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49. Mr. Lynn

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*sorry, this chapter took a while to write. Enjoy :)

Gerard's POV
I woke up with a massive hang over. Where in the fuck am I? I looked around and noticed I was in the shack. How did I get here last night? What time is it? I checked my phone and realized it was 5am. 
Crap, I gotta get going. I need to make it to school. Finals are just around the corner and I need to study.
I got in my car and drove back as fast as I can. There wasn't any cars at the moment. The sun was rising. I looked over my shoulder to the East and slowed down just a bit to watch the sunrise. It was a beautiful one. The sun was a bright orange just a little above the horizon and as the light faded away into the sky, it was a light yellow followd by a faded purple. It was a clear morning. I heard the birds chirp and saw them shift through the wind with wide open wings. 
My phone started to ring and I checked to see why. It was a reminder. It was a reminder of Edith's and my anniversary. Today makes 11 months. 
I stopped the car and parked on the side of the highway to gather up my feelings. My head pounded even harder and louder in my ears. 
"why?" I said to myself. 
I continued driving with low music playing in the back ground. 
I changed the station right away when the song "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry started playing. It was no use to change the station because the song was already stuck in my head. Tears ran down my cheeks as I remembered the first time we made love. It was an amazing night. The night we proved each other our love. 
"yeah right." I commented out load and banged the driving wheel with my fist. The night I thought we proved each other our love. 

I arrived home around 6 in the morning. There was no cars in the drive way so that means only Mikey is home. When I stepped inside, I found Mikey eating cereal on the couch watching Space Chimps. 
"Gerard!" he said and got off the couch and embraced me into a hug. I cried on his shoulder and he patted my back gently. 
"I lost her Mikey, I lost her."
"it's okay Gerard, let it all out." I hugged him tighter as images of Edith and I flooded my memories.
Mikey pulled away from me and stared at me. 
"do you want to talk about it?"
I nodded and we both sat down on the couch. He turned off the TV and turned his attention to me. 
"now, before anything, I want to ask you... Why do you smell like vodka?"
"I'm sorry Mikey."
"you promised me."
"I know, but, I did it out of rage. I didn't plan it."
"you were at the shack huh?" 
"I should have expected it. But no, I trusted your word. I thought you were smarter than that. I guess I was wrong."
"I'm sorry"
"let's not talk about that anymore. Let's talk about what happened last night. Who told you that Edith cheated on you?"
"no one."
"oh really? Then why did this whole problem start? You know perfectly that she loves you."
"she doesn't love me."
"right. Who told you Gerard?"
"I dont know, someone left the photos on the windsheild of my car with a long note explaining it."
"who would do such a thing? It had to be someone at the party or someone that stalks Edith. Otherwise, they wouldn't have known you two were there if they didn't stalk you two."
I didn't respond. I'm actually kind of proud at my excuse. I'm not telling anyone who told me. I'm keeping my word for Victoria. 
"wasn't Victoria, at the party?" Mikey questioned.
"I dont know, didn't see her all night."
"I think I saw her. What if she did it?"
"why would she?"
"c'mon Gerard."
"ok fine but, where could she have gotten the pictures?" that's actually a question I'm asking myself as well. I have no idea. 
"true, true. Maybe it wasn't her. But who ever did it is a freaking low life that doesn't have anything better to do other than ruin people's lives." 
The coffee maker stopped and Mikey got up to go get a cup of coffee. He also brought me a cup. 
"so tell me, why would you believe it?"
"because it's true."
"she didn't tell me why I was wrong."
"it's like, it's like if she didn't want to tell me the truth because I caught her red handed."
"I don't believe she did it."
"Mikey, did you see the pictures?! She was kissing Henry!"
"I didn't see the pictures but I'm sure she wasn't."
"she was. I saw it with my own eyes."
"how do you know it was her?"
"she was wearing the sweater you gave her."
"okay so maybe it was her. That still doesn't prove she did it."
"she kissed the guy! And, she hid from he was the Henry!"
"she had reasons."
"like what?!"
"she didn't want problems. She had enough with Vicky and if she were to tell you, you would get so pissed and paranoid and be jealous all the time! She doesn't want that bullshit."
"I wasn't going to be like that. I would have understood."
"Gerard, I've lived with you all my life. I know exactly how you are."
"no you don't!"
"are you really going to lie in my face?"
"okay fine, you're right. But still. I don't want anything to do with her right now."
"don't come complaining to me afterwards." Mikey turned the TV back on and continued eating his soggy ceareal with coffee. 
"this cereal is soggy eww." he got up to drain it down the sink and came back with a doughnut.
"are you going to school?"
"I have to. I need to study for finals. I don't want to go though. I have a humongous headache."
"of course you would have a headache."
He stayed silent, sipping his coffee and eating his doughnut. 
I went upstairs to shower and change. 
As I let the hot water run through my body, I remembered the time Edith and I were at the beach with Frank and Emma. We were so close to each other and her curvy body pressed up against mine as I held her and the tides splashed us. It was pleasant. I remember she was shy at first. She told me she felt insecure about her body cause she didn't have the smallest waist. I told her why would I want a girlfriend with no thighs or butt? I told her she's skinny but thick and that's beautiful because she has beautiful legs, butt and breasts. That's what makes her curvy and beautiful.
She blushed and kissed me and I pressed her body against me even more. 
If only those days could come back. 
I say I don't want anything to do with her, yet I still want her in my life. 
"Gerard! You finished?" Mikey called from outside. "yes!" I yelled and turned off the water and stepped out to a freezing bathroom. 
I put on the jacket Edith gave me for our anniversary and the jeans that she likes when I wear. I seriously can't let go of her. 
"ready?" Mikey asked grabbing his backpack.
"yeah." I replied and walked out. 
"I'm driving. Just saying." Mikey said and passed me through the hallway.
"go ahead."

Edith's POV
I walked around school admiring the cold morning air. I got to school early today to get some work done but I got finished early so now I have nothing to do. Emma isn't even here yet and Jade is practicing for her flute audition. I heard its going pretty well. 
I passed by a freshman couple. They were being all cuddly by a tree. Reminds me of and Gerard. I passed right by them trying not to look and look like a creep. I turned the corner and almost bumped into Vicky's friends. Vicky wasn't with them though. Thank god. They were laughing about who knows what but their laughter and happiness is annoying the hell out of me. How I wish to be happy right now. 
"hey Edith!" I heard a voice behind me. It was one of my freshman friends, Amber.
"oh hey Amber, how's it going?"
"pretty good. Why are you alone?"
"ehh, just admiring the morning. Why?"
"I saw your boyfriend at the front gate."
"oh okay, um, what was he doing?"
"nothing just talking to his friend. Just came to tell you this cause you're all alone."
"oh okay, thanks."
"see you later!" 
"bye Amber."
she hurried down the hallway and turned left. I hurried to the girls restroom to cry. She called him my boyfriend. I wish It was still true.
As I was running towards the restroom, I saw Gerard coming at the end of the hall. I ran into the restroom before he could notice me. And Just for my luck, we made quick eye contact right before I completely entered. 
I stayed in there till the early bell rang. When I stepped outside to go to my first period, I bumped into Frank and Emma. 
"hey Eddie, how are you feeling?" Emma asked me and hugged me. 
"I'm okay thanks. I'll see you guys later." I left without saying hi to Frank. I have a feeling he's mad at me. 
That's when I rememebered I have my first period with Frank. Crap. Now that's awkward cause I sit next to him and I didn't say hi. Oh well. 

I sat at the back of the class with my head down when I felt someone tap my head. 
"if you think I'm mad, I'm not." Frank said and took the seat next to me. 
"you haven't talked to me in about two days. I was expecting you to be mad."
"why would I?"
"you told me so."
"I know I did but if the situation were to be different. I just feel sympathy for both of you and I can't be mad at you. Not ever. I've told you this before and you need me right now."
"thanks Frank, you're my best guy friend." 
"I can say the same to you." We both got off our seat to hug. I cried silently on his shoulder. He pulled me away and smiled at me innocently, wiping my tears away. 
"now don't cry. It's okay. It'll all be okay. I'll talk to him."
"no! Please... Don't."
"why not?"
"I just... Don't want to talk to him right now. It won't do me any good."
"alright, whatever makes you comfortable."
"thanks." we sat back down and carried on with the lesson that had just started. 
After class, I went to my locker to get a bag of chips. I ran into Linda as I started to walk down the hallway. 
"hey." she said so sweetly. 
"I heard what happened." I half smiled at her and looked away. 
"I'm sorry to hear. Who ever told him that is stupid. Do you want to hang with Henry and I so things won't be awkward?"
"yes thank you Linda."
"your welcome. Do you eat during Nutrition?"
"I do usually but not today, I'm not feeling very well. The only thing that seems to satisfy my stomach are these Hot Cheetos."
"alright well, mind staying with me at the line?"
"not at all."
"hey beautiful." Henry said coming from behind us. 
"hey Henry. Eddie is gonna hang out with us."
"okay. Hi Eddie, feeling okay?"
"a little. Not really."
"it's going to be okay." he came over to my side and placed an arm around my shoulder. And just then, Gerard passed by. He glared at us angrily then rolled his eyes. 
"oh god.." I said and my eyes swelled up with tears. 
"I think you should stay on my side Henry."
"I think so too."
"it's okay Edith." Linda said and she placed an arm around me as I tried to hold back tears. Can my life get any worse?

Gerard's POV
So far, I don't belive anything Mikey has told me. Edith was with Henry! And he had an arm around her! I swear I'm going to kill them both! 
I walked to the tree on my own. Everyone was there BUT Edith, of course. 
"hey." I said to everyone and sat on the ground. Everyone greeted me with pitty in their smile. 
"why are you mad?" Mikey said. 
"why would you assume I'm mad?" 
"what did I tell you this morning Gee? You're my brother dammit!"
"I just saw Edith with Henry! Do you still want to tell me she didn't cheat on me?!"
"look Gee, have you forgotten Henry is with Linda?" Ray commented. 
"so? Edith was with me and she still cheated. What makes you think just cause he's with her he won't cheat? As a matter of fact, someone should go tell her about her lying cheating boyfriend!" 

Frank's POV
Gerard got off the ground and started to walk fast towards the other side of the field. 
"Emma, hold my juice." I handed her my juice and sprinted towards Gerard jumping on him, making us both fall to the ground. I sat on top of his hips one leg on each side and slapped him a little more than gentle. 
"what was that for?! Get off me! I have to go tell Linda!"
"Gee! Are you going crazy!? You are not telling anyone anything!"
"oh really, so you want me to be like you and not say anything!? I thought you were my best friend! Get off me!!" he started to struggle under me. I held his arms to the ground and he started to kick and move his hips side to side. 
"Gee! Get it together man!" I slapped him hard this time leaving him a red mark on his cheek."
"ugh! Oww!!" 
"stop it! Now listen to me! I didn't say anything because first of all, it wasn't my job to tell you. Secondly, Edith and I had a talk and she told me not to say anything because she was gonna do it. Then she decided it was better if she didn't say anything cause she was tired of problems!" he stayed calm by this time and listened cautiously.
"you're right. I can't be mad at you forever. But It still bugs me that you didn't say anything" 
"I'm sorry man, best friends?"
"best friends" he agreed and nodded. 
"Now can you get off me?"
"are you gonna start running like a maniac?"
"promise?" I extended my pinky. 
"promise" he grabbed my pinky with his and we shook on it. I got off him and helped him up. We hugged to make the promise official and walked back to our group. 
"sorry, I drank your juice." Emma said as I walked over to her. 
"it's okay."
"what did you guys talk about?" Ray asked. 
"I just told him why I couldn't say anything to him about Henry, cause Eddie told me not to."
"oh, yeah, it would have been wrong if Frank had told you Gee. It's none of his business in the first place."
"but best friends are always there for each other!"
"still, that doesn't give him the right to do it." 
"well anyways, until I see WITH MY OWN EYES, That Edith didn't cheat on me then I'll believe it."
"and how will you find that out?"
"when I see that she isn't with him." 
"oh god Gerard.. Do you want help or not?" Mikey commented. 
"yes!" he pleaded. 
"then listen to us, Edith loves you and she'll never do such a thing okay!!"
Gerard didn't respond. He just seemed spaced out in the distance. 

Gerard's POV
I didn't respond to whatever Mikey, Ray, and Frank were telling me. My mind says don't believe them but my heart goes against it.  I don't know which to believe. 
I was distracted at what I saw across the field. I watched Edith, Henry, and Linda eating at a far lunch table that's located at the end of the field. They seemed pretty chill. 
She looks so beautiful today. She has her black hair curled and she's wearing ripped skinny jeans with converse and a black cropped t-shirt that says "I Miss You". 
Gee! Stop thinking about her! She's the past! She doesn't deserve you! She's just like Vicky! Get over her!
"hey! Hey! C'mon, the bell rang." Frank passed by me smacking the back of my head. I got up and grabbed my back pack that was lying on the ground. 
Great, I have my next class with with her and Henry. Can my life get any worse?
When I stepped in class, I took a seat near the front. Henry and Eddie were already in the back where I was planning to sit.
I glanced at them before sitting and noticed they were talking silently amongst themselves with no happy expression what so ever. Could she really be sad? I would have thought She's laughing her ass off in my face trying to make me feel bad. 

Class carried on and I couldn't keep up. I was too busy thinking what they were doing back there. I imagined the worst. For all I know they could be fucking back there. I   glanced around the room slowly and made my way to look behind me. 
Edith was writing something down and looking at her paper while Henry was writing down the teacher's notes. He caught me looking at him and he smiled. I slightly smiled but instantly regret it. My heart ached at the thought of him keeping my pretty girl. I quickly put my head down and just stared blankly at my worksheet. 
There was a phone call and the ringing made everyone wake up. 
"teacher speaking. Yes. Okay, I'll send her down." the teacher hung up and looked at someone at the back of the class. 
"Edith, you're going home." 
"what?" I heard her whisper to herself. I turned around to look at her. She grabbed her stuff and hugged Henry goodbye. When she turned around facing my direction, I quickly turned back around to face the front of the class. She passed on my isle right next to me. I couldn't stop staring at her butt. 
I watched her leave. I wonder why she had to go. 

Edith's POV
Why am I going home? It's rare when my mom picks me up early. I passed by Jade's class to see if she was in there. She was, right next to Mikey. She's not going home? Now this is really starting to get strange. Why would my mom pick me up and not Jade? Oh well, I guess I'll have to find out. 
I stepped inside the office and noticed my mom sitting in one of the chairs. 
"have a good day." one of the staff said. 
"you too." my mom replied and we walked out of the office. 
"why are you picking me up early? Without Jade?"
She sighed deeply like If she was worried for something. As we got closer to the car, I noticed a familiar head of hair in the car. As we approached it, this person stepped out with a grin. Ms. Joyet. 
Instantly, I knew what was coming up. 
"Darling! How are you?" she embraced me In a hug. 
"I'm perfect. How about you? You look beautiful today."
"thank you, I just got a perm this morning. I'm feeling excited! Do you know why?"
"I Can guess.."
"great! Step in. We'll talk when we're on the road."
She opened the back seat door and I threw my bag first then myself. 
Once we were settled inside, she turned to me with that cheesy grin of hers she puts on when she's excited. 
"okay! So the company is settled and they thought you and Carlos' work was outstanding!" 
I guessed it 
"you and him are going to Canda!" she bounced up and down in her seat and squealed. 
I'm going to Canada
"and I talked to your mom about it and she agreed!"
"really mom?" she looked at me through the mirror and nodded. Somethings up though. She wouldn't just nod like that if she really was okay with it. 
"we're going to go meet up with the directors right now and they'll give you information about it" 
"okay, what about Carlos?" 
"his mom said she's gonna pick him up and meet us over there."
"oh okay."
"aren't you excited Eddie?!"
"course I am! Its just that I'm so excited I dont know how to respond to it."
"ohh you silly girl."
I am excited but I'm not. I'm just a bit nervous: Moving to another country, far away from my mom and sister. How will things be like over there? Will I have to go to school or get home schooled? Who am I going to live with? There are just so many questions and worries. 
How will I cope without having Gee around? 
We're no together but, at least he's still around. I still get to have a glance at his beautiful self..

We arrived at the studio about 15 minutes later. We stepped out and went inside to Ms. Joyet's office. As we walked through, we found Carlos and his mother. 
"oh good, you made it." Ms. Joyet told Carlos' mom, Ms. Page. 
"hey." Carlos said to me greeting me with a hug. 
"hey." I replied slightly. 

We stepped inside her office. We all took a seat as she made some calls. Carlos and I played thumb war as our mothers talked and Ms. Joyet made her last phone call. 
"okay, Mr. Turner, the Artistic Director will be here as soon as possible. As we wait, does anyone want something to drink?"
"I'd like some coffee."
"add another one please?" 
Our mothers said. 
"okay, how about you two?"
"just water." Carlos replied. 
"yeah, that seems to be about the only thing that I'm able to swallow."
"don't be so nervous Edith, I'll be right back." she got off her seat and left. 
I'm not all too worried about this. Right now, this is the least I'm worried about. There's a lot going through my head. I'm just concerned about the reason why my mom accepted this so casually and straight forward. There's something up. 
The other thing that just got me distracted and distressed is Gerard. 

About half hour passed and the director arrived. He was pretty fancy looking. Tall, light skinned, black hair, blue eyes and looked about in his late 30's early 40's. He was wearing jeans and a brown blazer with a black tee and dressing shoes. He's pretty handsome. 
"Edith, Carlos, Ms. Page, Ms. Lynn, this is Mr. Turner."
"hello, I'm Edith Lynn." I greeted myself. 
"please, call me Mike."
"Hello Mike, I'm Carlos. And this is my mother, Marisol Page."
"hello, nice meeting you both. I'm guessing your Edith's mom?" he turned to my mother extending his arm to shake hands. 
"yes, nice to meet you."
"pleasure of mine. Anyways, I was impressed with your performance. It was splendid. Exactly what we are looking for in our company. Great technique. So, lets get down to business?" 

Ms. Lynn's POV
I'm extremely proud and happy for Edith. This means the world to her and I'm glad I've helped her accomplish what she wants. But what worries me is two things. She has the final choice but, I'm afraid she will reject this offer because she is heart broken. How dare Gerard do this to my child. I love him with all my heart but, he has trust issues. He's hurt her and maybe has put her on risk. There's a possibility she won't accept the offer because of him. Oh, young love..
The second thing is that, I've seen Edith grow up. I've raised her since the day she was born. I've seen her improve each day in ballet. Every ballet recital, she is outstanding and has pushed her limits to become what she is today. And now, I'm letting her go? To her dad? She doesn't know her dad is here, wanting to see her and expecting her to "come home to daddy." 
I wonder how she will take it. This might just be a magnet that'll help her accept this and for once, in these hours that have past, she can let go of Gerard. 
Victoria's POV
During lunch time, I was walking around the hallways, trying to find Gee. He wasn't with his friends. He's got to be somewhere around here. I passed by his locker but did not find him around. I checked the first and second floor. Nowhere to be found. Then it hit me. 
I went up stairs to the second floor, down the hall to the right where the dark hallway is located at. I went deep inside and noticed a dark figure by a corner sniffing. I held out my phone to illuminate my path and to see who this person was. Exactly who I was looking for. 
"Gerard? What are you doing here?" I asked walking to him and sitting on the ground next to him. 
"what do you want Victoria?"
"I want to talk. Are you feeling okay?"
"I'm fine."
"oh, okay. Well, I'm gonna go..."
I started to pick my stuff back up and got up when he reached for my hand. 
"where did you get these pictures?" he let go of me gently and I sat back down. 
What's my excuse?!
"look Gee.."
"please, Vicky, tell me."
I sighed, "I- I'm the one that took them."
"you took them?"
"yeah, because, I thought it was wrong for her to get away with it. Believe it or not Gerard but, I'm in love with you. I don't want you to get hurt anymore." I leaned forwards and cupped his cheek trying to kiss him. He turned away. From a faded light that came in from a broken window, I saw tears running down his cheek. 
"thank you." he said and got up and ran away. He left me here all alone. 
This will be harder than I thought. I sat there over thinking what just happened. I was lucky to find him. This was my first attempt. There's got to be another time I could try. If only I could come up with better ideas. 
I stood up and wiped the dust off my butt and walked back to where my friends were at during lunch. 
I have to win Gee. 

Gerard's POV
I thank Vicky because she's the only one that bothered to tell me. I'm glad she did it because then I would have been living under a lie. I appreciate her help but, did she really do it because she loves me? That caught me off guard. I had no idea she loved me. I know exactly how she feels now; seeing the person you love with someone else. That's a knife to the gut. 
I passed by one of the music rooms in school and heard a beautiful flute coming from within the room. I looked inside the window and noticed it was Jade who was playing. I knocked gently and she looked up at the window surprised. 
"hi Gerard. How's it going?" she said so sweetly opening the door. I took a seat across from her. 
"good. You sound beautiful."
"thank you."
"why do you practice so much all the time."
"Well to get better silly. But also for an audition for a scholarship. Person that wins gets full ride for a school in Europe."
"ooh fancy, I hope you win."
"so, um, I'll leave you to practice. I just came to say hello." I said getting up.
"wait, Gee.."
"um, never mind. I'll see you later." 
"okay, bye Jade."
"Bye, take care." 
"thanks, you too." 
I shut the door behind me and continued walking. The smell of her perfume reminds me of her house. And the thought of her house reminds me of Edith. Oh Edith, I miss you so much..

Edith's POV
My mom and I were heading home already. The meeting with Mr. Turner went well. He gave us information about the company and how they'll also be teaching us other styles of dance. He said we'll be taught like tap or jazz, contemporary or modern. I've already had experience with modern so I'll choose another class like jazz or contemporary. We also had small talk about stuff like school and family. He also told us that we had to make our final choice quickly. Our flight is in a week.
Once we give him our choice, he'll give us information about our flight and the time we're taking off and general stuff like that. 
I'm afraid to leave. I don't want to go. I might just say no and stay here with my mom and sister, but no. I can't let down an offer like this. This is my career. This is what I want to do. I want to dance professionally. 
"hey Edith, before anything, I just want to speak to you about something." my mom started as we parked our car. 
"go on."
"I know you've notice my uneasiness and that's what I want to talk to you about." 
"yeah I did notice. What's that all about?" 
The minute I said that, an unknown car parked in front of us.
This unknown person stepped out of the car and made eye contact with me through the window. I got out of the car slowly, not believing who was standing before me.
"hi Edith. How are you?" they called. I ran to this person and hugged them very tightly. 
"dad! What are you doing here?!?"
"that's exactly what I came to talk to you about sweetie."
"I didn't know you weren't here." my mom said stepping out of the car. 
"I was, I had just gone to the store." 
"oh I see, shall we step inside?" my mon suggested. 
"we shall." he said and I took his arm and we all walked inside. 
Inside, my mom prepared tea for all of us to drink as we discussed what's on the table. 
"okay so tell me dad, why are you here?"
"I'm here for many reasons. I came to visit you guys, I was on vacation for a while. Came to discuss somethings with your mother."
"oh okay. When did you get here?"
"last night. I stayed at a motel for the night and called your mom and told her I was gonna come by this morning."
He glanced over at the kitchen before talking to me in a low voice. 
"remember my suggestion Eddie?"
"which one?"
"c'mon Edith. Canada? Have you thought about it?"
"um, you can say that."
"tea is ready." my mom stepped in the room with a tray and three tea cups. She placed the tray on the coffee table and took a seat next to my dad. 
My mom sighed and looked at my dad for confirmation. He nodded and she continued. 
"okay Eddie, what we're about to tell you is very important so we want you to listen closely."
"your dad knows all about the company and your decision."
I knew something was up. His call last week was very suspicious.
"and we just want to know your decision." my dad commented. 
"I don't know yet."
"we understand that you have to think about it but I just want to tell you that the reason why I'm here is because, if you do go to Canada, you'll be leaving and living with me. I've been working with Mr. Turner's ballet company lately and we've become good friends. He mentioned to me about this whole thing about coming to the USA and watching a performance of Swan Lake. He mentioned your name and I told him you were my daughter. He thought it was such a coincidence and that's why he was eager to come watch you perform. He also told me to come down here to greet you."
"so was I picked because you bribed him?"
"no! No, he thought your performance was excellent. Just the fact that you're my daughter is a bonus."
"oh okay, well.."
"my point is that we're here to help you with your decision and if you decide to come, I'll be right by your side the whole time. You could even come visit for holidays."
"but, I'm gonna be so far away from mom.."
"I know honey, maybe I could go visit you when I'm on vacation and also Jade can when summer vacation comes around. I know you'd like me to go up there better." my mom gave me a sympathetic look then to my dad. I nodded in agreement because I knew exactly what she was talking about. Coming down here would just make me want to see Gerard. 
"please don't let this opportunity go Edith, this is your big break!" my dad said excitedly. 
Moving to Canada can't be all that bad. It'll help me keep my mind off things..
"fine, I'll go." my mom let out a sigh of relief and my dad looked away feeling proud of himself. 
"okay great! Now that this moment of truth is over, let's go out for dinner!" my dad yelled getting up and stretching.
"we should wait for Jade though." I said. 
"of course! I want to see my big princess." 
"I'm going to stay at home. You guys should have fun."
"no Mom! Thats no fun if you don't come!"
"yeah Rosy. C'mon." my dad added to my statement. Rosy is Short for Rosalina. My dad use to call her that all the time even though she didn't like it.
"fine you two, but we better go somewhere good."
"of course! You know me!" my dad called. 
My mom rolled her eyes and continued drinking her tea. 
"now while we wait for Jade, you and me should go have a little walk.."
We stopped for ice cream on our way and stopped by the swings at the park.
"so tell me Edith, how are you feeling?"
"I'm feeling fine. How about you?"
"excited that I can be with my little girls again."
"I'm so glad you could come."
"I'm glad too."
My dad continued eating the last of his ice cream. He seemed to be hesitating about something.
"Edith, you might kill me for this but I just want to know what's going on. Yesterday as I talked on the phone with your mom, she mentioned a recent problem you had and how much it is bothering you."
"get to the point dad."
"fine, you asked for it. She told me you just had a break up and you're devastated about it." 
That felt like a knife through my heart. 
"ohh... Yeah. I did."
"and that's also one of the reasons why we want you to come with me. We want to help you forget this boy an get you to go on with your life."
"but I can't forget him dad. I can't. He was my first real love."
"I know honey but soon, you'll find a nice young man that will fill that emptiness in your heart and you'll forget about this whole brake up."
"I don't think I ever will dad." I started to sob. 
"oh come here Eddie." my dad embraced me into one of his warm hugs. I cried on his shoulder. 
I'll never forget Gerard. My dad wouldn't understand since he wasn't around to understand. I appreciate the help but it won't work. As hard as I try, I'll never forget Gerard no matter how far away we are. I'll love him forever. 
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