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48. Is This It?

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Gerard's POV
Edith's face turned blank. She was speechless. Her eyes started to swell up with tears. I almost feel bad for what I've done. But what's worse is what she did to me...
I got off the floor and started to pace around. She got up as well and looked at the ground, breathing heavily. 
"Gee.." she said finally with tears running down her cheeks.
"and that's not all I know, you cheated on me, with him! Is that why you didn't tell me?!" I faced her, also crying. Her face was burning red with tears. I couldn't take looking at her face so I looked away. 
"that's not why I didn't tell you.."
"then why?!? Huh!"

Edith's POV
Oh my god, what am I suppose to say?! I can say so much but nothing seems to escape my mouth. He's caught me off guard and I can't explain anything. 
"please Gerard, you've got to believe me that that's not the reason why I didn't tell you. I didn't cheat on you with him."
"then why didn't you tell me?!"
"because! I knew you would have get like this!"
"well I would have understood actually! I'm so pissed off because you didn't tell me!"
"and I didn't cheat on you okay?"
"explain this then!" he threw some papers. Photos in fact. I picked them off the ground and took a look at them. 
"Gerard, are you actually gonna believe this?! For all we know this could have been photoshopped!"
"Edith, that's the sweater Mikey gave you for your birthday! That's your hair and cloths and shoes! I've been with you too long to not be able to recognize your cloths. And that right there, that's Henry!" he said pointing at him in the picture. 
"what are you guys doing there?!"
He said pointing again and taking the picture into his hands and clenching it into his fist. He threw it to the ground grunting and brushing his fingers through his hair with rage. 
"Gerard, I know it looks wrong but, we weren't doing anything!"
"you kept his love letters."
"no, I forgot I had them."
"you hid him from me."
"no that's not-"
"you started to hang out with him more often."
"what I intended. You've got it all wrong." there was a beep, coming from my phone. I looked for it in my pockets.. Wait, I don't have pockets! I looked at Gerard, who was reading something on my phone. He held it tighter to his fist and more tears ran down his cheeks.
He handed me the phone grunting. I read what over it:
"I'm sorry I wasn't able to go watch you. You know the whole "secret" and stuff. Well anyway, I'm sure you did great. Linda recorded it and she's gonna show me. Once again, I'm sure you did beautifully Hailey-girl. Xoxo" it was a text message from Henry. Fuck my life! 
"don't call me Gee."
His words hurt way deep down in my heart. I remember when he told Victoria not to call him Gee. He telling me that is so heart braking. I started to cry so hard now. I fell down to the ground, clenching my fists. 
"I loved you Edith."
"Gerard! Please believe me!" I sobbed loudly and yelled. 
"then give me a reasonable explanation! The odds are totally against you!"
"I can't, I can't explain. This is too ridiculous!"
We stayed silent for a moment. He cried silently as I cried my eyes out on the floor in the parking lot. 
"you know what, I'm tired of people playing with my heart. I rather die alone then be heart broken all the time. 
I actually thought you were the right one. It's over Edith. Its over."
With every word he said, my sobs got louder. I felt my guts explode on the inside. My heart bursted through my tears. I completely fell to the ground sobbing. I watched his feet walk away from the light. He comepletly disappeard and I was alone, In this cold night. 
This is the bad feeling. This is what my heart was trying to tell me. 
I would have never expected my bad feeling was my brake up with Gerard...

Victoria's POV
Wow, that was intense. I watched the whole thing from my car. I was really close to them, not that there screams weren't loud enough for me not to hear. I just can't believe she didn't ask who he got this information from. It's unbelievable. 
So, the day has come where my victory has been fulfilled! Woohooo!! Now all I've got to do is contemplate Gerard and that'll bring him back into my arms. 

Gerard's POV
I feel so empty. So worn out. It's over. It's over between Edith and I. I feel like a piece of me has been torn out of me. I feel helpless. 10 months. It was a pretty long time all thrown to the trash because of her. I thought she loved me, I guess I was never meant to be happy..
I parked my car in front of my house. 
I stepped inside my house and had a quick glance at myself in the living room mirror. I look so worn out. 
I went down to my room and took off my tux and slipped on my favorite band t-shirt; Edith gave it to me for my birthday. I lied down in bed all alone in the dark. I could here from down here the house phone ring. I didn't want to get up and answer so I just let the voice mail answer for me:
"Gerard are you home? Please answer your phone. Why is it off? If you are home, you're gonna get in big trouble young man. How dare you leave without saying goodbye?! It's Edith big day for crying out loud! We've been looking for you and Edith. Are you with Edith? Please pick up honey. Call me back if you hear this voicemail if you're home." I was barely able to hear it. I decided to turn on my phone. Do you honestly believe I'm going to call my mom back right now? Of course I'm not, I don't plan to speak to anyone right now. 
Once my phone was on, I had a lot of missed calls and text messages from Frank, Mikey, and my parents. 
"dude, where are you?" Frank messaged me. Most of the missed calls were from my parents and the text messages were from Frank and Mikey. 
I ignored all missed calls and text messages. I don't care about anyone right now. 
I got off the bed and went upstairs. The whole house was dark. I walked to the kitchen and passed my dad's wine cupboard. I stood in front of it for a moment hesitating. I opened it up and looked through the cupboard. I was able to find what I was looking for; a bottle of vodka. 
I got my car keys and went up North, to my old place..

Edith's POV
I had stopped crying by now but I had no expression what so ever. I felt numb and cold. I was still lying down holding my knees close to my chest. It's a miracle no one has passed through here yet. It wouldn't be such a good idea for someone to find me here and I wouldn't have a good excuse to tell them why am I lying down like I'm dead. 
I sat up and leaned against the wall, looking up at the night sky. It was a foggy night full of stars. I checked my phone and found missed calls and text messages from my family. They were asking where I was. 
I don't want them to know what just happened. It would be dreadful for them to know now and I don't think I have the strength nor the words to explain my plight. 
"hey! How was your night?" 
I started to tear up as I talked to Henry on the phone. 
"Eddie what's wrong?"
"I'll explain later, could you- could you do me the favor to pick me up?"
"of course. I'll be right over."
"thank you. Bye." 
I clicked and made another phone call. It was to my sister. I decided to call private so she won't blurt out who I was.
"Jade it's me, you say a word, I'm going to kill you okay?"
"um.. Okay. What is it?"
"I'm leaving. I need to go. I'm just letting you know. Don't tell the others."
"why though? What happened?"
"I'll explain later."
"um okay so I'll see you at school Sally. Bye."

Jade's POV
"who was that honey?" my mom asked. 
"it was my friend Sally from school."
"what did she need?"
"um, she wanted me to tutor her after school on Monday."
"oh okay, has Eddie called you back?"
"no unfortunately. I think we shouldn't worry, she probably left with Gerard."
"why would they have their phone turned off?"
"I don't know." my mom seemed impatient. She's okay with the idea of Eddie and Gerard leaving but she feels they should have at least said something. 
I HOPE Edith is with Gerard. Where has she gone and why wouldn't she tell me?

Edith's POV
I waited for Henry closer to the parking entrance. I saw a car coming in and driving closer to me. I noticed it was him. I stepped out of the shadow I was at so he could notice me. He parked his car a few feet away from me and got out of the car. 
When we made eye contact I started to sob again. He ran to me and embraced me into his arms. 
He didn't say anything, we just stood there for a few minutes as he stroked my back. Then he walked me over to the passenger seat and helped me step inside. 
We drove in silence. I sobbed next to the window silently. I noticed him glance at me a few times with a pity expression.
When I felt the car stop, I looked around at my surroundings. We were at his house. He walked over and opened the door for me, helped me out and we both walked over to his front door. When he opened, I notice there was nobody home. All the lights were turned off and the place was really cold. A sign that no one has been here for a while. He turned on the living room lights and I went to sit on the couch.
"do you want some hot chocolate?"
I observed his living room as he was in the kitchen preparing the hot chocolate. I remember a lot of these stuff. The paintings and the coloring of the house. His mother loves abstract colors and paintings. I remember I helped her one day pick out the colors she wants for a painting she was working on. They were the colors green and white. Her living room now was those colors. It was a pretty cool living room; the couches and carpet were an olive green and the walls where white with lights that were shaped as fireflies stuck to the wall. You turn on the light switch and those fireflies are the lighting to your living room. 
He came back out with a tray of two hot chocolate mugs and cookies. He sat across from me. 
"do you want to talk about what happened?" 
I took a deep, shaky breath in. 
"Gerard...and I," I babbled again, "and I- broke up" I put my mug down and buried my face into one of the pillows sobbing. 
"what?! You guys, broke up??"
"yes! We broke up!" I yelled with tears running down my cheeks non stop. 
"oh god." was all he said. I felt the cushion of the couch sink down next to me and two arms wrap around my shoulders. I turned around and buried my face into his chest. It reminded me of Gee so much, I babbled even louder. I felt he let down my braid and my hair fell to my back. He stroked my hair and held me in his warm arms for a long time. 
"how did it happen?" he asked once I was almost calm. I pushed away from his hug to explain the story. 
"he thought- well, he- he had some pictures of me and some guy and... He thought I was cheating on him."
"are you sure it was you? They could have been photoshopped."
"no! It was me! I remember those days and that guy- the guy in the picture was you."
"yeah! I don't even know how or who took those pictures but it did look as if we were a couple."
"who told him this?!"
"I dont know! That's what I want to find out."
"but if he loved you so much, he wouldn't have believed it."
"I thought the same, but the odds were against me. He found out about our little secret; that you'! And when I tried to explain it to him, I was left speechless. Wich made it even worse! As if I was lying. And since I didnt have anything to say, he believed it even more. So he- broke up with me." I sobbed harder remembering his same exact words. 
"I thought you were the one. It's over Edith. It's over." thinking about it makes me feel helpless and the world hates me and doesn't believe me. I'm actually starting to feel as if I did cheat on him when I didn't. I feel so guilty for nothing. I don't know why. It's ridiculous. 
He held me in his arms for a while. I realized it was late at night and We were still sitting down on his couch. I had stopped crying by now but was just thinking through the past events that just happened and how'd I end up in Henry's arms. 
"Edith, do you want me to take you home?"
"no! I don't want to be with anyone right now."
"do you want me to leave you to yourself then?"
"no, stay with me."
"okay. Um, do you want to lye down?"
"um okay," I felt him reach under my knees and I felt him lift me up off the couch. 
"do you mind?"
I shook my head. He carried me to his room and lied me down on his bed and tucked me in. 
"is your mom gonna get mad?"
"do you want me to say something?" 
"I think you should tell Jade because my mom doesn't know about you yet." 
"okay then, I'm gonna call Jade and tell her what happened."
"no! Don't tell her yet! Just tell her that.. Just.. Damn it! Tell her to come over with Mikey and I'll explain to them."
"okay." he grabbed my phone and stepped out to make the call. I got off the bed and slipped off my dress and looked through his drawer for a shirt. I had barely slipped on the shirt when he came in. 
"whoa! Sorry, um didn't know you were changing."
"it's okay, do you mind if I wear this shirt?"
"no its cool." I snuggled back into bed hugging the pillow. I drifted off into a light sleep. When I felt someone tap my arm, I opened my eyes to look at the person. For a second I thought it was Gerard. I was about to jump in his arms when I noticed the glasses. 
"hey you're awake. What happened Eddie?" he sat down next to me on the bed and Jade was standing up next to Henry. 
"Mikey.." I said and babbled into his shoulder. I held on tight as I cried and he held me in his arms. His fragrance reminded me so much of Gerard wich made the situation even worse. 
"Eddie calm down, please tell us what happened." I let go of the hug ad wiped my tears off."
"I- Gerard and I-" I couldn't go on. My tears where choking me up. I just hugged Mikey again and sobbed in his arms. 
I heard Henry explain to Jade and with every word, I held onto Mikey even harder. He held me tighter too as he heard the situation. I then heard Henry explain to Mikey who he really was and why we had to hide it. I felt embarrassed cause I thought this was all my fault and Mikey would be so mad at me. 
"Mikey, please don't be mad at me." I was able to whisper. 
"why would I be mad?"
"because I didn't tell Gee."
"it's okay, I understand you. You were trying to keep the relationship cool and smooth without any more problems. And I know how my brother gets so I totally understand you. I'm not mad at you Eddie."
I nodded in agreement. My babbling keeps me from talking and when I try to talk, I feel like puking. It's a horrible sensation. 
"Eddie, I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable but, do you know what happened to Gerard?"
"no, the last time I saw him he was in the parking lot. Right after he said it was over; he left me alone crying."
"okay well I'm going to go look for him. Jade, you and Eddie can go home with Frank."
"wait what?! Frank is here?" I blurted out.
"yeah, he came with us. He's waiting outside with Emma." Mikey answered. 
"no! I don't want to see him! He's gonna be so mad at me!" 
"no he's not. Why do you say that?"
"we had a talk about this and he told me to tell Gee as soon as possible. I said no and he said if Gerard finds out and something happens to him, he'll be disappointed in me and take Gee's side."
"c'mon, I'll talk to him." Jade said and helped me off the bed. 
"where are your pants?" Jade asked. 
"I don't have any. My dress is right there." 
"you could take one of my sweats if You'd like." Henry said and handed me some pants. 
"thanks." I slipped them on and went outside with Jade, Mikey and Henry. I said goodbye to Henry and thank you and walked out the door. 
"I'm gonna walk home, my house is close from here. I'm gonna go get the car keys and look for Gerard."
"you don't want us to go drop you off?"
"nah, my house is close by. I'll be fine."
"okay, take care." Jada gave Mikey a kiss and left. I couldn't stop thinking of Gerard. As I watched Mikey go, I just remembered when Gee walked away from me in the parking lot. I felt my eyes swell up with tears again. 
I stepped in the back seat where Emma was sitting down. 
"are you okay Eddie?" she asked. I shook my head and Lied down, resting my head on her lap. 
"everything will be okay." she whispered and patted my back. She didn't question it anymore. She just kept kept her gentle hand on my back and talked with Jade and Frank. I'm guessing Jade was explaining to them what happened. I started to expect the worst from Frank. Thats when I drifted into my sleep and had a nightmare. 
It was about me running around a green wide field with Gerard. We were having so much fun. 
"let's play hide n' seek yeah?" he said to me nibbling on my neck. 
"sure. You count!" I said and pushed him away. I ran away laughing as he closed his eyes and counted to ten. I ran faster and faster looking back at him. Then I bumped into something. It was a dark figure standing before me under a shadow. I stepped back and further away as this figure walked away from the shadow. It was Victoria. She pushed me to the ground and I fell. Then she ran away the opposite direction; the direction where Gee was at. She then disappeard in the distance. I looked back where she came from and in front of me, was Henry. He was smiling. I smiled back at him and we started to play tag. We were running around for hours. The sun was setting. As I was running, I noticed another figure walking towards us with a trail of black mold behind him. I stopped to look at this figure and noticed it was Gerard dressed in all black, crying black tears. I stood there paralyzed when I felt two arms wrap around my waist. I tried to slip them away but wasnt able to move. They were Henry's arms. Gerard stood in front of me saying something I couldn't quite understand. The wind and leaves and him suddenly stopped. 
"why did you do this to me?" I was able to understand and he held up a gun to his temple. 
"so long and goodnight."
"Gerard no!" I yelled and escaped Henry's arms. But before I could catch Gerard, he pulled the trigger and his body fell and shattered into pieces. I fell to the ground where his body was standing. His body "pieces" where glass and it combined with the trail of black mold. I watched as the trail of black mold formed into a figure. This figure was Victoria again. She smiled at me evilly. Everything faded away around us. Everything turned pitch black.
"I. Win." she said and held up a gun and shot me to the ground...

"so long and goodnight." I felt myself mumble as I opened my eyes slightly to notice Emma's big boobs close to my face. 
"what was that Eddie?" she asked. 
"nothing" I mummbled and went back to sleep.

Mikey's POV
I arrived home and noticed no cars at home but my parent's. That means Gee isn't home. I stepped inside and found my parents in the living room. 
"any sign of Gerard?" my mom said standing up. 
"no, I was gonna go look for him right now." 
"should we call the police?" 
"no, it isn't necessary yet. Hey Dad, Can I borrow your car keys." 
"yes, I'll go with you." he replied.
"no dad, it's fine. I'll go on my own. You get some rest."
"no, sleep can wait, I'm worried for my son." 
"fine, but I'm driving!" my dad up from the couch an slipped on his coat that was resting by his side on the arm chair.
"please call me if you guys find anything."
"yes mom." I said and went out the door with my dad. 

We looked everywhere. We went to gasoline stations, any small market we saw open, playgrounds, parks. Even school! It was crazy. New Jersey is too big for us to find Gerard in one night. 
We stopped by a diner to eat some burgers before heading back home. Its always a craving when I'm with my dad. 
"where did you guys find Edith?"
"she was at a friends house."
"why did she leave? It was her party."
"well, something had happened between Gerard and her..."
"what happened?"
"they broke up.." 
"what? No, there has to be a mistake!"
"there is a mistake! Someone told him Edith cheated when it isn't true."
"what happened in this world to make him believe it?"
"I dont know, Gerard is complicated. Only he will realize his mistake."
"darn, I was already expecting grand kids soon.." he took a big bite off his burger. 
"I think we all did.."
"I guess I'll have to wait till you have them."
"dad c'mon!"
"what?! I want grand kids! You boys need to hurry up! I'm getting old!" 
"oh dad.."
I took a bite off my burger and sipped some soda. 
"wait Mikey, what if- what if he's up at the shack?" my dad said silently, getting closer to me. 
"there's no way. He promised me he wouldn't go up there and drink. He's got to be smarter than that now." I drank again from my soda. I watched my dad get a worried expression in his face. I know how this topic gets to him. It was so stressful back then. Imagine now if that's what Gerard is doing. If I find out he IS doing this, I will not respond. I don't care if my parents get mad at me for fighting with him. I won't tolerate it this time.

Gerard's POV
I drank in silence. The vodka burns my throat. It makes me want to gag sometimes which makes me want to stop. But then it just burns, which gives me a pleasant feeling. 
I lied there in the ground where Edith and I had sex for the second time with the red ribbon she forgot when we were here the first time. I can still remember as if it was just yesterday her body pressed up against me. 
I miss her so much. How dare she? Did she ever think about my feelings? She knew I loved her. Did she just use me for sex? We did have sex quite a few times. A lot of them she was the cause. But then I'm guilty too. We're just two horny bastards. 
was she just looking for sex? She cheated on me. It says a lot. She could have gotten bored of me and moved on to the next one. 
Could she have had sex with Henry? What if she wasn't a virgin when we had our first time. What if she left me for him because she enjoyed it with him better than me? I bet that's it. She lied to me! She said she was a virgin!
"how dare she!!!" I screamed and with so much anger in my veins, I threw the bottle of vodka not realizing I just threw my beautiful medicine. 
"fuck man!" I yelled realizing I'm here all alone without my vodka. 
I got off the couch, almost falling sideways, but I was able to lean on the wall. I smashed some papers that were hung up. I ran into the poem I created a long time ago, "Bury Me in Black." 
"Bury me in black." I whispered to myself and ran my fingers through the surface of the paper. 
I snatched the paper from the wall and read through the poem, over and over till I got tired and knocked out on the couch with Edith's red ribbon...
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