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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *19*

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Tre took a deep breath before stepping into billie Joes room.

He noticed a blonde girl standing over his bed giggling and kissing his best friend. Billie smiled up at her, both of them not noticing tres presence.

Tre cocked his eyebrow and he let out a loud cough. The girl squealed and jumped and Billie smiled up at him.

"Tre." Billie croaked, his voice slightly hoarse, smiling at his best-fiend and band mate.

"Billie, how are you feeling,man?"

Tre asked, while shooting a questioning glance towards the girl.

"Ehh, I'm fine. How are my girls and Mike?" Billies face quickly and noticeably twisted up into panic and worriedness, and the girl just simply huffed and rolled her eyes.

"Relax, they are all fine. They're going to live."

"Thank god." Billie sighed in relief, and relaxed a little.

"Anyways, Gerard and Mikey are visiting Taylor. She's in a coma-"

"WHAT?!" Billie shouted, and he tried to sit back up, but the girl held him back down.

"No, Billie. You gotta remain sitting, silly boy."

Billie sighed in frustration, and tugged at his hair. "Is she going to wake up?"

"Yes,Beej. She's in a medically induced one, nothing to serious."

"Thank god. What about Helena? What happened to my little girl?" Billie asked, starting to panic again.

"The doctor said she's fine. She's in the nursery ward. I'm going to check on her next if Gerard and Mikey didn't already."


"Anywhoo, who's she?" Tre asked, his eyes narrowing suspiciously at the girl.

"I'm Grace." She smiled. "I'm a close friend of Billie's."

"Oh really?" Tre crossed his arms, not really taking a liking to this girl. She seems suspicious.


"I've known Billie for all of his life, how come I've never heard of you before?" Tre directed this question more towards Billie than Grace.

"Tre... I know what you're probably thinking. It's not like that at all." Billie sighed. "Grace is just a friend. I would never do that to Taylor."

"Yeah, so why we're you guys all giggly and kissy when I got here,huh?"

Billie froze and the girl smiled at him.

"Billie..." Tre shot his friend a very stern and deadly look. If looks could kill, Billie would be dead now.

Taylor was like Tre's baby sister, and he didn't want to see her hurt.

He cared deeply about her and if anyone tries to screw with her, they'd had to go through him first.

Billie remained silent, and that was adding onto Tre's suspicion.

"I think you should leave." Tre told Grace. "Billie and I need to talk."

"Billie." she turned to him. "Do I have to leave?"

"Yes, Grace. You do. Go away." Billie looked away awkwardly.

"Okay. Call you later then." she smiled seductively, before giving him a rather more than friendly kiss on the lips.

"Dude! You do know that he's married and has a kid right?" Tre glared at Grace.

"Uhh, sorry, no I did not." She lied.

'What a skamp' Tre thought. "okay, off you go then." He said pushing the girl out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

"Billie, what the fuck was that?" Tre hissed,turning to his friend.

"Tre, I swear to god, it was nothing! Okay, she's my ex, and she wants me back."

"Do you want her back?"

Billie sneered in disgust. "What? Hell no! Shes a fucking tramp."

"Why did you kiss her then?"

"I did not!" Billie argued.

"Dude, I saw you kiss her first! And you didn't even pull away from her kisses! Are you cheating on Taylor, you no good son of a-"

"Tre, I'm not cheating! What you saw, was nothing! I swear to god." Billie protested.

"Billie, I will kill you if I find out your lying. So you better just confess everything now, before i get seriously pissed off!"

"Dude, I'm not cheating!"

"Fine, I will find out eventually and you will be dead Armstrong." Tre warned, before storming out of the hospital room.

Billie sighed and layer back. He was off the hook for now.... He had I end whatever is happening between Grace and him before Gerard tells Tre about the texts and phone thing.

He could lose both Taylor and Helena if he didn't get his shit together.


Tre paced back and forth outside Billie Joe, deciding if Billie is as innocent as he says is or not.

From what he saw, it sure didn't look like nothing. He saw Billie kiss her back with his very own eyes. He didn't even pull away when Grace gave him that kiss.

Tre wanted to throw up at the thought of his best friend cheating on his wife, with that....that...thing.

He knew Billie better than that. He knew what Taylor has been through in the past with Gerard... Billie wouldn't be that cruel enough to have Taylor relive that miserable point in her life, with him. No way...

Gerard spotted Tre and ran over to him. He frowned. He noticed that Tre looked furious as hell.

"Hey, dude are you okay? How is Billie?"

"Oh Billie, he's fine." Tre said, thought gritted teeth, his hands tightening into fists.

Gerard noticed this and frowned even more. "You look pissed, what happened?"

Tre turned to him. "You should know, you've done it before." He spat coldy, glaring at the younger guy.

"He's cheating on her? Ha, I knew it! Wait until I get my fucking hands on him!" Gerard yelled, taking one glance into Billies room.

"What do you mean you knew it? What do you know?"

"I found his phone when he went to go pick up Taylor and the baby from the hospital , he must've forgot about it, but anyway, I picked it up and I noticed he had missed a message from 'Grey' I was about to read it until he came back probably realizing he forgot about it and he said her name was Grace that she was just a friend.."

"Well, Grace was just here." Tre sneered. "I walked in on them kissing."

"That son of a bitch..." Gerard growled, clenching his fists.


Tre was rudely interrupted when Grace came back, wearing less clothing then she was previously.

"Hello boys." She said seductively, eyeing Gerard up and down. "Wgis your friend?"

"Excuse me." Gerard backed up a little. "Dont touch me , and who are you?"

"Grace, leave." Tre spat. "Billie doesn't want to see you anymore. He's married."

"Yeah whatever. I don't see his wife around anywhere do you?"

"That's because she's in a fuckibg coma, you dumb slut." Gerard snarled at her.

Grace gasped and glared at him. "What did you just call me?"

'"I believe I called you a s-l-u-t." Gerard smirked at the girl.

"How dare you!" Grace raised her hand and slapped Gerard across the face hard. "Now if you'll excuse me, I want to see my boyfriend."

"Oww, you bitch!" Gerard howled and a nurse ran over to the three to invesigate.

"What is going in here?" She asked, eying each of the three suspiciously.


With Mikey.

Miley walked to the nursery ward until a nurse stopped him.

"I'm sorry sir, you're not supposed to be here."

Mikey looked at her. "My niece is here, and I want to see if she's alright to go home. You see, her parents Mr & Mrs Armstrong are here in critical conditions. They asked me to pick her up."

Mikey hoped the nurse would buy hs little story.

Just to his luck she did.

"Helena Armstrong was involved with her parents and parents friend"

Mikey nodded. "Yes"

"Right... I need your name please."

"Michael James Way."

" Okay, Mr.Way, well If you follow me, you can bring her home today. She didn't sustain any severe injuries at all, which surprises me. You should be lucky, she's a miracle."

Mikey bit his lip and nodded and followed the nurse.

-/-/- Back with the other in Billies room.-/-/

"Shut up Way, you shouldn't even be fucking talking right now." Billie snapped,glaring at Gerard.

Tre sighed sadly and shook his head. All this fighting was getting them nowhere.

"Look, BeeJ, are you or are you not cheating on Taylor?" Tre asked, calmly. "Just-"

Tre was interrupted when Grace can bounding in.

Gerard groaned loudly. "What do you want? Cn you fucking see-"

"Billie, Im pregnant!" Grace blurted out, smirking over at Tre and Gerard.


Yah finally updated:) hoped you enjoyed. I want to kill BeeJ right now...grr. Cheaing bastard.
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