what did she say?"
"she said she wants me home early because tomorrow is the 'big day' " 
"don't worry, I'll take you home just in time." I kissed her forehead and held her hand as we walked back to my car. 

Carlos' POV
wow, what a day. It was a great final rehearsal. I love dancing with Eddie. She's fucking awesome...
Are you fucking kidding me? Oh god..
"what are you staring at Vicky?"
"nothing," she turned her attention to me now, "what are you doing right now?"
"meeting up with someone. You?"
"sure. Anyways, I'm not stupid. I know what you were looking at."
"well? What's your deal?"
"my deal is that I think you should just stop messing with them. Leave them alone. Find someone for yourself, stop waisting your time!" I said sternly. I dont know much about her problem with Eddie and Gerard but from what Eddie has told me is that she's trying to take Gerard. That'll be impossible. She's waisting her time. It's time for someone to speak up. 
"ugh, what do you know." she crossed her arms and watched their car leave the parking lot. 
"I don't know much and I know it's not my relationship but I'm sure everyone that knows about this wants you to stop. It's no use. They're inseparable."
"look Carlos, you don't know what I know okay? Eddie cheated on Gee!"
"do you have any proof?"
"yes! Look." she handed me two photos. 
In the photo was a couple sitting down at a coffee shop. They seemed to be chatting and the girl was holding the guys hand. They seemed adoring towards each other. 
On the other one, it was the same couple. They were hugging this time. He had his arms around her waist and she had her arms around his neck. She rested her head on his shoulder and so did he. I can't really tell where they're at but it seems like a school. 
This does look a lot like Edith. It's her same hairstyle; long and wavy with layers. Her favorite sweater and facial expression; happy. This guy is not Gerard though. I've never seen him either. 
"nice try Vicky but this isn't Eddie. Nice photoshop though. Did you do this yourself?" she snatched the photos from me and put them back in her wallet. 
"shut up Carlos. This is serious! I saw her with my own little eyes!"
"okay, I'm gonna go.." I started backing up slowly and then turned around to walk the other direction. 
I still heard her tell out something. 
"Carlos! You're such a douche!" 

Edith's POV
"and then Frank slipped on the cupcake!" we cracked up at my story of my 16th birthday. It was about Frank falling down because he stepped on a cupcake. It's so funny because it just had to be Frank. 
"wow! I can't believe I missed it!"
"yeah! You should of been there. It was hilarious. Best moment of my birthday." Gerard changed the radio station to a different one that was playing "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. We sang along softly after our laughter. We were driving going to Shakey's Pizza.
"what kind of pizza do you want?" Gerard asked once we were settled in our seats. 
"surprise me." 
"okay." the waiter came and he ordered a Hawaiian pizza with bread sticks and chicken wings. Sounds so good. I'm really hungry. 
In about 15 minutes, our order was ready. The air was filled with the scent of a juicy pizza with toasted crust and sizzling pineapple and ham. 
"eat up." Gerard said and dug his meaty fingers into the pizza, getting two pieces at once. 
"I'm not gonna eat much."
"why not? Tomorrow is the big day! You have to have one last good meal."
"that's the point! I have to be healthy for tomorrow."
"oh fine, can I take your soda then?"
"no, I want my coke." I took my soda and drank it. He watched me with a mean glare. 
"you're so complicated! Gosh!"
"thank you."
He glared up at me once more, taking a bite off the chicken wing. 
"ouch!" he had kicked me under the table. 
"ha! That's what you get!" 
"you're like a little boy stuck in a guys body."
"no, you got it all wrong. I'm a little boy stuck in a sexy mans body."
"oh sure." I rolled my eyes and continued eating my pizza. 
"are you scared?"
"for tomorrow? A little. I've performed before but it's been a while. I've only performed on pointe twice in my life time. This is going to be my third."
"wow. You'll do fine. Don't worry about it."
"I hope." 
We continued eating in silence for a while. I sure do hope everything goes fine tomorrow..
"I have a bad feeling about something though.." I commented putting my pizza down. 
"of what?"
"I'm not sure. I just started feeling it."
"don't worry," he moved his hand to mine on the table, "you're probably just really nervous about tomorrow. Don't over think it. It's okay." he put on his sweetest smile. 
"thank you Gee."
"welcome babe. Ready for a second one?"
"no thanks, I kinda lost my appetite."
"it's cool. We'll take it to go. I'm ready for a third." he took off a big bite off his third piece of pizza. He finished the last two in about 10 minutes. 
"you have a big appetite."
"yeah, I haven't eaten since breakfast."
"I dont know, didn't feel like it."
I laughed softly and looked away for a second, staring out the window into the cold night. 
Why am I all of a sudden feeling this way. I feel as if something bad is coming up. It's a really strange feeling that sends shivers up my spine. It's a helpless feeling that makes me want to cry and run to Gerard's arms and stay there forever. But, even that seems far away..
"Edith? You okay?" Gerard spoke and it made me jump a little. 
"yeah I'm fine. Are you okay?" 
"I'm full. Wanna head out?"
"great, I have another surprise for you." he winked at me before calling the waiter for the check. Surprise after surprise. I kinda like surprises. 
We took half of the pizza to go and some of the chicken wings. The bread sticks were dead and gone. I love bread sticks. 
Gerard didn't tell me where we were going this time. He just drove out and headed north. I have a feeling we might be going up to his little shack. 
Just as I thought, we parked right outside the shack. The place seemed even scarier at night. It was a windy night and the trees danced around the shack, the bushes moved and it seemed like something was crawling around there. The crows were gone this time but there's a few cats here and there. The crashed car was still there. Looking scary as always. 
"why are we here?" 
"just to hang out. Or what? Are you scared?" he mimicked a little girls voice. 
"oh c'mon, let's go inside." he came over to my side and grabbed my hand, leading me inside. The place looked a lot cleaner. 
"you cleaned up?"
"a little. I didn't like seeing the beer bottles and cigarette studs around. Not a pleasant memory." I nodded in agreement. 
"so, what are we going to do?" I dusted one of the chairs and sat down. 
"what time is it?" 
I checked my phone, "a little over 7." 
"kk" He walked over to me and sat down opposite of me on the ground. 
"I've been wondering.." I said shifting my weight on the chair. 
"why does the topic about Henry tick you off so much?" again, his face expression changed into a serious one. 
"I just don't like the guy, he hurt you. He abused you!" 
"okay Gee, calm down. Its okay."
"I swear, if I ever meet him, I'm going to want to kick his ass!" 
Damn it! I shouldn't have brought this topic up. I was considering telling him right now but I don't want him to go and beat up Henry like a maniac!
I moved to the floor next to him. 
"Gee, he's the past okay. Leave it alone, all that matter is us." 
I cupped his face and kissed him gently. He seemed to still have the rage in him cause he lowered me down to the ground harshly. I didn't get hurt but I got the message; he wants me bad. 
We continued kissing on the ground. I took his jacket off and threw it somewhere in the room. He started to strip my cloths off starting with my T-shirt. I was in bra only when I moved him and got on top of him. 
"brought a condom?"
"of course." 
I smiled and reached for his belt buckle and unbuckled it.  He reached for my bra and took it off. We switched spots for a second so he can take his pants off fully and put on the condom. Once he was done, we moved over to the couch in the room. He lied on top of me, taking my pants and the rest of my undergarments off. We continued kissing when he entered me. It's a desirable sensation when he thrusts back and forth. He went gently at first to enjoy the passion. He moved his hands to my breast massaging them. I started gasping for air as he went deeper. I pushed him on his back so I was on top of him. He grabbed my hips as I thrust harder and deeper. He massaged my breasts and sucked on my nipples. It added to the intensity. I pushed harder and cupped his face to kiss him. He wrapped his arms fully around my waist and squeezed my body tighter to his as I thrust. We kissed and he entered his tongue in my mouth playing with mine. I moaned a little. He picked me up so I was sitting down. He thrust harder and moaned heavily. He started pushing harder and faster. I moaned one last time and he stopped, breathing heavily. He moved to the couch and I lied down next to me. 
We didn't speak. He wrapped an arm around me and massaged my left arm. I rested my head on his chest. I decided to break the silence; it kinda started to feel awkward. This never happens. 
"I love you"
"I love you too." he picked my chin up and kissed me. 
And after that, silence again. It wasnt awkward though. It was pretty, pleasant. Just hearing his breathing starting to get steady and his heart beat at a normal rate keeps me comfortably. His soft touch on my hair and shoulder. His warmth on my skin is nice. I just wish to stay here forever in his arms. Let time stop and live the rest of our lives together and not let the world ruin it for us. If only life could be that simple. 
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