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47. Swan Lake

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Edith's POV
So I kinda lied to my mom, I said I was gonna get home early but I didn't. We left the shack around 10pm and got to my house around 10:45pm speeding. If Gerard wouldn't have gone fast, we would have gotten here later which isn't good. I had an amazing night though. 
I had lost the feeling of helplessness when I was with Gerard last night. But the feeling got stronger when I gave him one last kiss goodnight. I didn't want to let go. I wanted him to stay with me the night again but he couldn't. Or at least I assume; I didn't ask him to stay. I remember I started to walk away, holding eye  contact with him and I started to feel helpless again. When I had stepped inside my apartment, I ran all the way upstairs, ran in my room and threw myself in bed. I didn't care at the moment if I was still wearing my cloths from last night, I was crying at the moment. It is a horrible feeling, trust me. 
Now I regret falling asleep without my pj's. My black skinnies aren't very comfortable to sleep in. 
"Edith!" my mom called from outside. I rolled out of bed and went. 
"what is it?" the minute I stepped outside, the whole world was in my living room. 
Not literally but everyone that I know was here. 
Frank, Emma, Mikey, Jade, Bob, Linda, Gerard, Gerard's parents, Emma's parents, Ray, Christa, and Arthus. Henry wasn't here; of course. 
"Arthus!" I yelled and went to hug my dog. 
"I missed you so much boy!" he licked my face and threw me to the ground. 
"whoa, okay boy. I'm gonna get up now." 
"wow, what is this?" I questioned looking at everyone who was smiling. 
"we're here to support you and congratulate you this morning since its your big day today." Ms. Way came to me and hugged me very tightly. 
"good luck Ms. Future Way." she whispered in my ear. She let go looking at me with a smile. I think I was blushing because my face felt hot. She cupped my cheek and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Wow, me being called Ms. Way? How beautiful. It sounds so right. 
"look Edith! We baked you a cake!" Frank yelled and skipped to the kitchen, opened the fridge and came running out with a cake. 
"Frank! Be careful! You're gonna drop the cake!" Emma yelled and ran to him to get the cake from him. She got it and placed it carefully on the table. Everyone gathered around and sang a song apparently Emma and Frank had made up.
"oh Edith! You are a beautiful princess! And an evil swan at the same time!
Oh Edith! We wish you the best today! That's why we baked you this cake! 
Oh Eddie! We love you!" everyone just clapped along while Emma and Frank pranced around the living room singing. I noticed Mikey was recording them, ha! This will be an epic memory! 
They bowed when they were finished and walked back to the table. I watched Gerard smiling, He was watching my mom cut the cake and passed it out to everyone. 
"fuck yeah! Cake for breakfast!" Frank yelled and that's when Gerard looked up at me. He walked over to me with a grin. 
"good luck today. You'll do great." he wrapped me into his arms. 
"I had fun last night." I whispered in his ear squeezing his butt. Something I haven't done in a while. 
"me too." he squished mine too. Our normal "hand shake". He let go but kept one arm around my shoulders. 
"here you go." my mom said and passed Gee a plate skipping me.
"um, mom?"
"oh honey you can't eat cake before the show!"
"oh c'mon mom!" 
"okay, just a little." she cut me a little slice. I do understand that I'm not suppose to eat it before show but, I really like cake.

"okay so I have to get going you guys." I said getting up from the couch. 
"yeah I do too, have to get my tux for today ahem." Mikey said getting up posing in front of Jade. 
"pfft." was all Jade said rolling her eyes and laughing with Emma. 
"okay you guys, time to hustle up for the show!" Mr. Way said getting up. 
Everyone said goodbye to each other and left to get ready. 
All I had to do get was my dance shoes and leave. Everything I need is over there. My mom went to drop me off this time because Gerard claimed that he needed to go with Mikey to get his tux. 
"Okay honey, good luck. You're gonna look beautiful." my mom said to me through the window as I got out of the car. 
"thank you mom. See you later." I tap the car before walking to the front door. 
Inside, my friend Melissa was waiting for me. 
"hey Eddie! you excited for today?"
"sure am!" we high fived and we both walked down to the dressing room. I went to my personal dressing room since I'm the swan. 
When I stepped inside, I found Ms. Moon bringing in my costumes. 
"hey sweetie."
"hello." I put down my dance bag and looked in the mirror for a second. I took deep breath in. You're gonna do great Eddie, don't worry. 
"okay, your costumes are ready."
"thank you." Ms. Moon nodded in agreement and left. 
I was slipping on my white tights when There was a knock on the door. 
"oh hello Ms. Joyet, c'mon in." she stepped in and closed the door. She turned around and shot me a cheesy grin. 
"how are you my swan?"
"I'm good and you?"
"I'm excited. Can't wait to see you up there!"
"thank you."
"okay now listen, remember about the company I told you about?"
"okay well no one knows but they were here on our last dress rehearsal. They have their eyes on you Edith, so do your best up there. Give it 150%"
"okay Ms. Joyet."
"oh c'mon honey! Put a smile on your face! It's your big day!" she squeezed my cheeks. I put on a fake smile. 
"that's what I like to see." she winked at me and then turned around to leave. 
How do you expect me to be happy? They have their eyes on me! That's good but, my family and Gerard, I don't want to leave them. 
It'll be so stupid to let go of this offer if they do choose me. But I don't want to leave my family and Gee. At the end of the day, I have the final choice...
I was almost finished with my hair and make up when Gerard bursted in my room. 
"Gee! What are you doing here?! You're gonna get in trouble." I turned around to face him when I said that. What I saw took me by surprise. 
"wow." we both said at the same time looking at each other from head to toe. 
"why are you saying wow? You already some me in this yesterday!"
"you look beautiful in different ways everyday sugar. Why are you saying wow?"
"Why am I saying wow? Have you seen yourself in the mirror?!" he looked extremely hot. I have never seen him in a tux. His hair was combed back with hair falling to his face at times. His tux was all black. Black tie, black dressing shirt, black coat, black pants and shoes. Just wow, it brings out his pale skin and hazel eyes. 
"you look so fucking hot." I walked over to him and gave him a tight hug. I pushed him against the wall. I couldn't help myself, he looks so hot today. I kissed him and lowered my hand under his belt buckle, grabbing his package. He moaned a little while we kissed. 
"okay, okay, you gotta stop. I don't want to ruin these pants." he pushed me away gently, still in his arms. 
"fine but just wow!" I kissed him again roughly grabbing his coat tightly. 
"you got me so turned on." I whispered to him. 
"you got me so turned on with your little hand job there." 
I giggled a little and went back to the mirror to fix myself. And just when I did that, Carlos came in. Thank god we stopped at that moment. 
"oh hey what's up." Carlos said and bro hugged Gerard. He then turned his attention to me. 
"Ms. Joyet wants to see us." 
"okay, I'm almost finished. I'll see you outside." 
"good luck!" Gerard yelled to Carlos who had walked out. 
"thank you!" you could hear Carlos yell back. 
"that was awkward" Gerard said walking towards the mirror I was standing in front of. I need one last little check up on my outfit. 
"he was in tights and, I kinda felt his package when he hugged me."
I started to laugh very loudly. 
"oh god, that's too funny! I'm gonna tell Frank! He's gonna laugh his ass off!" I continued laughing hysterically as Gerard shook his head.
"wow, that was just weird."
"okay, we need to go." I said opening the door. 
"you need to go to the theatre." 
"I am. Good luck once more." he gave me a hug and a kiss before leaving and we both ran out opposite directions. 

"oh good Edith, you're here. You look gorgeous." Ms. Joyet said as I approached her. She was standing side stage with Carlos. 
"thank you, why do you need to see us?"
"well I already told you but I'm telling Carlos, they have their eyes on Carlos too so I just want to say to give it all you've got up there. Not that you guys aren't doing that already but I want it even more. Surprise the audience! Make them go wild!"
"Ms. Joyet! We need you over here!" another voice called from the pit.
"ooh! Okay so I'll see you guys later. I have to go! Good luck you guys!" she hugged us before leaving and now it was just Carlos and I. 
"we have about 10 minutes till show, how do you feel?" 
Carlos acted like a reporter. 
"I'm very excited thank you very much!" I mocked a British accent playing along with Carlos. 
"now Carlos! You look handsome as ever!"
"oh thank you very much Carlos!"
Carlos was pretending to report himself. 
"oh god, do you know how stupid you look?"
"I believe not!" he mocked with a British accent. 
"hey I'm gonna go drink water so.." I left him alone talking to himself. Apparently he thinks he's so funny if he's laughing by himself. 

I walked through the hallways just wandering around. I passed by the girls dressing room and decided to say hello to Melissa and the other girls. 
"hey you guys!" I said entering their room. 
"wow Edith! you look beautiful!" everyone said as I walked in and hugged everyone. 
"thank you so much you guys! You all look beautiful too!" 
"places ladies!" the stage manager said. I didn't have time to talk more so I just said goodbye and left. I went next to Carlos again at the side stage and waited for my que. 
"white swan, your on." 
I counted to three, took a deep breath, prayed my last prayer and jumped on stage...

I was right in front of the audience on stage during my solo when I took a glimpse of what seemed to be my family, really close to the stage, video taping and taking pictures. 
Gerard was taking pictures with a Kodak camara, Ray and Mikey were video taping. Frank and Emma were on the other side video taping and taking pictures. 
Wow, how many videos and pictures do they need?! 
I also noticed they were all dressed formally. They look so handsome and elegant. Ray and Mikey were wearing similar tuxes; they were wearing a black vest and black tie and pants but a white dressing shirt. Frank was wearing an black suit with a red tie and Emma had on a nice, red cocktail dress with fishnet pantyhose. Or at least that's what I noticed from afar. They look so cute. I didn't see my mom or Jade or Gerard's parents though. But I'm sure everyone looks very elegant. 
It was time for Carlos and I to get off stage and it was almost time for the second act. I did my last move and stepped off stage. On side stage, there was the other ballerinas and Ms. Joyet. 
"Good job Eddie! That was great!" the others told me. As I passed Vicky, she smiled at me and placed her hand on my shoulder. 

Victoria's POV
"that was great Eddie, keep it up." I smiled widely and she seemed a bit confused but tried to hide it as much as she can. 
"thank you Victoria, good luck up there." she tapped my back and nodded with a smile and then left. That seemed pretty fake to me. Lying bitch. 
But anyway, I'm not gonna lie. I actually meant what I told her. She did do a great job up there. I can't believe I'm saying this but she looked beautiful. Ugh. But the show is going very well. 

Edith's POV
I stepped into my dressing room and sighed sitting down, wow that was tiring. I looked at myself In the mirror. I look good as the white swan. 
"hey!" Carlos said bursting into my room. 
"crap! You scared me!"
"sorry but that was great man!" he took me into a tight hug and spun me around. I started to laugh from all the excitement. 
"I know! I'm so happy. We look badass up there!"
"fuck yeah! Ready for change of costume?"
"hell yeah, the black swan is a very interesting costume to wear."
"yeah, it looks very cool. So I'll see you later cause I'm gonna get in trouble if I'm in here."
"alright, bye!"
"bye" he shut the door behind him and once again I was alone. 
"Places black swan!" I'm guessing Intermission was over because they were calling for places. I stepped out and everyone gasped. Even the stage manager. They all clapped for me as I passed by them. 
"wow Edith! You look so scary and beautiful at the same time!" one of the ballerinas told me. Melissa took me into her arms and whispered in my ear. 
"I think I saw your family during intermission." 
"really where?" I said looking at her face. 
"they were standing close to the foodstand."
"of course they'd be there." I giggled. 
"your boyfriend looks really cute in his tux." she giggled shyly. 
"ha, thank you." 
"you guys are lucky to have each other because you both are hot!" one of the gay male dancers interrupted our conversation. 
Melissa and I laughed.
"thank you, Enrique." 
Carlos came up from behind me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. 
"If she was single, I'd hit on her." he told me and the others. 
"didn't you already try that when she was new?" Melissa commented. 
"yeah but she turned me down. At first, I was like what!?! Then I found out she had a boyfriend so I was like, oh." we continued laughing and joking till it was already time to go on stage. 
"we're glad to present you, the Swan Lake dancers!" Ms. Joyet called through the microphone and we all walked on stage professionally and did our courtesy an bows to the audience. I looked up at the audience and everyone was going wild. Everyone was standing up and clapping and throwing roses on stage. I looked for my family and there they were, looking at me and standing up. Frank was jumping up and down like a little boy. 
"I'm also gladly to present to you our Swan Lake queen!" I stepped up front and The stage manager gave me a bouquet of flowers. The crowd went even more wild. I bowed once more and when I looked back to the audience, I met eyes with Gerard. He blew me a kiss and I pretended to grab it and placed above my chest. I started tear up from all the adrenaline and joy from this day. I blew him a kiss and he did the same. 
"I hope you had a great night! Goodnight!" Ms. Joyet said and the curtains closed. 
"congratulations!" Ms. Joyet yelled and hugged me first and then the others. Everyone exchanged hugs and kisses for a wonderful night it has been.  
I felt someone come up behind me and hug my waist, picking me and spinning me around. 
"you did great black swan!" Carlos yelled and it hurt my ears. 
"thank you! You did too!!" I yelled back and turn around to hug him. 
"let's head to the banquet?" Carlos said offering his arm. 
"yes, but don't you think we should change first?"
"oh, right. I'll escort you to your room madam."
"thank you sir." we mimicked a British accent again and left. 

I stepped into the banquet with a beautiful evening gown Ms. Way gave me for this day. It was really luxurious. It was floor length and made of satin, sheath silhouette. It is short sleeved, up to my elbows with a v-neck. From the waist and up it is made up of a lace, trimmed on the bodice with sash decorates on the waist with a bow embellishment. My hair was made into a braid that resembled a crown. It was astonishing. 
As I walked through the room, everyone greeted me. It was rather hard to find my family until I saw from across the room, that tall, handsome guy in a tux with jet black hair.
"excuse me, I have to see someone right now." I told the person I was talking to and immediately walked over to him. 
"Gerard!" I said and he turned around with a happy expression. He put his glass of punch down and extended his arms. I ran to him giving him the biggest kiss in the world.
"you did great sugar. You were beautiful up there." Gerard said letting go of me to face me. 
"oh honey! Come here!" my mom said walking over to me, squeezing my body. 
"I'm so proud of you!"
"thank you mom. Thank you for getting me these classes."
"your welcome honey. I'm glad you've put them into great use." 
"I'm glad I've pushed myself." 
"Eddie!" Frank yelled running towards me with a water bottle in hand. 
"I love you so much! You did awesome! You were so sweet and evil the same time pretty girl!!" Frank said crushing me into his hug. 
"thank you Frank! I love you so much too and thank you again!" he let go of me and gave me a wet kiss on the cheek. 
"welcome!" after him, Emma came towards with a grin. 
"I'm so proud of you best friend." she said wrapping me in her arms. 
"you were great. I had no idea you had such talent."
"thank you Emma." I let go to face her.
"by the way, you look sexy!" I said looking at her head to toe. 
"thanks! I went shopping with Jade and Linda and we all got a dress." 
"huh, no wonder. Well, all you guys look beautiful." 
"thank you. You too Edith"
"okay ladies, let's go sit." Gerard came to us and offered me his arm. 
"ooh" Emma said, winking and walking away to Frank. I blushed. It's been a while since Gerard has made me blush. 
"you're blushing." he said caressing my cheek as we walked to our seat. 
"I know." I turned away shyly. He giggled and pulled out my seat so I can sit. 
"my lady." 
"thank you." I still can't stop blushing. I think I've just fallen more in love. 

The night went on enjoyable. Everyone was having a good time. There was families and dancing, great after party. As for us, we were enjoying ourselves as well. My mom and Gerard's parents were talking about who knows what. Jade and Mikey went to the dance floor and dance. Frank and Emma were, surprisingly just sitting, talking. They seemed so calm and cute. Linda was tagging along with Ray and Christa and Gerard and I were sitting down as well just talking.
Basically, everyone was carrying on a conversation but Jade, Mikey, and Bob...
Bob has me worried. He told me he was going to the restroom about ten minutes ago.. There is a chance he's still in there, taking care of his business, or.. What if something happened to him? He's been very depressed lately. Oh no..
"hey, Gee, I'll be back. I'm gonna go look for Bob."
"want me to come with?"
"no it's cool, I'll go."
"kk, hurry back."
"I'll try."
I got off my seat and went on my way to the restrooms. 
As I was turning the hallway to the restroom, I bumped into someone I didn't expect to see here. 
I paused for a quick millisecond but then continued. It was quick, but she noticed. 
"hey Eddie, worried about something?"
"hey Becky, not at all. How- how have you been?"
"I've been fine. You?"
"cool, me too."
"I saw you up there, you were great."
"thank you. I'm glad you came to watch."
"I'm glad too, it was a great show."
Silence fell. Crap, I'm just gonna go head and ask. Maybe she's seen Bob.  
"well bye Ed-"
"wait, by any chance... Have you.. Seen Bob?.." I squinted my eyes feeling very awkward for my question. All I could remember was what she and Bob had. 
"no.. I saw him earlier though. He was going outside."
"oh thanks. Um, I'll catch you later Becky." I walked passed her in a hurry. 
She might have played Bob but, her face expression contradicted the thought. 
When I mentioned Bob, she looked hurt and her face turned slightly pale. 
Again, she might have hurt Bob but this whole situation also hurt her..
I walked passed the lobby and the theatre entrance. No sign of Bob. I wouldn't want to go outside but I have to fine Bob. It's freezing cold out here. 
I walked through the parking lot yelling Bob's name. I turned the corner and I saw him coming my way. 
"is something wrong Eddie?" we ran towards each other and met up half way. 
"I was worried about you. Why are you here?"
"oh, I thought it was something serious."
"you are something serious to me Bob. Anyway, why aren't you inside?"
He took a deep breath and looked around for a second. He took a puff at his cigarette. Cigarette?
"since when do you smoke Bob?"
"since a while back."
"why what?"
"why are you doing this? Don't you remember when WE use to try and make Gerard stop smoking?!"
"yeah but, after the thing with.. with HER, I found this relaxing. Please Eddie, don't make me throw it away."
"fine. So do you want to go back inside?"
"I rather not. No offense though. I know it's your night and everything but... Ugh." he spit and took another puff. 
"I was planning on not telling anyone but if I'm gonna tell someone, I would prefer it be you."
"what is it Bob?"
"here, let's go sit over there." he pointed at a tree that was in the garden. I followed him there. I was about to sit when he stopped me. 
"wait." he took off his coat and laid it on the ground. 
"we wouldn't your dress to get all dirty would we?"
"thank you Bob but I don't want your coat to get dirty."
"ehh, it's just a coat. Your dress if beautiful."
"fine, if you insist." I sat down and he threw his finished cigarette to the ground and smashed it with his foot. 
"okay, well, I've been depressed lately for many reasons. To start with is because of the situation with Becky."
"yes, I understand."
"well, I was planning on moving to Florida."
"what?! Why?!"
"I just, I'm just tired of being here. I just, I just feel that if I live in a different place where it's always sunny and hot, I'll be able to forget about Linda and Becky and all my other problems like my dumb parents."
"but Bob, I don't want you to go. We're all gonna miss you. Don't you think you're going way over your head? I mean, can't you just move city?"
"but look, the thing is, I'm tired of being in New Jersey. I've lived here all my life. I want to experience life somewhere else."
"but Bob.."
"please Eddie, understand this. I'll miss you guys too but I- I just can't take it here anymore."
"well, if that's what makes you happy then, I'm happy." I extended my arms and hugged him tightly. I tried so hard not to cry. I know he wouldn't want me to cry in front of him. I let go and smiled at him, staring deep into his bright blue eyes.
"when are you leaving?" he bowed his head not answering. 
"tonight." he said softly. 
"I know, I'm sorry but this was the only flight left and it was cheap and... I want to leave as soon as possible. I swear I didn't know your performance was the same day of my flight. I found out later."
"Bob.." I couldn't help it anymore and I started to cry. He took me into his arms and stroke my back. I can feel his breathing change so I know he was also crying. 
We sat there without talking. I didn't want to let go of Bob. He's been a great friend with me and now he's leaving? 
I was clinging to his shirt tightly. I kept mumbling in a really low voice, "don't go Bob." 

Gerard's POV
Edith has been gone awfully too long. I walked around the room for a while hoping to find her. 
"hey Mikey, have you seen Edith?" I said to him, who I found sitting down at some other table alone. 
"where's Jade?"
"she went to the restroom."
"why are you here in this table alone?"
"I'm waiting for her."
"why don't you wait over there?" I said pointing back at our table. 
"cause she said to wait here."
"oh..ok. I'll see you later then. I'm gonna continue to look for Eddie."
"Kay, have fun." I left and walked towards the hallway that leads to the restrooms. 
Jade had come out and I asked her if she's seen her. She replied with a no. 
I also had found her ballet teacher and she also said no. 
I think I asked everyone that knows her and all of them said no. I finally decided to check outside. 
I walked around for a while and noticed a small, shadowy figure by a car under the fluorescent moonlight. I walked over to that figure but as I got closer, I kept getting a bad feeling. 
I continued walking anyway. When that figure noticed I was walking towards them, they walked closer and stopped right under a light. I stopped awkwardly as soon as I realized this figure was Victoria. 
"oh crap.." I mumbled to myself. I wasn't sure if I should just walk away or say something because both would just be so awakard. I already made an awkward appearance to begin with. 
"can I help you Gerard?" she said stepping closer. We were about a good ten feet away. 
"um no. I just thought- I thought you were Eddie. I wasn't able to figure out it was you since you were standing under a shadow."
"huh, right. Well if you're gonna ask if I've seen her then my answer is no. Do you need help finding her?"
"no, it's cool. Thanks anyway." I turned around very awkwardly. When I fully turned around, I felt someone grab me gently. 
"um, yeah?"
"listen Gerard, I don't want to ruin it for you but, do you remember what we talked about last time?"
"ugh, Vicky.."
"no please Gerard, hear me out. I'm not lying this time." I stayed silent. 
"here, follow me."
"oh my gosh, it's only to my car." before I knew it, we were both stepping closer to her car. She opened her car door and reached into her coat and handed me a photo. 
"what kind of sick lie is this?!" I said not taking a good look at the photo. 
"Gerard! Please! Take a good look."
I decided to do so and, right before my eyes, I saw Edith In this photo. This time, it looks exactly like her. She's wearing her favorite shoes and the sweater Mikey gave her for her 16th birthday. I can't believe she cheated on me with Henry.
"oh my god.." was what escaped my mouth. I felt a tear run down my cheek. 
"now do you believe me?" she said caressing my cheek. 
"dont. Touch. Me. Please." I said gripping my teeth. She slowly took her hand off my cheek but traced my chest and torso with her hand.
"and you see this guy? He's your worst nightmare."
"how would you know about my worst nightmare?"
"that doesn't matter but your worst nightmare is Henry right? Edith's ex?"
"yes but, this isn't that Henry."
"you sure about that?"
"yes. He lives in LA."
"this IS Edith's ex. This IS the real Henry."
"how do you know?"
"well, that doesn't matter. But, Frank knows about him and so does Linda. I can't believe Eddie didn't tell you. The picture shows exactly why she didn't tell you."
I can't believe Victoria. She's a lying slut but, these pictures..there is so many facts. This second picture, they were in school. I remember exactly this scene. It was when I called him my boyfriend. That bastard! 
For a second, I was about to not believe her but, now that I think about it, she DIDN'T tell me it was Henry and, she started to spend a lot more time with him. 
She kept his love letters claiming she "forgot".
She defended him in a lot of things. 
How do I know she wasn't cheating on me when she wasn't with me?
In school, a lot of times I always found her with him. 
That bastard. I trusted him. He pretended to be my friend. I loved him as a friend. How can they do this to me?
"how can they do this to me?" I fell to my knees, letting go of the photo. Victoria leaned down to pick it up and she sat down next to me on the ground. 
"I'm sorry that I was the one that had to tell you. Not even your close bud, Frank."
Frank. How dare he not tell me. He promised me to be here for me no matter what. He- he betrayed me! Just like Eddie and Henry!
I blinked and tears ran down my cheeks. I started to cry terriblly. All I felt was me being pulled into a hug. I don't care that she was hugging me. I really need a hug right now. 
My head rested on her lap as she stroked my hair under the fluorescent moonlight. I cried and cried. I heard her hum. It was relaxing. I felt as if it was Eddie stroking my hair and humming to calm me down but the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach. 
I don't know what to believe anymore. 10 months. 10 months with the love of my life, or so I thought the love of my life...
"Gerard?" I could almost here Eddie calling me. 
"yeah.." I said so softly that I thought she didn't hear. 
"please, don't say you heard this from me, I don't want problems anymore."
"I won't say anything."
"thank you." I felt her lower her torso and give me a kiss on my head. I felt tense at the touch of her lips but right now, I'll accept it. She seems to be the only one here for me right now. Frank betrayed me. I don't want to go to him or anyone else. She's all I've got. 

Edith's POV
I walked back on my own through the parking lot. Bob left. 
He didn't want to say goodbye to his friends and see them cry; just how he saw me. He said he wouldn't be able to take it. So he just decided to say goodbye to me. He told me to tell the others. I will, but it'll be hard...
As I was walking back, I noticed something strange. I saw Gerard sitting under one of the lights all alone with his knees held to his chest and face buried into his knees. 
"Gerard?" I said softly once I approached him. I heard sniffs but he still didn't look up at me. 
"Gee, what's wrong babe?" I kneeled down next to him and place my hand on his hand. He still wouldn't look up at me. 
"leave me alone" 
That's odd..
"I'm sorry but no, you're my boyfriend. Please look up at me." he finally looked up. His eyes were bloodshot red. His cheeks were puffy pink. He was pale other than his cheeks. 
"Gerard..." I said softly moving closer to him. 
"why." he said in a whisper. 
"why what?"
"I loved you."
"wait what?"
"how dare you do this to me?!" his voice got louder. 
"do what?"
He didn't answer. He just stared up at me, leaned closer and kissed me. So gentle but his lips were quivering. 
"is that good enough for you? Or do you like Henry's better?"
"Gerard?! What did I say about him?!" 
"nothing! That's what you said, nothing! I know your little secret Edith!"
"would you care to explain what it is?"
"Henry is your ex. Thank you so much for telling me the truth that he's here and all this time I thought he was my friend. That you met him from me. But no! You hid it from me!" he started crying again. His face was red with rage. Frank you were right. Fuck. My. Life. 
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