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Episode 1 - Mr.Way's Ways Part II

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Alleyways and Gerard, again.

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Here is part 2, and thank you for the support you've shown this story so far, I hope you like where it's going. Enjoy and please R&R.

'Do you remember when we went to Barcelona?' Hannibal asked The Doctor suddenly. He turned to face her, a huge smile on his face.
'Dogs with no noses!' he said, 'after all this time and that's still funny.' They both broke out into noisy giggles until they heard a loud bang sound from somewhere to their left.
'What the hell was that?' Hannibal asked, looking around for the source of the noise. 
'I have no idea,' The Doctor replied, looking around before racing ahead, 'I think it came from over here.' She followed him down a long, wide alleyway.
'Oh, another alleyway, great,' she said, sarcastically.
They walked until they, we're about halfway along, The Doctor holding his portable bioscanner out in front of him and waiting for a change in the periodic, high pitched beeping.
Hannibal kept to the right, looking along the wall and in bins and crates for any signs of aliens or alien technology, and then she saw it.
'Doctor!' she called, 'you might wanna take a look at this.' He rushed over to her side.
'What? What is it?' She reached into the nearest dustbin, reaching nearly all the way to the bottom before pulling out a metal hand. It was curled into a fist, the thumb extending over the four fingers, sturdy and unmoving. The hand was quite big and a dull grey colour.
'Doctor...' Hannibal began, 'that looks like the hand of...'
'A Cyberman,' The Doctor finished, 'the big question though, is where did it come from. He spun round, looking for any other signs before something fell from above, narrowly missing his head. 
'Doctor! Watch out,' Hannibal called. He quickly backed away from the fallen object before deeming in safe enough to approach, crouching down to get a better look. Hannibal followed suit and went round the other side.
'Doctor, that looks like a head,' she said, warily.
'It is,' The Doctor said, taking out his sonic screwdriver, 'it's the head of an Ice Warrior, but I haven't seem them in years. They were originally from Mars but they moved to Peladon, trying to overthrow the planet, just like when they came to Earth.' He finished scanning the head and looked up at Hannibal.
'They tried to turn the whole place into ice,' he added, 'but failed, obviously. Always full of honour. This ones dead, has been for a while by the looks of things.' He stood up and looked upwards, towards the only open window above them.
'But why are they here now? And what's with the Cyberhand? Does someone have a random collection of alien body parts or something?' Hannibal questioned, standing up.
'No, it's something more than that,' The Doctor replied, 'and I have no idea what, but, I'd guess it has something to do with that flat.' He pointed up before turning to look at Hannibal.
'Fancy a look?' he asked, smiling. She smiled back.
'I never can resist a house call.' They hid the head inside a dustbin and The Doctor pocketed the hand before walking back along the alleyway when they heard another noise, a sort of rustling. 
'Any chance some of those body parts are still alive?' Hannibal asked quietly as they came to a stop.
'Most probably,' The Doctor replied, approaching the source of the noise. 
'Gerard?' he asked. The man was crouching down behind a row of dustbins, clearly trying not to be seen.
'Hi,' he began, standing up. Hannibal walked over to them.
'Word of advice, try not to make any noise when you stalk someone next time,' she said, smiling.
'Two mysterious strangers wonder into my house, one without a real name, drink a mug of coffee and leave abruptly. What was I supposed to do?' he replied. The Doctor smiled.
'That is so human. But you shouldn't have followed us, you could get in trouble. Go home, Gerard.' He made to walk away when Gerard spoke.
'But who are you? The words you used when you were looking at that, that thing, the knowledge. Where are you from, really?' 
'You wouldn't know if I told you,' The Doctor said, turning back to face him, 'Goodnight, Gerard.' Hannibal smiled at him again before they turned to leave.
'Alien,' Gerard said, 'you're an alien. That head in that dustbin is alien, the hand in your pocket is alien and so is the person in that apartment, probably.' They both turned back to look at him.
'I just want to help,' he said, taking a couple of steps forward. The Doctor looked at Hannibal and she gave him a 'what harm can it do' sort of look and shrugged lightly.
'Okay, you can help us, Gerard...?' 
'Way, Gerard Way,' he replied, stepping forward so he was level with them and smiling, 'so, house call?' The Doctor and Hannibal smiled.
'House call,' they confirmed.

During the long stair climb to the flat, Gerard bombarded them with questions.
'So, what species of alien are you?' he asked, turning to both of them in turn.
'Oh, no, I'm human,' Hannibal replied.
'And I'm a Time Lord,' The Doctor added, 'the last of.' Gerard shot him a confused look.
'What happened to all the others?' he asked. The Doctor tensed, his expression serious.
'There was a war, a Time War. They all died.' Gerard's expression changed to one of realisation and slight guilt.
'I'm sorry,' he said sincerely. The Doctor shook his head dismissing it. 
'Haven't they invented lifts in New Jersey yet?' he asked, turning to look at Gerard briefly, a playful frown on his features. Gerard just shrugged.
'Probably can't afford it,' he replied, 'do you have a spaceship?' 
'Well, we'd be pretty rubbish time travelling space wonderers if we didn't,' Hannibal replied. Gerard's eyes widened at the words 'time travelling'.
'It's called a TARDIS,' The Doctor continued, 'that's Time And Relative Dimension In Space.' Gerard merely nodded.
'How do you keep it hidden? Is it, invisible or something?' he asked. The Doctor cocked his head.
'Well, no. It's supposed to disguise itself but the circuit got stuck, now it just looks like a big, blue box.' Gerard's forehead creased.
'Okay...' he began but he didn't have time for any other questions, they'd reached the flat.
'This is the one,' The Doctor said before turning to Gerard, 'just smile and act polite, we'll do the talking.' Gerard nodded in response, a little annoyed he wouldn't get more of an active role in this...whatever it was they were doing. The Doctor reached out and knocked on the door three times.
They waited for a while until they heard the latch being opened from the other side of the door and then it was pulled open and they were face to face with an elderly man.
'Can I help you?' he asked curtly. The Doctor reached into his pocket and pulled out the psychic paper, flashing it for the gentlemen to see.
'Hi,' he began, 'we're from the police, there's been a robbery a couple of flats down and we're just doing an inquiry. Can you spare a minute or two for some questions?' The man looked away and avoided their gazes. 
'I haven't heard or seen anything, now if you could please leave.'
'It will only take a couple of minutes,' Hannibal added. He looked at her.
'I asked if you could leave, please. My health isn't too good and I already told you I don't know anything, it would just waste your time.' The Doctor nodded.
'Of course, sorry to bother you sir,' he said, flashing a smile before the door was shut in their faces with a definite bang. He turned to look at Hannibal and Gerard.
'Defintiely something weird going on,' Hannibal said. The Doctor nodded. 
'Come on, back to the TARDIS, we need to work out a way to get into that flat.'
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