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A Million and 1 Ideas

by xxFamousLastWordsxx 5 reviews

Basically i have an overload of story ideas i want to try out

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Finding Confidnce and Skype Messenger will still carry on that is a promise but these ideas. These little bastards that have decided to scamper into my brian and destroy me concentrating on FC and SM have won me.

If you think that any of the ideas would be a good story tell me ebcause i want to try it out :P

1. Rape, beat, rape, beat. By now LynZ should have been used to it all. She wanted to run but he wouldn't let her. She suffers the pain and still cant believe that one time there was a time they were happy. In love. Will she find the strength to leave? Or will someone save her?

^^ If this idea gets picked it would be my fist NC- 17 story due to the content that will be in it. I want to try a higher rating. Obviously with a higher rating i will probably put more detail into it and it will be sad.

2. This one wouldnt be as long but still want to try it. Cherry and Lilly 2 adorable twins belonging to Frank and Jamia Iero. But what happens when they both get killed in a tragic car accident and ends up living in the Black Parade with the general Gerard Way who was murdered by Frank Iero due to a bad incident that happened before they were born?

3. The killjoys are facinating. They always were. What if They all got wiped out except for Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul and the Kobra Kid? They have to seek help from some one else. The Black Parade and maybe some people who are obsessed with the concept of Revenge and Croquet mallets.

Number 3 basically brings all the era's together into one super era which i think would be pretty cool :)

So tell me your thoughts and I myself cant even choose which one im mainly stuck between the first one and the third one to be honest :)

So lemme know xD
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