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Episode 1 - Mr.Way's Ways Part III

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The TARDIS and the plan.

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'Wait, so you're taking me back to your spaceship?' Gerard asked. The Doctor turned to look at him.
'Well, yes. That is the plan.'
'A real, big, alien spaceship?' Hannibal let out a light laugh.
'Well, from the outside, I wouldn't say big,' she said, smiling.
'Oi!,' The Doctor replied, 'the inside makes up for it.' He smiled back at her.
'You two, don't make any sense,' Gerard said quietly, staring in confused awe at the two people walking alongside him. The Doctor stopped and looked him in the eyes.
'Do you wanna go home?' he asked. Gerard stared straight back.
'No,' he replied. The Doctor beamed at him.
'Well, shut up then. What do you think's going on, the body parts and the old man. What's your opinion?' he asked. Gerard thought for a moment as he began to walk next to The Doctor again.
'I definitely think he's an alien,' he began, 'the old man. He must need the body parts for something, something big. He's collecting different alien body parts for...a display or a, a collection, I don't know. Maybe a weapon?' The Doctor turned to Hannibal and smiled at her, she smiled back. 
'A weapon,' he said, turning to Gerard, still smiling, 'you're very good at this. Different alien body parts, built together, one big weapon.'
'But who's he fighting? I mean, if he's planning to take on the entire Earth, he can't be alone, can he,' Hannibal added.
'No, good point, he's probably got back up. And where's he getting the body parts from, anyway? Like I said, I haven't seen the Ice Warriors in years, I thought they were just...not warriors anymore. They must be though, if he managed to kill at least one of them.' 
Hannibal could see the TARDIS at the end of the street they were walking up and nudged The Doctor. He turned to look at the blue Police Box and smiled.
'Ah, here we are,the TARDIS!' he said, gesturing towards it. Gerard looked from the time machine to Hannibal and The Doctor in turn, a look of disbelieving disappointment on his face.
'That's your spaceship? You have got to be kidding me,' he said, shaking his head. The Doctor raised an eyebrow at him and reached in his coat pocket for the key, Hannibal smiling amusedly the whole time. The Doctor unlocked the door and swung it open, making way for Gerard to step through. When he did, his jaw dropped.
He walked slowly into the control room, gazing up and around, at the control panel, his eyes wide and full of a childish delight. He whipped round to face The Doctor and Hannibal who were both now stood inside the TARDIS, watching him with smiles on their faces.
'It's bigger on the inside!' he yelled, turning back to face the control panel and approaching it to get a closer look.
'Well, I-I take back what I said, this is amazing.' The Doctor smiled at him, removing his coat and throwing it over one of the weird pilar things.
'You're forgiven. Now, I need to scan the area,' he said, moving round and pulling a monitor towards him, 'now I know where I have to scan, I can concentrate it on the flat. Where would you say those flats were, Gerard?'
'Err, West Belleville, I think. Belleville New Jersey, obvious-obviously,' Gerard replied, but he could feel something working it's way up his throat, like he was going to be sick.
'West Belleville, New Jersey, good, good,' The Doctor said, just as Gerard lunged forward and grabbed the edge of the control panel, trying to steady himself. 
'Are you okay?' Hannibal asked, walking over to him. He nodded but continued to grip very tightly, his fingertips turning white. He couldn't talk, he felt as if something was grabbing as his throat, wrapping around it. His vision become obscured and suddenly, he was lying in a completely white room, on a bed next to a window. Wires were connecting his arms to machines either side of him. He tried to call out, to scream, but no sound would come. The room faded as quickly as it came and he was back stood in the TARDIS, The Doctor and Hannibal trying to keep him upright.
'Gerard? Gerard, can you hear me?,' The Doctor was asking, trying to get him to let go of the control panel.
'Yeah, yeah. I just kinda...spaced out, I'm fine,' Gerard replied, letting go of the panel and standing upright, 'I'm fine.' The Doctor looked at him, his brow creased in concern and thought.
'Are you sure?' Hannibal asked. Gerard nodded.
'Yeah, I'm fine. Haven't you gotta do that scan?' 
'Yeah...' The Doctor said, still looking at Gerard, 'yeah. I don't suppose you know the name of those flats?' He walked back round to the monitor, Hannibal and Gerard following.
'No, I don't really go to that part of town much,' Gerard replied, looking at the screen. The Doctor nodded and stared at the screen a little longer.
'Well,' he said, 'I'm getting a reading there's...four different types of alien in there. Four?' The Doctor frowned at the screen.
'Four alive aliens...' Hannibal said, 'can you isolate the scan, find out what species they are?' The Doctor shook his head.
'No, he's got some kind of...barrier on it, I can't isolate it. But, now I know something weird is most definitely going on, and we definitely need to get into that flat,' he said, turning to look at the two humans next to him, now pondering a way to get inside.
'Well, we'd be intruders, yeah?' Gerard asked, looking up at The Doctor, who nodded.
'And how do intruders get into buildings?' The Doctor smiled.
'Intruder window,' Hannibal finished, mimicking The Doctors smile.
'Brilliant!' The Doctor said, 'I think, there was a staircase outside, around the back of the building.' Hannibal nodded.
'Yeah, there was. We just climb it, find his flat, use the sonic screwdriver and we're in.' Gerard smiled at them.
'Sweet, that's a plan then, but what's a sonic screwdriver?' he's asked. The Doctor pulled the device out of his pocket and showed it to Gerard.
'This. It's got thousands of different settings, one of which is unlocking doors and windows,' he said. Gerard nodded.
'And, presumably, one of them is screwing screws,' he said, raising an eyebrow at The Doctor.
'Yes, actually,' The Doctor replied, 'but it's not a weapon. That's not how I work, ever.' He looked straight at Gerard who nodded and raised his hands in mock surrender.
'Good, me neither,' he replied, making The Doctor smile.
'Honestly, you two,' Hannibal cut in, shaking her head.
'What?' they both said in unison, making her laugh.
'Come on, we've got a flat to break in to,' Hannibal said, walking toward the doors.
'Oh, we're not breaking in,' The Doctor said, 'merely...investigating.' 
'Well, we're the weirdest investigators I've ever seen,' Gerard said, stepping out the spaceship with the other two.

The walk to the flat was uneventful and they made it there in no time, picking out the old mans flat and beginning to climb the steps.
'Right, when we get in there, just keep quiet and look for anything peculiar, okay? If it all goes wrong and we've broken into an ill old mans flat, then we just head for the window and get out of there, quick,' The Doctor said as they reached the right window.
'Oh, great, cheers for the vote of confidence,' Gerard said. Hannibal laughed.
'I thought you said we were merely investigating?' she asked The Doctor, who just turned to her and shrugged.
'Well, most of the time, it's the same thing,' he said, smiling and beginning to open the window with the sonic screwdriver, finally pulling it up.
'Well, here goes nothing.'
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